Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Friction is bad.

One thing that is important to avoid in a relationship is friction. Friction causes things to run hot in a bad way. Friction is the energy that is expelled when two forces rub against each other. That can be in an argument or in the contact between your skin. Oil up your relationship to avoid friction. Obviously oiling up your bodies when they are going to be in contact for a long time is a wonderful feeling. Sliding against each other instead of dragging against the other person skin is so much better. Lubrication is a important part of intimacy and lubrication in your everyday life is important also. Think of ways to make your life smoother. Maybe getting up early to get your shower done so you are out of the way in the morning. Starting your partners car on a cold morning or just making them a wonderful dinner are great ways to add lubrication to your relationship. When you are looking for ways to lubricate your relationship look for those things your partner enjoys and express interest in their desires and you should receive the same treatment back. That is how a well oiled relationship runs and avoids problems.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The sleep massage.

Want your partner to get the best night sleep possible? Then step up to the plate and give them the sleep massage. Basically what you are going to do is massage them to sleep. Start out by working the hard areas such as the shoulders and back. Work them hard and dig deep into those aches and pains. Once you partner starts to relax and their eyes close then start massaging with a little less pressure. Continue working the entire body. Feet, legs, arms will benefit from this churning of the muscles as you glide across them. When you start getting sighs of enjoyment from your partner reduce the pressure even more and going over all the parts you just did. Continue this pattern until you are just barely touching your partner. Let your finger tips glide across their body slowly but with very little touch. Soon they will be sleeping like a baby and you can take the satisfaction of giving them the gift of a good nights sleep.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Make Weddings a Date.

Weddings are wonderful events that just ooze with love. Take advantage of all the weddings you go to by making them more of a date. Everyone loves to see the bride as she/he emerges for the first time. There is a feeling of love by everyone at that moment in time. However the reception is the part of the wedding you can use as your date. Most often there is food and drink available as well as music and dancing. Mingling with friends and or family will can be a wonderful time. Plus at a wedding you just have to feel the love and it most likely will transfer into your feelings also. So if that euphoric feeling might hit you both hard and you remember your first date, first kiss, or your wedding day. That is a set up for a wonderful evening for the two of you. So accept each wedding invitation as a chance for the two of you to relive your firsts and make your relationship stronger.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Strong love is give and take.

When you have strong love in your relationship. You understand the balance of give and take. You know that for every thing you take you must replace an item into your relationship. For example if you need time to yourself you need to put that time back into your relationship later by doing something special for your partner. Say for example that your partner takes the kids out to play because you are feeling stressed with the noise in the house, later you need to repay this kindness to your partner with something they would truly enjoy. Maybe it could be a back rub or an intimate evening saying thank you. This balance is important in your relationship as well as your life. Keeping this balance will keep your relationship healthy and strong for your entire lifetime.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wonderful nights of cool air.

It is getting towards that time where we live that the nights are cooling off. The temperature drops form the hot times during the day to become quite nippy in the dark hours. This is a prime time to open up the windows and enjoy the clear crispy night air. Provided you don't live in the middle of a huge city or near a lot of noise. This is a time to listen to the quite sounds of the night. Crickets chirping, the wind blowing and the owls calling are all part of the night symphony that awaits you. Not to mention the perfect snuggling weather and the smells of the night air. Combined with the fact your partner is near you and you are experiencing this together it allows for a bond to be formed. A bond that goes beyond love and beyond friendship to actually combining the two into a relationship.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A little mouth wash in the middle of the night.

One thing that can quickly turn a morning hello into a morning goodbye is bad breath. Some people get it worse than others. This dragon breath can really effect your saying hello to the person, whom you have just had a wonderful night with. There are several ways to help prevent this. First anytime you get up to go to the bathroom in the night give a quick brush of your teeth or use mouthwash before you head back to bed. You could keep some mints or mouth spray on your head board to pop in during the early morning. If none of the options are available then just spoon each other in the morning or hug each other with your faces apart. With a little thought you won't have to worry about you partner passing out from your morning breath.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Which Sexy Super Hero are You!

We all have a little fascination with super heroes from our youth. Did you know however that you can bring that fascination into your love life now. Think about it wouldn't you loved to be swept off you feet by the man of steel or tied up by Wonder Woman? Think about your favorite super heroes and thing how they would use their powers to make amazing love to their partners. Then act on that fantasy. Aqua man would surly have some magical sexual powers in water and The human torch would make things really hot. Cat Woman however could just wear her sexy cat suit and it would be enough for me.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Visions of a future.

Do the two of you want something really special to share? Maybe a special vacation, a night out on the town or a new car. Whatever it is the two of you desire together you need to put it in your vision. You need to see and feel as if you already have it. Put pictures up of you special desire. Put them in places that you will both see them like in the bathroom or above your bed. My constantly seeing the vision of your item of desire you will keep it fresh in your memory so that you can reach that goal. Send each other emails with you desire within the correspondence. Stay on target and don't pick things you are going to want to chance in a week or so. Plan that trip out to the letter so that when you finally reach your goal you be ready to enjoy it. Together you positive energy can create anything you want. Share together these visions and not only will you be striving for what you want together but you will be building a stronger bond between the two of you.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Love flows like lava

When you think about how to cover you partner with love. Imagine your love is lave and it is hot and flows slowly over your partner. Don't cover them with all you love at once. Let it slowly flow all over them saving things for later. Coat them with your passion slowly and the enjoyment of your love will last and last and last. Take things slow and enjoy them much like the lave enjoys flowing down the volcano.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Turn down the air and get closer

During these last few days of hot weather you need to try something that with tantalise you senses. What I suggest you do is turn you air conditioning as cold as it can get and you can afford before going to bed. Then use the cold as an excuse to snuggle up like you do on those cold winter days. Throw on extra blankets and get the warmth under the covers the place to be. What happens next is in the hands of fate but at least you will be in each others arms.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Love is what you make of it.

Love is a many splendid thing and it means so many different things to so many people. I think the one thing we miss is that love is everything. It isn't just romantic love, or passionate love it is all around us everyday. So put love into everything you do and you will get so much more out of life.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Sexy Challenge will give you cold chills

Part of every good relationship is a exciting sex life. However some people are just to ashamed or embarrassed to ask for improvement or excitement. That is where SEXY CHALLENGES comes into play. Sexy Challenges are little adventures for lovers aimed at spicing up your sex life and your communication. Each challenges gives you a specific task to complete and a two week time frame to complete the challenge. You will soon find yourself anxiously awaiting the next issue to come out. Click on the post title above or the link below to check out the newest sexy challenge. You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do something to get your lovers attention.

Today is a great day to do something to get your lovers attention. Well everyday is a good day for this, but today we are going to do it a little more wild. We are going to make them have to touch you in places that we hope will spark a little more intimate touching later. What you need to do is get a personal item of theirs that you know they will need. Such as their car keys, purse, or even the clothes they are getting ready to put on are good items to start with. Next you are going to place these items near a place on your body that would be a little more intimate to touch. For instance you could have the remote to the television tucked between your legs near you crotch area. Then when they need the item make them come and get it. When their hand reaches for the item make sure to move so that they have to touch you in the intimate area and see how they react to that. Men you can put things in your front pockets and make your partner dig for the item hopefully hitting all the right areas. Ladies you can put money in your bra for when you partner asks for a little cash, go ahead and let them search around your bra for it. Hold thing behind your back and make them have to reach around you to get it then wrap them up in a hug as they do. The possibilities are endless to be creative like the picture above you might be able to get your partner to switch their beer to buttwiser. Sorry couldn't resist the joke. Have fun and get it on.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Appreciate the fact you lover is working hard.

Sometimes we all have to put in extra time at work. Maybe you work has a busy season or you are working on beating a dead line. When we are in a relationship we need to understand and appreciate our lover for going the extra mile. Having a job to support a relationship is a wonderful way to say I care about this love we have. Putting effort into work, as long as it isn't over the top, shows commitment that you want in your relationship also. When you know these times are coming for your lover then make it easier on them by understanding and making the best of it. If you partner has to work late, stay and and wait for them to come home and meet them at the door with a kiss. If they are working from home make sure all it quiet for them to get the most out of their time. Ask for a break for the two of you to get some time together. Set a time limit on it so as not to delay the work getting done. Lastly reward you partners hard work. If they are fighting to meet a deadline, then give them incentive. Tell them when the project is done you will make mad passionate love to them, or plan a romantic weekend away. Show your partner that they are loved and you appreciate the hard work they put into your relationship and their job as well.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Play dress up

Do you spend most of your days in shorts and t-shirts around the house? Is you basic dressing up putting on a polo shirt and a nice pair of jeans or wearing a matching sweat outfit. Well as a romantic gesture I want to suggest breaking out the dress clothes and going out on the town. I do mean dressing up suit and tie or dress and heels. This is a great way for your partner to see you and it will make them see how great you look dressed up. Most people say that their partner looks awesome when they are dressed up, but do they say that when you put on your normal clothes. I am not suggesting you dress like this all the time but every once in a while will remind your partner what you look like when you get all dressed up. Go out to a fancy restaurant or just go walk around expensive places to see how it feels. Get yourself comfortable in your dress clothes. Plus it is good to put them on from time to time to make sure they still fit. This way you have a heads up before you need them for a job interview or a wedding.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Quote for the day

"Love can take you places you have never been, without ever leaving your home."
- Zob

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Keep Busy to avoid missing your lover.

Being in love has some different feelings then just your normal feelings. One of those feelings is feeling lonely when your partner is away. You can combat this feeling by keeping busy during these times. Plan out lots of activities to do so that you are not just sitting around thinking about how much you miss your love. I am not saying forget about them but don't just sit around waiting for them to call or looking at pictures of them. Take this time to have some personal time where you do exactly what you want. Go play golf, go shopping for yourself or just hang out with some old friends. You could even take this time to plan a wonderful welcome home session for your lover. The secret to being apart for an extended period of time with out going crazy is to stay busy and look to how much fun it will be to see them after their absence. Love hold so much amazing feelings and you need to experience them all.

Friday, August 13, 2010

No way Garage Selling is romantic!

Garage sales are one of the very last things I think about when I vision romance. Riffling through other peoples juke that they are selling for pennies doesn't even sound like fun to me. What however if you could make these garage sales pay for your date nights or vacations trips? Now they are starting to get a little more interesting. Think about it this way say the two of you start hitting a garage sale from time to time. You both look for things that you think are priced way to cheep maybe it's clothes or trinkets it doesn't matter. Look for things you can at least triple your money on. So if you buy it for a quarter you should be able to sell it for seventy-five cents. Once your bargain hunting starts to build and you get enough stuff for a sell of your own then have one. With all the money you are going to have you should be able to go out for a wonderful evening and if your really lucky use the money for a vacation. Make sure to keep track of how much you spend on all the items and price them accordingly so to not loose track of your goals. Heck you might even find out this can be a very profitable venture for the romance in your life.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Keep a little stash in your drawer.

One thing that every couple needs is a little stash in their drawer. I am not talking about drugs here I am referring to some sexual aids. You need to keep a drawer full of sexy items such as lubes, vibrators, cock rings, etc. Make sure you keep the drawer close by so that you can have easy access to the items as the mood hits. Make sure the drawer is only accessible by the two of you. The last thing you want is your small children running around the house carrying a vibrator when grandma comes over. So find a way to lock your drawer and to your pleasure items.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Check out those Victoria Secret Catalogs.

If you have ever ordered anything from Victoria's Secret you now most likely get a catalog in the mail regularly. Both women and men enjoy looking through the glossy pages of sexy and well crafted clothing. Here is something you can do to make your female partner know you are thinking about them instead of just drooling over the models. Take a marker and circle the items you find sexy. Then out to the side write things like, "You would look great in this!" or "I couldn't keep my hands off you if you were wearing this" Who knows maybe you will get a surprise later or your partner will order the sexy item to share with you later. You can do the same thing with the men's catalogs you get or even catalogs from you favorite sex toy store. I bet you never thought a catalog could bring your relationship closer! Time to start flipping through the pages.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Simple Quote today

"Love makes all that is heavy, light"
Thomas Kempis

These words ring so true I don't know how much better things can be then when you are in love.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sometimes it is just best to stay out of the way.

As your relationship grows you will start to sense times when you need to leave your partner alone. It might be a certain time of the month or a certain day of the week. It could also be sporadic in nature but you can just tell by the way they are acting. On these days it is better just to stay away from the subject of making them feel better. For example if Mondays are a bad day because it is back to work time, then give them the space. Don't try to make them feel better only to get them upset with you let them roll around in their anger. Don't give them the chance to direct the anger towards you on these days that you know they are going to be upset. If you partner is female, then track her menstrual cycle to see the days that might be a good day for you to hang with the guys. You don't always have to cheer up your partner. This has taken me many years to understand but sometimes you just have to let them fume for them to get over it.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Making it easier to be apart.

There are times in our relationships when we have to be apart for extended periods of time. These are not easy on our relationships. It is important to express you love before you leave for this time apart. Think of it as making up in advance for lost time. You have to look at it as trying to fit part of your relationship that you are going to miss into the time frame before you leave. For example if you normally have a date night every Friday night then you need to try to slip in two date nights the week before you leave. Same goes for sex you need to put a little extra effort into your intimacy before you leave. This makes the leaving easier on the partner staying home because it shows that you are going to miss the time together, also. Then the same thing goes for when you get back, which always seems a little easier. Your relationship shouldn't have to suffer because you have to be gone. Doing it right can build your relationship stronger. Being apart allows you to have some alone time and it also can build desire as you anticipate the return home. Use the time apart as a building exercise instead of a absence.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Get up early

We all claim that there is not enough time in the day to get things done and have time for our relationships. Well you can help that out by getting up a little earlier on the weekend days. Sneak out of bed early and start getting things done so that you will have time later for your partner. Laundry, dishes, and cleaning can get done at anytime of the day so why not make it in the morning and get them out of the way. Nothing says you care more then going out of your way to make more time for you partner. Love is the most important thing to make time for, that is a wonderful rule to follow.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Invite the family over.

Want to make a splash with your partner then invite their family over. Plan a big get together with food and excitement. If you think his/her family would participate then get some games to play together. If games won't do it then you might think about planning the get together to watch the big football game or the latest movie out you can rent. Have lots of fingers foods to munch on and plenty of pop and tea. If you are going to serve alcohol then make sure you are ready to make sure the drinkers are not driving and to let anyone know when they have had to much. Alcohol can loosen up the party but it can also cause problems. I would suggest leaving the alcohol out until you find our more about the family. Set a time for the party to be over so that everyone knows when it is time to go. Don't leave it open or you might be having a crazy brother that won't leave. This family invite over will score you big points with your partner and help you to get to know his/her family better.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stormy Nights are great for talking and cuddling.

When you crawl into bed and notice the flashing of light that lights up your room. Followed by the huge boom of thunder that startles your soul. These makes for a great night to snuggle up your you partner and watch the light show that comes in through that window. The rhythmic sound of the rain tickling your roof. The sporadic fireworks and sound show make a wonderful back drop for some great up late talking. Sit up in bed and touch each other as you discuss things like how storms made you feel when you were little. You can even act like little kids by counting after the lighting strikes and continuing until the thunder booms to see how far away the heart of the storm could be. Hide under the covers and do a little more of the teenage stuff like making out. Storm like this also offer a great sexual mood enhancement and you might find that when the lightning starts so does your libido. Enjoy the storm and all the memories it can create for you.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Make a fun drink on a hot day.

The weather is hot right now here where we live. This makes it hard to stay cool let alone want to snuggle down. The two of you can beat the heat a little by making a fun drink using ice cubes and whatever fruit you like. Just grab a blender and take turns picking fruits to put in the blender as some ice and blend away. This will make you a fruit slushy that is sure to cool you down a little bit. Make silly combinations like blueberries and bananas, or strawberries and peaches. It doesn't matter what you put in the drink as long as it is cool it will quench your thirst and help relax you. Check out the store for some crazy fruits to try like papaya or starfruit. Heck if you have the time try out several different combinations. If you of legal drinking age you could even add a little rum to make it a little more festive. What ever you choose I am sure it will help keep you cool on these dog days of summer.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The good morning kiss

So often in our rush to get up for work and get ready we miss on of the most special times of the day. The good morning kiss, is an action that can turn the day around right from the start. It is not a passionate kiss but a little peck on the lips or check. The good morning kiss, gives us the feeling of love right from the start of the day. When we feel loved, we are more confident and passionate about everything we do. Now the next time the alarm wakes you to confront your day, make sure to lean over and kiss the person that brings love into your life. Not only will it start your day of by doing something nice but it might just make your partners day a great one.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Replace something that is not healthy.

Today is a great day to replace something that is not healthy with something that is. For example instead of buying that sugary kids cereal try replacing it with a healthy alternative. You could take a morning stroll instead of sitting watching sports highlights. You could even get up 10 minutes earlier to do some sit up or push ups. Once your partner starts seeing you take steps to improving your lifestyle or health then they will follow suit. Together you can accomplish more with support and encouragement. Use the buddy (partner) system to accomplish things like exercise, shopping, and cooking. You will soon find that not only your health is improving but you relationship will starting to improve, also.