Sunday, January 31, 2010

Warm sexy sleepwear?

Is there such a thing as warm sexy sleepwear? At first thought I would have to say no, most of the sleepwear that turns me on has to show lots of skin and be as skimpy as possible. However then I ponder a little bit longer and some images pop into my head. Long underwear if the right kind and worn correctly can be a turn on as well as flannel PJ's with a sexy surprise underneath. As I dig deeper into this myth I realize that if my partner is warm to begin with it might just be a little easier to warm him/her up for a little more then just sleep. Next time your partner slips into bed wearing the plaid flannel don't be disappointed instead use the fabric to create a little heat. Begin to rub them in a manner that warms up their body using the flannel as an aid in this, with any luck soon your partner will be so warm that they might have to slip out of their flannel wear. Once out then they are going to need a lot more attention to stay as warm as they were.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Body Art

We all know how popular tattoos have become, that is no secret. Why not put the erotic nature of tattoos into your foreplay or just into your life by trying a little body art. Many places sale body paints that are easily washed off. Imagine the fun you can have finger painting with your partner as the canvass. It is amazing what some people can do with a little body paint, not only is it sexy but touching each other is never a bad thing. You can also stimulate your partner with the use of brushes or other means of putting paint on things such as drippings, or sponge dabbing. No matter how you do it make sure it is fun and each of you get a turn at this erotic form of art. You can click the title of this post to go to Silly Farm a online store that carries body paints. Okay Picasso, now is your time to show off your artistic side.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Find a scent your partner enjoys!

There are thousands of perfumes and colognes out on the market today. However not all them appeal to everyone. What you might really like the smell of your partner might find annoying to the senses. When you put on your perfume/cologne you want your partner to notice in a good way. This can be a daunting task if you use the trial and error method not to mention expensive. My suggestion is the next time they two of you are out together take a few moments to visit the perfume/cologne shop. Most of your malls will have a store dedicated to making you smell good and they usually have samplers available for you to try out before you purchase. This way you can see what you partner enjoys and if your lucky you might find one that turns them on. The most important thing to look for is something that is pleasant for them to smell but also pick the one that turns them on for those nights of passion. Our sense of smell is one of the last things we plan for in our love life but it might just be the first one that hits us. Scents can set the mood for many things so don't over look it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anal stimulation good for both of you.

His and Hers

When we talk about playing with our butts everyone seems to shy away a little bit, but why? The nerve endings in the anus are some of the most sensitive ones in our body. If you have ever tried stimulating this area you have most likely found it to be very pleasurable and that goes for men and women. You don't even have to penetrate to get the sensation just touching around the anus can send your feelings to a new level. So many people have admitted that stimulating the area around the anus makes for more powerful orgasms that you should be curious to try it at the very least. Everyone is different and it won't be for everyone but the majority of people who have tried it find that they like it quite a bit. For men getting over the homophobic aspect seems to be the main concern. Homosexual refers to your taste in partners not in your taste in feelings! You are homosexual if you prefer partners of the same sex. Now get over it and let your partner play with your bum a little. Most women find that playing with their partner in this way is exciting. Many manufactures make products for anal simulations, which leads us to believe that their are several hundreds of thousands of you out there enjoying this activity. The wonderful thing about it is that no matter your sex we all have an anus, so this is the one area that in common ground for both men and women. Take it slow at first and see what you like always have lots of lube on hand to be safe and don't be afraid to use plenty. Men this is also a great way to enjoy a milking of your prostate and can be not only feeling good but good for your health as well. Some word of caution as you get ready to try some anal play never use anything that doesn't have a flared base on the end and know what your toy is made out of use only non-pourus items that you can boil to clean. Have fun.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


One of the most important things in a relationship is trust, everyone has heard this a million billion times. Not only is trust an important for finding someone to love but it is also important later in your relationship. Keeping a friendship in your relationship is a thing most people don't feel is that important. When you have trust in your partner you also view them as a friend telling them things that you would only tell a friend. This way the two of you can laugh and joke around together, which is a staple of any long term relationship. The days of co-habiting are numbered as people are starting to realize that life is way to short to be unhappy. Trust is also important in your sexual relationship. As your relationship grows you may want to try some different things in the area of sex. If you trust your partner you will have no problem telling them of the desires and fantasies that you have. This will create new dynamics in your sex life and in turn build an even stronger relationship between the two of you. Trust also comes into play as you get older and need that rock to stabilize you. You might need someone to take care of your and a trust worthy partner is the best at this. Life is not easy but with the trust of your partner it is definitely more fun and exciting.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's okay to be a couple.

If you are like me when you are out with the members of your same sex, all they seem to want to do is bash on their partner. They talk about how they don't do this or how this annoys them. I am challenging you to break out of this mold. Next time you find yourself in this situation instead of joining in to bash on your partner to the opposite. Find something that you really enjoy about your partner and tell your friends about that. Maybe it was the great birthday present you got or how when you were sick how your partner took care of you. See if you can change the tides and get the water flowing in the opposite direction. Stay away from telling them about your sex life, for that is private even with your best friends. Who knows maybe you can help improve another relationship by helping them find good things instead of focusing on the things that bother them.

Photo form Olliethebastards photo stream on Flickr

Monday, January 25, 2010

Do the little things to help improve your relationship

There are many things you can do to improve your relationship and most of them do not involve major changes in your life. It is sometimes the small things we do that make our romance improve. Things like not flushing the toliet when our partner is in the shower, helping with the chores that are not yours, fixing dinner, or even a gentle back rub while watching television. These simple little things can go a long way to improving your relationship. If you listen to people that are having relationship troubles you will see that most the time they will pick out these little things to show how their relationship has changed. Things like she/he doesn't hold my hand any more, or he/she doesn't shave on nights we are going to be together. When we stop attending to the little things soon we will have larger problems in our relationship. Now if you want to keep your relationship strong and health start with the little things and work your way up to major topics. Most likely they will be gone by the time you attend to the little things.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pump that Body.

Have you ever noticed how full your muscles feel after a good work out. After a serious bout of lifting my muscles are tight and firm. You can use this tactic to your advantage in your relationship. If you know you are going to have times when your partner is going to be touching you, then thinking ahead you can give them something to make them say wow. Get some dumbells and keep them handy and about a half hour before you snuggle down to watch a movie or do any kind of physical contact give yourself a quick work out for your arms. Do several reps at a light weight to get your muscles tired and full. For added effect flex a little whenever your partner touches you and you might just get touched more. This is an old practice that I learned reading about my favorite bands and how they would do some quick lifting before a photo shoot to make them look better, well it works so why not use it. Start pumping that body and get yourself rock hard for your partner.

Painting from nikki_morris' photostream on flickr

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Start planning your Valentines Day Activities today.

It might seem a little early but Valentines Day is just around the corner. Valentines Day is the greatest holiday for people who are romantic. You get to show your love and desire to the whole world. Cards, presents, candy, and hot passionate sex should be on your agenda for a great night. But with a little planning now you can make the night one to remember forever. Start looking for things to do or attend. Maybe you can find some tickets to a future show or event to give your sweetheart on Valentines day. Maybe you can book that special hotel with the mirrors on the ceiling and the whirlpool tub. Heck maybe you can even surprise them with a trip out of town. Today is the day you need to start planning to knock the socks off your partner on Valentines Day and with any luck you might knock the rest of their clothes off also.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Feeling comfortable

Feeling comfortable in a relationship is one of the most under rated feelings that people miss out on. We go into relationship trying to be the perfect person and making the person we are trying to attract think that we don't have any flaws. In doing this we set ourself up to not be as comfortable in the beginning as we would like to be. We live under these false pretenses believing that we can keep it up the through out the relationship. Finally as some point you have to break down and show that you are not this perfect person that you have been trying to convince your partner you are. When you feel comfortable in your relationship this isn't hard, you have open communication and it is easy to express your feelings and admit your problems. On the other hand if you are uncomfortable with the communication admitting these issues is a bit more hard. My suggestion to anyone getting into a relationship is to be as close to yourself as you can and make sure the person you are trying to attract likes the real you. You don't what them to find out down the road of issues that might make your relationship tense. Relax as you go out on those first few dates and show your new flame how you really are, not only will they appreciate it but you can rest assured that you won't have to live behind a mask.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slip your partner some lucky money!

We all have times when we just need something good to happen to make us feel a little better. Have you ever found money in a pocket,when you put on a coat or pair of jeans you haven't worn in a while. Well I want you to create that feeling for your partner. It doesn't have to be a lot of money maybe even five bucks but if you can find a way to slip it into their pocket before they put their clothes on you might just start their day off on the right foot. I know the first thing I say when I find money in a pocket I didn't expect is, "Wow this must be going to be a lucky day" Now my whole attitude for the day has been changes with this simple act of finding unexpected money. Imagine how you could pick up your partners spirits if they are not excited about the day ahead. The only thing you can't do is tell them you placed it there, that would do just the opposite and most likely get a negative reaction. There are many other ways to accomplish this goal, such as putting a little cash in a book they are reading, slip it into their wallet, lay in on the floor board of their car, or simply lay it in their path. This simply action will make you feel good inside and it is a secret you can keep with yourself. This also is handy if your partner needs money for something right away, just tell them to wish for it and see what happens, just don't you get caught with your hand in the pocket.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How important is your relationship?

Do you spend time evaluating your relationship, deciding what areas need more work and if you are meeting the needs of your partner. Just like anything else in our life we sometimes lose focus on things that are important to us. You see it in the work place as you get bored with your job, and you see it in activities that you lose excitement for over time. Don't let this happen to your relationship. Sit down and think or write out what areas of your relationship need work. You can do this alone or with your partner, so that you get both sides of the relationship. When both of your work on this you actually get to see what areas your partner feels needs work, and that might be a totally different area then you thought about. When you do this it is important not to down grade your partners concerns, if they say that the two of you don't have enough dates then don't respond with "Yes we do" or "That's silly we just had a date last week" You have to realize that your partner wouldn't speak of it unless it was an issue to them. If you are not willing to work on the concerns your partner has about your relationship then you will find your relationship turning sour at some point. No matter what their issue is your need to put some effort into that area and vice versa he/she needs to put some focus into yours. With a little practice you will quickly learn to address areas of concern before they get to large to make a quick fix on them.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Make dinner, conversation time.

When we go out to eat or even eat a home for that matter, we are setting up a great time to discuss and learn about each other. Even if you have been married or dating for years there is always something you can learn from great conversation. Find topics that you can discuss that will have both of your offering your opinions. Don't be only a listener, engage in the conversation and get your ideas heard. Find out about things going on in your partners life they you might not hear about other wise. Things like work, or happenings in their life that you are not apart of. Make it a game and ask questions of each other, take turns and make the other person answer each of your questions. A good night of conversation is actually foreplay and with your minds stimulated your bodies are soon to follow.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Great Listening tool!

We have talked and will continue to talk about ways to improve your ability to converse with your partner. Communication is and always will be the foundation of your relationship. With that in mind I came across a method of communication that improves your listening skills. The IMAGO method of conversing is a great way to really hear what your partner is saying, and it is totally simple. What you do is basically repeat what your partner is saying when they want to speak to you about an issue they are having in your relationship. Simply put you quietly listen to what your partner has to say and then you repeat it. You don't comment on it or interrupt while they are talking you just listen and repeat. Sounds to simple to work doesn't it. I suggest you try it sometime it truly is an amazing way to hear and understand the message. Have you partner make sure you repeat the message exactly as they did so you get the full effect. Number one with you speaking this concern you hear it in a different manner and it registers better in your head and by not addressing or speaking on the issue it gives you time to think about what they and you are saying. For more on this topic click on the title of this post and learn in more detail how the IMAGO method can help your relationship. You can also pick up the book "Getting the love you want" or "Getting the sex you want" for a more detailed instruction on the subject.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Check your morning greeting.

How do you respond to your partner when you get up? Are you a cave person that only grunts at them or are you a person that greets them in the morning like they are the reason you got up. People are split, some are morning people and some are not but you should always make it a point to express your love to your partner when first getting up. There are several ways to do this that are simple and easy even for the most non-morning person. A simple roll over hug is a nice way to say, "I am still tired, but I love you" or a soft kiss on the check, heck even just putting your hands on them relays your message of care. Sometimes your morning greeting can greatly effect the day not only for you but for you partner also. Being grumpy or angry with your partner can change the whole dynamics of their day. Don't take a chance ruining yours and their day put a little effort into showing them you are glad to see them, even if you are not ready to get up.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Buy extra pillows for you bed.

Want to get more comfortable in your bed? I am sure you have seen the pictures of the lavish bed with about 25 pillows on it and you think to yourself "That's a lot of pillows to take on and off the bed every night" Well you right it is a lot of pillows, however it makes the bed more inviting. Not necessarily for sleep! It makes your partner and you want to lay in bed more, maybe reading, maybe playing a game, or maybe doing a little pillow fighting. The pillows can be used and devices to help you sit up to read or just get more comfortable while you enjoy your space. If some of your pillows are small try sleeping with one between you knees, if you lay on your side, this simple action makes me sleep a whole lot better. On a sexual side with a ton of pillows on your bed you can achieve more positions then you can just on a flat surface. Plus you can use these pillows for support and even make sure you partner is more comfortable. A simple pillow under the small of a woman's back adds a greater sensation to love making in the missionary position. Now go out and get several pillows today and make your bed the comfort zone it should be.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Take turns undressing each other.

There is an art to getting undressed for your partner, but it is even more fun and exciting to let your partner undress you. This can be the start of foreplay if you take turns undressing each other. Go back and forth let each other take off one piece of clothing then let your partner do the same to you. Go slow this is not a race, sometimes it is fun to rip his/hers clothes off but this time I want you to take your time. Enjoy each and every part of your lovers body that you expose. Try to give them cold chills with the removal of each item. The anticipation and excitement will build to a very high level as you get them closer and closer to being naked. Make it a game if you want, play strip poker with the other person getting to remove your clothes and throw them on the table. Use your hand to explore each and every inch of their skin with light and delicate touches. I am sure this suggestion will have you more then ready to proceed with intimacy after the clothes are gone. Make it last set a time limit like you can only remove a piece of clothing every two minutes and you have to continue to massage or touch the area the last piece of clothing was removed for the remainder of the time. You can also do this in front of a mirror for a little added effect. Last but not least enjoy getting each other naked it should be fun.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Keep an on going wish lists

Christmas is past and gone with it are the thoughts of purchasing presents for your beloved. Not so true, their are several more holiday in which gifts are usually exchanged. Valentines Day is just around the corner, birthdays, anniversaries, and so forth are just a sample of holidays that we purchase gifts for, plus sometimes we just want to buy the person we love a little trinket to show them we are thinking about them. To help with this process both of you should keep a wish list available for your partner to be able to view anytime they wish. Maybe you could make a special file on your computer or even keep a shared document available for the two of you both to get into and change the list as needed (Google documents allows this feature). When you see something you would like to have go ahead and put it on the list. This way when you partner is getting ready to purchase a gift for you, what ever the occasion they will have a list available without having to ask you that dreaded question, "What would you like for our/your..." Not only do you get what you want but they can also surprise you without your input. Make sure to keep the list updated regularly so you don't get things you have already purchased or decided you didn't really want. This will make all your holiday even more special plus help with the frustration of your mate trying to find something to purchase for you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hang some pictures of the two of you.

If you want to really show your mate you really care about them, an easy way to do it is to hang some pictures of the two of you up in your house. Pictures from your vacations, or from the holidays it doesn't matter. Get the pictures blown up to an acceptable size and position them around your house in areas that they mesh with. Vacation pictures or Holiday pictures can go in the living area while pictures of you in the rain might work well in the bathroom. Pictures of the two of you in restaurants might work well in the kitchen or dinning area. Save pictures of the two of you kissing or hugging for the bedroom. Keeping images of great times you have had in the past help to cement your relationship and give you a constant visual reminder of how much fun you have together. I would suggest getting pictures you have taken through the years instead of getting some professional ones done, the one you take seem to have a more personal feel. You might have to rely a little on others to take pictures of the two of you, but no matter where you are someone will always be their to lend a helping hand.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Romance is open minded.

If there is one thing that I know for a fact, it is that romance is open minded. Romance has to stay open and new at all times. You can only give flowers so many time and if you got flowers everyday you would likely get sick of getting them. So, to keep romance fresh and new you have to continually open to new and exciting ways to romance your mate. Sure there are things that you might not be comfortable with and you can choose to stay away from those things. However when you want to branch out and find something new way to be romantic you have to get out of your comfort zone a little. For instance if you always go to a Italian restaurant when you go out to eat deciding to go to a Thai restaurant would make you a little uncomfortable. Same can be said for more intimate activities, so many people are against anal play but some people really enjoy the thrill of it. The most important part is not to judge anything your partner might want to try be open and keep the communication flowing before and after the event. If you have stomach problems then Thai might not agree with you but you will not know for sure until you try it. Same for sexual issues, unless you try it then you don't know for sure that it does feel good. However if you are totally against something you should speak up and express that to your mate. If you go into it with a closed mind you will not be comfortable and not give it a fair chance. So sometimes you have to put these types of things on the back burner or find alternatives. For instance if you are against swinging and your partner wants to try it maybe purchasing some wigs or fake mustaches will help them get into their romance while not crossing your boundaries. Again it all goes back to communication, some of the off the wall things that I have tried it took me a while to work up asking for but when I did I was amazed at how well they were received. Romance and love are wonderful things but you can't expect them to stay fresh and exciting on their own, you have to put the effort and communication into them.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Neck as an Erogenous Zone.

During foreplay we all focus on the parts we know will get our partner's engine running. Breasts, genitals, anus, and lips are great erogenous zones to focus on but they should come at a later time, closer to the actual love making. The neck my not seem sexy on the surface but it can be quite the erogenous zone if you stroke it just right. One of the best parts about the neck is that you can start on it without having to remove any clothing. If you partner has shorter hair the neck might already be exposed totally. Hair is easily pushed to the side to allow access to the neck. The neck is quick to send messages down the spinal column because it is so close. Light kissing on the neck can lead to some pretty quick shivers. All the areas of the neck are susceptible to the erogenous play. Most people claim the back of the neck to be the most sensitive and light kissing and touching drives their partner over the edge. Kissing the front of the neck might take a little more tender loving care but it also can contribute to those shivers we desire to feel. When kissing the front or sides of the neck you are in position to continue down the body with kisses. However kissing the back of the neck can lead you to several wonderful and playful positions to get into. While kissing from the back your hands will be free to roam the other erogenous zones on the front of the body allowing for double the sensation. Use your imagination and let your hands be a big part of this neck kissing. Actually let your hands be an extension of your lips as you continue to work the neck over. Everyone is different and you might find someone that isn't as fond of kisses on their neck so be advised not to push it if they are not receptive.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dress up like a favorite characters to add a little excitement to your romance.

We all have are fantasy, we would love to act out. Dressing up for a little role play may seem a little difficult for some people. They are nervous about what to dress up as or if it will be perceived as perverted or not. First of all nothing you find exciting is perverted it is your preference. Second dressing up can be as easy as watching a movie. You can pick something that you really like or if you are observant watch your partners reactions and see what they really like. Movie characters often give us fantasy from the start so you can use that to build your own fantasies on. For instance the other night we watched Night at the Museum 2 and I personally couldn't take my eyes off the rear end of the young lady playing Ameila Earhart the pants she wore really drew attention to her butt. I pictured by partner wearing such pants and us having a little Ameila Earhart fantasy. I made some hints to my partner so maybe one of these day Ameila Earhart will bring her sexy little pilot pants into my life. I have heard several movie fantasies that people have from Princess Lea in Star Wars to Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Don't be afraid to share these fantasies with your partner as they most likely have some of their own. You can take turns acting them out and portraying your favorite characters.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Having fun together.

Romance is what it is, but where does it start? You don't just become romantic with someone you just met, that would seem a little stalkerish. If you started serenading them outside their window after the first date, you most likely wouldn't get a second date. So how do you get to the point where you can be romantic? Well it all starts with having fun together. A bond forms when you enjoy being together and doing things together. Think back to any relationship you ever were in, and you will see that you had fun together first then became more romantically involved. I think we lose sight of that sometime and forget to have fun together. We just want to jump to the romantic part and in doing so we miss the foundation for a great relationship. Sure the foundation is put down first in a house but what would happen if you removed the foundation after the house was built? The house would crumble into the ground. Think about that in terms of your relationship. To have a solid and sturdy relationship the two of you have to be able to enjoy each other in a fun way.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Can Reading together be Romantic?

Reading is usually an activity that you think about doing by yourself, but can you make it romantic? The answer is yes! Think about it, grab a warm blanket, snuggle down on the couch laying sitting close to each other and reading. Silence is only broken by your breath and page flips. Body heat keeping the two of you warm on a clod winter day. Maybe reading in bed is your passion but you can keep it romantic by touching each other while you read. Let your feet touch and caress the other persons as you read the pages in your book. Some couples like to read things together such as erotica works or even just stories about love. Another great way to make reading romantic is by getting your sunday paper and spreading it out while the two of you pick your favorite section and read it while laying all over each other. Hold hands while you read or take turns reading to each other is a great way to stay connected while you read. Books are great and there are so many out their, now with the electronic readers you can get and read almost anyplace you can imagine but isn't it much bette when you are with your partner?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Find relaxing activities to do together

With our lives so hectic and crazy sometimes we need to slow it down a bit and doing that with a partner is a great way to unwind. Find some activities that take stress out of your life. A lazy day spend fishing or laying on a blanket in the park are great ways just to be together and relax. The possibilities are endless things like reading, biking, walks and laying on the beach are great ways to spend time together without stress. To many times we just are rushing past each other on our way to work or other functions that we sometimes don't get to spend the quality time with each other. Finding these activities might not just help us unwind but it might just help us improve our relationships.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


If you don't already you need to make it a point to complement your partner on a daily basis. You don't have to go overboard because that will just be overkill. However a simple, "You look nice" or "Your so Handsome" is a great way to start your partners morning. This simple little compliment could possibly change they way their day goes. Boosting your partners confidence is a great way to make your relationship better, plus it shows them you really care. Mix it up a little and spread you compliments out during the day. When ever you have something negative to say make sure you always follow it with a compliment. For instance, if you partner makes the worst dinner ever, simple say "This meal is not nearly as tasty as the one you make last week, now that was delicious" or "That really didn't feel very good for me, but I loved it last time when you did this" Not only do you express your true feelings but you also let them know what your really enjoyed or liked. Now listen up this is an important part of this post on compliments. When ever you partner goes out of their way to do something like dressing up or doing extra housework you need to make it a point to let them know how great they look or did. Go overboard at this point "WOW, you look so wonderful, everyone is going to have their eyes on you" or "Oh my god, the house looks wonderful" followed by a long kiss. This is how we are suppose to be addressed when you go out of our way to accomplish something. Now you have the tools to make your partner feel like a million buck with only the use of words and actions.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dont' be scared of the word - BONDAGE

When someone says the word bondage, most of us think of a dungeon and black leather with whips and chains. That is some peoples fantasies and they play it out to the hilt. You can experiment with bondage in a more non-tradional way to see if it appeals to you. Has you lover ever held your hands above your head while you made love? That could be considered bondage. What about blindfolds is that something you are afraid of? The definition of bondage according to wikipedia is -
"Bondage is the use of restraints for the sexual pleasure of the parties involved. It may be used in its own right, as in the case of rope bondage and breast bondage, or as part of sexual activity or BDSM activity. When a person is sexually aroused by bondage, it may be considered a paraphilia, known as vincilagnia(from Latin vincio, to bind or fetter with chains, and lagneia, lust)."
No where does it say that anyone has to get hurt. It can be a fun and exciting way to play together and you can make as light or heavy as you desire. Try it out by tying your partners hands, take turns being the one that is tied up. Do it loosely at first so the person can break free if they wish. There is something exciting about taking your sexual excitement over the edge that you can take by yourself. Check out the complete line of bondage gear at your favorite Internet store and pick something out to give it a try. Don't be shy you can't even imagine how many people use some sort of bondage during love making, heck it might even be your neighbors.

Picture of Liberator sex furniture can be found at

Monday, January 4, 2010

Movie Night

We all know how expensive going to the movies are, yet we have engrained in our memory that going to the movies is an excellent date. What do you do when you don't have thirty or forty buck to plop down for two tickets and popcorn and drinks? Well you turn you living room into a movie theater. Go out and rent a movie for about five bucks and then turn the seats in your living room towards the television. Purchase some snacks and drinks at your local discount store and then invite you date to an evening at the movies. You can make a ticket to give them if you really want the great effect. Not only can you do this for less than half the cost but you can also get a little privacy. This way if you want to make out during the movie you don't have to worry about people watching the two of you make out. By turning out the lights and facing the television you will have the exact feel you do in the movies and if you have surround sound well then it might even be a little better. You can also pause the movie for when you have to go to the bathroom or get some more snacks. So make tonight a night of going in to the movies.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Want to impress you love with a surprise date? Based on the same idea as geocaching we have made geodating. This is where you enter the coordinates of the place you are wishing to take your partner on a date into their GPS unit. You could also text or email them the coordinates if you can't get hold of their GPS unit. Once you give them the coordinates all you have to do is sit back and wait for that special someone to figure out where they are going and arrive to meet you. You can pick things like restaurants, landmarks or even just a specific area outdoors such as a place to have a picnic. It makes your date seem like a treasure hunt and will build excitement if you decide to go to someplace neither of you has been before. Make sure both of you have cell phones in case something goes wrong or the person needs assistance once they reach the destination. Take turns picking places to have your dates. This activity, can make every date seem like the first date over and over again.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Time to practice your touching.

This is the time of year of extra clothing and not much skin showing. Which also means that you don't touch each other as much, at least on the skin as you do during the warmer months of the year. With this said you have to take full advantage of touching when you get a chance. Whenever you snuggle up together under a blanket make sure to find your partners skin and caress it (make sure you hands are warm, first) Make it a point to give each other massages and use lotion to chase away dry skin that is ever present during this time of year. Make sure to touch areas of their skin that is exposed even it is not a normal place you touch, places like the face or ankles give a deeper meaning to touch.

Touch is an important part of our relationships. It keeps us close to our partner it gives us that feeling of confidence and empowerment in the fact that someone cares about us.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Romantic Resolutions

Today is the day, time to start the year out right by making that special resolution. I want you to make a resolution to be more romantic this year. Now, you might be saying well I am already romantic. There is always room for improvement, if you really thing about it you can either find different things to do or revisit some of your favorite romantic idea. Get into a routine of planning out romantic things to do for you partner. Get a calendar and mark all the days you do something romantic for you partner and then at the end of this year go back and see how many days during the year you were romantic. Romance is a constant improvement, you never reach the plateau where you don't have to worry about it anymore. You can start by checking our blog each and everyday to find out great romantic tips to help you out in this endevor. If your on the go a lot you can also pick us up on the kindle or the kindle application for the iphone. Have a great year everyone.