Saturday, September 29, 2012

Some History on Perfume

Can you imagine a world without perfume? It is almost certain that there cannot be many women around who could. Given that perfumes are used to attract members of the opposite sex and gain attention, there probably are not many men either.
The word perfume means 'through smoke' when translated from Latin. Like smoke it surrounds you, however perfume is a smell that people are proud to show off.
Perfumes were used in ancient Egyptian times and this is backed up by the reference in the Bible to perfumery and perfume formulas. It is reported that women would use such substances as pomegranate as lip balm and certain spices and oils for their skin so that they would smell nice. Nothing much has changed today apart from the availability of different scents, everything from chocolate to coconut and much more, have been created.
With today's technology and modern manufacturing fragrances are much more refined and undoubtedly last longer. Yet it is interesting that some of the things used to make the fabulous aroma in scents today are those good old natural ingredients such as magnolia, melon, cinnamon, apple, rose, jasmine, lemon, sandalwood and a list of other fascinating ingredients. Fragrances are blended very skilfully to produce just the right result. In fact many fine perfumes may contain over 100 ingredients. Each one is made up of a top note, the odour immediately perceived, followed by a middle note, which gives the more solid character and a base or end note which is the most lingering.
Women's fragrances and perfumes have often been labelled as mysterious, sensual, powerful, luxurious, romantic, and glamorous. Going back to the Egyptians, they used exotic flowers which were taken from the banks of the Nile. These included myrrh, rose and frankincense. They were classically used as ingredients for making creams and oils. The Egyptians had another theory instead of just attracting the opposite sex with their scent: they believed that perfume would help those who had died to enter the afterlife.
The Greeks also used a variety of carrier fragrances such as almond, coconut and olive oil. They mixed these with water and alcohol. Women's perfumes and fragrances also included essential oils taken from various plants and roots. The very first famous women's fragrance was designed in 1921. It was made up of ingredients such as ylang-ylang, rose, sandalwood and jasmine. These perfumes have of course become a multimillion dollar industry.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Homemade Sexual Lubricants

Sexual lubricants are used in order to reduce the friction and add moisture between the two moving objects such as human reproductive organs or sex toys. While sexual lubricants are commonly available in drug stores, adult book stores, and novelty shops and even in some departmental stores, it becomes quite hard for people to choose the right sexual lubricant for them at times. For this purpose, it is refreshing news that sexual lubricants or lubes can be prepared at home by day to day accessories and ingredients. Preparation methods for these lubricants are easy and not very complex. They do not take a lot of time and should be stored in clean and sterilised containers in order to avoid the growth of any bacteria which might cause diseases and infections.
Preparation method
In order to prepare sexual lubricants at home one must follow certain fixed recipes. A mixture of four teaspoons of cornstarch or potato starch and a cup full of water should be taken in a bowl. If you are planning on replicating flavoured lubricants which are available in the market then you can add flavoured extracts from certain products according to your own tastes. A few drops of flavoured extracts should suffice for adding flavour to your lubricants. Following this, take the mixture in a pot and boil it for a few minutes before pulling down the heat and allowing it to simmer. Stir the mixture in order to remove lumps and make it smooth. The process is completed once the mixture cools down and is smooth.
In order to store the home made lubricants you can use boxes, jars or containers with lids. Even bowls which have tight lids can be used in order to store the mixtures. Transfer the sexual lubricant into your storage medium and put the lid on tightly. While there are some home made lubricant recipes which need to be stored in refrigerators, this particular recipe must not be stored in a refrigerator since it is susceptible to forming a skin like layer on top which is unfavourable to your needs. If you are lacking a lid then you can use a plastic wrap as a cover and store the prepared lubricant at room temperature. Make sure that the container, bowl or jar you use is properly cleaned and sterilised before storing the lubricant in it so as to avoid any bacteria which might cause infections and diseases.
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sexy Challenges - Universal Orgasm Day Join Now

Join us on Sexy Challenges in opening up a portal to raise the Sexual Energy in our universe.  Simply have an amazing experience tonight and dedicate the energy of that orgasm to the universe.  We can make a difference in this way, just wait and see...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oral Sex Myths / Really Are We Living In The Stone Age

Most of the myths about oral sex are history. Old fashion, prudent prejudices are no longer valid in modern times. Some medical and hygiene basics are enough for couples to enjoy that part and include it in their sexual routine. Although religion leaders are avoiding to mention or clarify the issue further, they have become more 'flexible' and not consider it as a "great sin" or abnormal sexual behavior...
  • Oral sex causes aphrodisiac diseases... (No. it does not cause anything but pleasure, at least to one of the partners... )

  • Oral sex can cause diseases due to germs on the penis or vagina... (Following a hygiene basics like bathing or washing that area -at least- before we start anything, then you have nothing to be afraid off.)

  • Men who like fellatio, are gays... (No comments... one of the biggest BS ever...)

  • Men cannot use condoms during fellatio... (If it is 'necessary' for any reason, of course they can wear condom. Just look at the specifications of the 'product' to be...'oral friendly', or else, dealing with the condom's lubricant could be much worst experience...)

  • Women who enjoy giving oral sex to men, are whores or they like to be submissive... (Another -long gone- prudent prejudice, due to the lack of sexual education or cultural issues...)

  • Oral sex is a pornographic act, not sexual interaction... (Who said that porn films, viewed with the right attitude and perspective, are not sexually educational material?)

  • Oral sex is not "real sex"... (Who ever believes that, may give us his/hers definition of what "real sex" is, and then we can discuss it...)

  • A man who likes cunnilingus, cannot satisfy the woman in other ways...(Although there might be some -exceptional- medical reasons in that myth, surely it cannot be considered as 'confirmed'...)

  • If a woman swallows the semen, she will get pregnant...(Yeah, an if she eat the seeds of a fruit, a fruit tree will grow inside her...)

  • Girls will/can lose their virginity with oral sex... (Oh my God... is this your...tongue? Yes, she could and will lose her virginity...mentally! If a virgin has or is having oral sex, then in her mind -psychologically, she has lost her virginity; the rest is inevitably a more easy natural consequence, sooner or later...)

  • Your teeth will get whitened, if you rub them with semen... (I wonder what ingredients those whitening toothpastes have... I've never looked, have you?)
*Although oral sex does not cause aphrodisiac or other diseases, it can spread some "Sexually Transmitted Infections" like gonorrhea, herpes, HIV and many others, which are usually transmitted through exposure to blood or other body fluids like sperm or vaginal secretions. Oral sex, exposes the mouth and tongue, so the smallest abrasions or cuts will make easier the infection's transmission.
Life may be a big "stage", with us being the "performers", but life is not "acting"... it's not about hypocritic skills, it's about combining all those different aspects and "roles" we have and live in harmony, with our-self and with others.
This is what is about. Harmony is achievable, if only we "face our daemons" or decide to take the 1st step forward. My name is Stelios Serras and I will do my best, to guide, consult, advise and help your steps through this journey, to find real harmony in every aspect of your life...

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Give Yourselves a Relationship Makeover

Like various 'jobs' you do to improve your sagging body parts, your relationship with your spouse too might need an uplift. Here how to give it the much-needed makeover.
On three things you did like to improve about relationship-whether it's more time together, better sex, or a commitment to romantic gestures-and work out what you both need to do to make that happen. He could come home early once a week and help you make a nice meal. Or you may need to be more specific about your expectations when it comes to house work, and divide up the tasks so you are each responsible for different areas.
Saying sorry. It does not mean you were wrong, just that you are sorry your partner feels upset. A gentle apology can defuse a brewing argument and lays the ground work for a clam chat. Of course, it's a two-way street, so you must both agree to say sorry when you have hurt each other.
Together does not happen magically just because you live together, in fact it's much easier to take each other for granted. You need to book in quality time. A date once a week, or a simple agreement that you will switch off the TV and catch up, will bring you closer and remind you why you fell in love. It can help though, to rule out stressful discussions about kids and money for the first hour, and concentrate on your feelings for each other.
Often get dropped in favour of practical observations but research shows happily-married couples say five positive things for every negative comment. When you pay a compliment to your spouse, it communicates that you value them as a person. So make it a priority to compliment your partner everyday without fail.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Become a Mystery Shopper And Your Date Night Just Got Less Expensive

Use your Mystery Shopping as a couple to experience great date nights.
For business owners, gaining an understanding of the ability of their staff in terms of customer service is crucial. It's a much repeated fact within the retail sector that a customer will tell two friends if they have a good experience, and if they have a bad experience they will tell seven. For restaurants, the customer service provision can be just as important as the quality of the food itself, which is why introducing mystery shopping is such a great way of keeping standards high.
Mystery shopping teams will work alongside a number of clients and in various market sectors to provide efficient and accurate measurements and analysis of service. They can show you exactly where you may need to improve, as well as areas of strength and expertise. In addition, expert training can be provided that will have your staff up to speed with exceptional customer service practises.
Mystery shopping is the only method of examining the level of service you are providing - crucially from the perspective of your customers. Secret shoppers are the most cost-effective way of providing you with the invaluable knowledge you need to progress as a company, and develop your competitive edge and build customer loyalty.
There are numerous ways to test satisfaction, but the most popular are mystery shopping visits, competitor visits, focus groups, exit polls and, indirectly, staff satisfaction surveys. Competitor visits are a great way of understanding areas that you need to improve on, and things at which you excel. In terms of a restaurant, service is such an integral component of the whole experience that any advantage that can be levered here will stand you in good stead.
Focus groups are an informal way of gaining an understanding as to the level of service on offer, and perhaps will outline reasons why this particular group of potential customers would choose a competitor over yourself. In a similar fashion, exit polls achieve an immediate, often emotion-led response as to a user's experience, captured during one 'session'.
While mystery shopping visits are the most appropriate way of monitoring the levels of service on display in your business, other more informal methods can be equally as useful. A combination of the tools outlined above may be the most effective means of finding out how to improve the service of your company, which will get more people through the door and ultimately secure increases in profit.
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hiking A Romantic Hobby For Couples

There are truly a lot of different places all around the United States of America wherein you can truly have an amazing time. Of course, if you're into the exploration of the great outdoors, perhaps you and a few buddies of yours can go hiking. This makes for a great challenge that can surely bring in a lot of fun in the process. There are definitely several spots wherein you can go hike, which makes it a rather difficult matter to decide on. However, below are 3 areas which just might provide you with the best backpacking adventures in your life:
Appalachian Trail - A trail that goes all the way from Georgia to Maine, the Appalachian Trail is one of the best places to go backpacking with your friends. It is a historically significant location and you will get to bask in the scenery that is brought by the Appalachian Mountains. The view is truly magnificent and splendid. It provides a safe hike for all sorts of backpackers and provides well marked trails where you can take the time to admire the views. You can also find appropriate lodging and camping sites.
Glacier National Park - This area is situated just near the Canadian Border, specifically in the state of Montana. This is actually one of the most pristine areas of wilderness that remains in the entire U.S. continent. Glacier National Park spans 1 million acres and is actually the natural habitat of several exotic and unique creatures. If you decide to go backpacking in this location, you will definitely experience the same wonder and amazement that Lewis and Clark once did back in the old days. You get to explore over a hundred lakes and two different mountain ranges. This is most definitely a place for people who love the great outdoors.
Grand Canyon - This is considered to be one of the Earth's most prominent geographical locations. It actually causes a lot of awe and amazement from its many visitors. However, that's just the exterior. For those who love hiking, they'd get to experience what is arguably the best part, which is the interior. If you decide to explore the Canyon, you'll witness the pristine waters of the Havasu Falls, just one of many sights you'll encounter on your backpacking trip. Every hiker should definitely experience visiting the Grand Canyon if they want to make an unforgettable memory.
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