Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Have a Sexy and Scary Halloween

Wanna Spoon?  Fork You!
There are so many options open to individuals who are looking for something a little special and even daring this Halloween. Costumes are better than ever nowadays and many are made to fit in all the right places in order to make the most of your body and looks. If you have an invitation to a Halloween party this year then isn't it about time that you began to look at your options?
For ladies the sky really is the limit. Obviously there are the tried and tested old favourites such as the sexy witch costume. These come in many different sizes and there should be one to suit everyone. A popular way in which to wear the witch costume is with either a little fascinator type of hat or with a large velvet hat. Adding colour and texture to your accessories will make a good costume a knock out costume which everyone will notice. The addition of some fishnet or cobweb tights will make all the difference too. Why not add a pair of knee length leather boots as a finishing touch and remember to go all out smoky and dark on your make up and nail varnish too!
Another tried and tested old favourite for a Halloween party is the cat outfit. If you are young and confident then you could go all out with this and wear a body stocking or PVC cat suit and mask. If however you are not so confident then why not try a little black dress along with a cat mask and some bold make up. Don't forget the tail and ears and you will be well on your way to making a statement!
Not forgetting the men, why not wear a sexy fireman or policeman outfit to that Halloween night out? Ladies go weak at the knees for a man in uniform and all men look good in these styles of costume. You can buy these or even hire these from party and costume shops and you will be sure to be an 'arresting' sight!
Another classic outfit is to make like Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman. Women cannot resist this outfit and white looks amazing on most skin tones. You will certainly be able to sweep the lady of your dreams off her feet in this get up.
It must be noted that lots of women are entranced by pirates after seeing Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Dress as a pirate at Halloween and you will have the women flocking round you. There are many complete outfits on the market and some even have fake boot toppers to give you that real seafaring look. Remember if you are dressing as a pirate that you will need a little black eyeliner to make you look the part.
All in all you need to wear a sexy Halloween costume which makes you feel confident and comfortable. Shop around and even try some on and see what makes you feel and look your best.
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Join us this Halloween night to do a little howling for a good cause.  Help raise the sexual energy in the universe.  This simple act could make amazing difference in our universe.  

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

let em sleep in!

Somedays you are just not ready to wake up. Your partner might feel the same way sometimes. Sundays are the best day to do this and as a kind jester slip out of bed quietly and let your partner get some extra snooze time in. Believe me they will appreciate it more than you laying there tossing and turning. Your partner will require stillness that you can give if you are in the bed awake. You could even start the coffee or breakfast for them to wake up to. Being a great partner calls for you sometimes to give your partner the space they need. Being able to stretch out in bed is a great start to creating that space.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Treat yourself sexy!

When you feel sexy yourself your whole attitude changes. People want to be around you and things just seem to go better. Think about it when you are down in the dumps or stressed about things, do others flock to you? Most likely you answered no to that question. The reason being is that you give off a bad vibe and everyone picks up on that. When you are confident and feel sexy you give off the opposite vibe, that is when people want to get to know you or want to be with you. This is true in relationships also, your partner is more likely to want to be around you when you feel comfortable and confident. It just goes hand in hand then that when you feel sexy your partner will view you as sexy and desire you more often. It is the law of attraction, put out what you want and it will find you. It is important for you well being to happy and by being confident and secure in your wants you will find all the happiness you desire.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Benefits Of Maca Root, Oh By The Way It Helps Your Sex Life?

Maca root powder from Peru is a nutritional powerhouse that has been in use for at least 2000 years. The food is unique in that it affects men and women differently. In this article I detail how and why men use Maca.
Among the top reasons men choose to take Maca is to restore their libido. Maca works on various levels to support a healthy sex drive. First, it's high nutrient content revitalizes the entire body. Second, Maca works to elevate testosterone levels thereby increasing energy, stamina and vitality. Finally, Maca contains unique nutrients called macaenes and macamides that are associated with supporting healthy libido. Red Maca and Black Maca are favorites for this purpose.
One of the things that Maca does quite well is to increase blood circulation. When combined with a boost in libido, it has been seen to help men overcome mild erectile dysfunction. A recent study of the effects of Maca for men with mild ED showed that more than 1/2 of the patient studied reported "significant' improvements in terms of ED and general sexual well-being. I recommend the Black variety for this purpose.
Fertility for both men and women is the longest and most common use of Maca. We know that people indigenous to the high Andes of Peru have used the root to boost both human and livestock fertility for 2000 years. Stretching forward to today, it is still used as a first recourse for couples wanting to conceive in Peru. Recent studies from Switzerland and Peru confirm that Black Maca in particular both raises sperm count and motility and increases sexual desire.
Increased Testosterone
Maca does not contain testosterone or any other hormone. Instead it stimulates the body to produce and regulate hormones in order to achieve a healthy hormone balance. Maca works to raise what is known as "free testosterone" which is a natural testosterone that helps restore youthful energy and even appearance. All Maca colors work well for this purpose.
An mportant study published in the Journal Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2005; 3:5. concluded that over the course of 42 days: "Red Maca but neither Yellow/Cream nor Black Maca reduced significantly ventral prostate size in rats."
Natural Muscle Building
Maca is anabolic (muscle building). It has a high content of bio-available protein and other nutrients that support healthy, natural muscle growth. It is a favorite supplement among natural bodybuilders as well as an ingredient in many muscle building blends. I recommend Black Maca for muscle building.
Maca for Energy and Stamina
For the people leaving at high elevations in Peru where Maca grows (14,000 feet and above) Maca is essential to maintaining healthy energy and stamina. Several scientific studies have also confirmed that the root has a positive effect on endurance and energy levels. In one study, cyclists were able to bring their 40 km times down significantly after just 12 days on Maca. Another study showed that regular dosage improved stamina among lab mice nearly 20%. Black Maca seems to have the most positive effect for this use.
Strong Bones
In 2010 a team of 6 researchers reported that Red and Black Maca were found to be the best at improving and protecting bone structure. This is in part due to the high calcium content of Maca (nearly 4 times that of milk).
Overcoming Depression
One of the lesser known benefits of Maca for men is for reducing depression. Maca works as a mood up-lifter due to its high nutrient content combined with it's energizing properties. Try Red Maca for this.
Maca for Enhanced Mental Focus, Clarity and Memory
One final use of Maca for men is to boost concentration, memory and learning. A recent study from China (2011) found that Black Maca in particular helped mice improve memory by 10% and speed learning by nearly 15%. In addition, many of our customers have reported a boost in focus and clarity when using Maca. I recommend either Red Maca or Black Maca for this purpose.
I hope that you've found this article on Maca for men helpful - if you have any further questions, please let me know.
And now I invite you to check out the best selection of Maca Powder anywhere. Red, Black, Cream, Gelatinized Maca and more from The Maca Team.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

5 Foods to Spice Up The Sex Life

Aphrodisiacs have been used throughout many cultures for centuries. From oysters to chocolate, most cultures have their favorite picks. Certain foods have been known to be powerful aphrodisiacs although no scientific data can back up the claims. Foods are purported to work by lowering inhibitions, stimulating blood flow, and releasing happy hormones. It is important to note that aphrodisiacs are not meant to cure any sexual dysfunctions; they are just supposed to help you to get in the mood. Here are 6 foods to spice up your love life or at least try and see if it works for you!
1. Bananas? Yes- you read right. Bananas have a reputation for enhancing your mood and creating more confidence. So if you are going out on the town and want to deliver a confident and seductive come hither look then snack on a banana before you go. It might help improve your flirting abilities.
2. Ginger the spice of love. Are you past the flirting stage? Then move onto the seducing stage with some ginger by your side. Ginger has been reported to increase blood flow to all the right areas helping you to feel in the mood.
3. Green olives. Surprised? Green olives are believed to make men more virile. I guess that means us women will find them more manly. There is something about a man with a martini- James Bond has it all figured out.
4. Black olives. I guess since green olives work for men then black olives work for women. Black olives are reported to increase a woman's sex drive. Again, science doesn't support the claim but black olives are good for us anyway. It doesn't hurt to try.
5. Tomatoes. That little Italian fruit is known as a sexual stimulant for both men and women. All those times we ate spaghetti...who knew? Round off your meal with some tomatoes and its all amore.
Ok. Want to know what the biggest aphrodisiac is? The human brain- and this one is backed by science. You can still have some fun creating a romantic meal or have just the right appetizer when out with that special someone. All the foods above are very healthy and if they don't work as an aphrodisiac they will at least promote good health.
Recipe for Love:
Start off with martinis with green olives. Add some tapenade spread on bruschetta for an appetizer. Move onto a tossed green salad with plenty of tomatoes. For the main course serve Ginger Chicken and top it off with banana's foster for dessert. I wonder if there is such a thing as too many aphrodisiacs in one meal?
© 2006, Meri Raffetto
Owner of Real Living Nutrition Services, Meri Raffetto is a Registered Dietitian and recognized professional in the area of nutrition and wellness. She specializes in weight management and offers online programs to help people reach their weight loss and health goals. For more information or to sign up for a free newsletter visit

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Intro to Sex Magick

Sex and sexuality play a large part in many religions. Myths are derived from sex based ancient myths. For instance, in the Dianic myth, Diana falls in love with her image and makes love to herself. From this, she gives birth to a son, and her brother Lucifer. Lucifer is her other half, and she falls in love with him, chasing him across the universe, pinning for him to make love to her. In Greek mythology, Gaia gives birth to the sea (Pontus) and the sky (Uranus). She achieves this parthenogenetically (without male intervention). Gaia took Uranus as her son and from him, she gave birth to the twelve titans, six males and six females. From them the Gods of Olympus took place there of the Greek mythology. Within many circles, the Great Rite is performed, either symbolically with an athame and a chalice, or actually between the High Priest and the High Priestess (or the initiate and High Priest/ess).
Sex can also be used to raise power within the circle/group. Power is raised so that it can be drawn upon anytime throughout the ritual to aid in the spells/ritual being performed. Sex between consenting adults, or solo masturbation can be used. Sex between two or more people needn't be heterosexual, as homosexual sex can be just as powerful. For a woman, the time of menstruation is her most powerful time, and performing sex magic at this time will be more potent than at any other time. If you prefer not to be penetrated, mutual masturbation works just as well, as long as the orgasm is achieved. Alternatively, it can be performed during your most fertile, the height of ovulation. If your period is regular, 28 day cycle, then this would be around 2 weeks after the first day of your last period (or if you are in rhythm with the Moon's cycles, then this should fall on the Full Moon - doubly as powerful!). But remember, this is also the time that pregnancy can also occur, so unless you do want to get pregnant, make sure that you use condoms.
If you are performing this by yourself, then maybe the best place for privacy and comfort would be your bedroom. Set up your circle around your bed, and place candles around the room. Make sure the room is nice and clean, and that you shower just before hand to keep you nice and clean and pure. Set up your altar in front of your bed, or even on your bed, facing the North (the place of fiery passion and of will). Place blankets and soft cushions around the room and on your bed, to make it as beautiful and as comfortable as possible. When you are ready, be dressed in your pyjamas, or even just skyclad/naked.
For couples (or groups), the living room would be best. The bedroom is not such a great idea, because you are most likely to end up in a love making session. Set up the altar in the North. Place a few cushions and blankets around on the floor (or use a chair if there isn't any room). It would also be ideal that the floor was carpeted (can you image how cold and hard tiles would be?!). Have the circle marked out with candles, as this would make the setting much more nicer. Everyone will need to shower and be skyclad/naked or dressed in your robes (or, if you prefer, pyjamas!)
Joined Magic
Cast the circle, call the quarters and call up the Goddess and God (or your patron, or any particular God/Spirit that will aid you).
Solo: Get undressed and sit in front of your altar. Start thinking about why your are performing this magic for, and maintain the image of what you want to happen in your head throughout the ritual. Take your time and really see it clear in your head. Start to touch yourself and let yourself know how special and wonderful you are. Then begin to masturbate. For the ladies, it might by best to lie down at this stage. Take your time and slowly build up to the orgasm. Once you have orgasm, see the energy shoot through your heart and sacral charka, into the circle. See it humming and filling the circle with power. Now, you can either use that for performing the rest of the ritual, or direct it into an object such as an amulet, talisman, or candle.
Partners: Get undressed and set yourselves up in front of the altar. If you are using a chair, the male sits on the chair and the female can sit on top of him, facing him. Homosexual couples (and groups bigger than two) will benefit from sitting on the floor. As before, start thinking about why your are performing this magic for, and maintain the image of what you want to happen in your head throughout the ritual, taking the time to see it really clear in your head. Once you are ready, start to fondle each other and turn each other on. One thing to remember is to know that this is not a love making session, and try not to think of how horny you make each other feel (though that can help), but to think of the energy you are transmitting. For homosexuals, it may be easier to perform mutual masturbation. Also, try to reach climax at the same time. When you do, make sure you both think of the same end point, and that it gets transmitted out from your sacral and heart charkas into the circle. When orgasmic, you can also look into each others eyes for a 'mirroring' effect. When you have finished, continue on as before.
Blessings to All,
Mona Magick
Disclaimer: Although sex can be beautiful not to mention powerful, be mindful that taking ownership of your actions is important. Please discuss the more carnal topics such as contraception if the possibility of pregnancy is not mutual; and sexual health protection of not transmitting or receiving sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, make sure that if in a monogamous relationship you are prepared to deal with the perils of your partner finding out about your sexual liaison with someone other than he or she. If you are uncertain with the above issues involving raising power through sex then you may want to consider masturbation as an overall safer method. And remember sex should be between mature consensual adults. Sex Magic is not for everyone, and like anything - know your this case spiritually as well.
Brightest Blessings & Warmest Wishes,
Mona Magick

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Herbal Penis Massage Oil

Massaging a penis has been found to be very beneficial in treating problem of weak erections in men either due to getting old or due to any other deficiency in the body. It is well-known that a penis appears smaller if a person is not able to get full erections. It is the flow of blood that helps penis become stiff and hard, and it depends on the health of veins and tissues of the penile area on how long they can hold this blood together to perform sexual intercourse.
These days there are many products being sold in the market which claim to increase the size of penis as well as quality of erections, but their results have been found to be of mediocre nature and not long-lasting. As well as there are side effects associated with these products which may even incur permanent damage to penis, although some companies marketing these products still claim that they are safe to use and do not cause any type of side effects.
One of the oldest techniques of improving blood circulation to all parts of the body is massage therapy. Massaging a penis is helpful in increasing its size as well as helps in attaining fuller and bigger erection by enhancing the flow of blood to the penile area and improving the holding power of veins and tissues.
Some experts claim that penis does not have any muscles hence massaging it would be of no use. However some evidences have shown that massaging a penis increases blood flow to the penile area and increases testosterone levels and makes the veins and tissues of the area stronger helping men achieve longer lasting erections. Experts have developed massaging techniques for penis which give positive results in a very short period of time. Jelking, ballooning and milking are the most popular methods of massaging which men mostly prefer. All these help in enhancing the length and girth of your penis by helping the body full erections.
Massaging your penis regularly with cream, gel or herbal oils will make the penis stronger and will hold itself longer in the battle field. Regular massage will help in bringing in more blood to the reproductive organs hence also helping in enhanced libido, more intensity and quick erections after one orgasm.
The most important thing is applying the right technique and using a good herbal product which is free from any type of side effects. The effects of using herbs is long-lasting and almost everyone gets benefited from their use.
One such popular herbal product that is used by men worldwide is Vigrx erection oil. It contains a combination of some of the best potent herbs helpful in improving the overall sexual health of a person, as well as there is no other herbal penis massage oil that has so many positive customer reviews for it spread all over the internet as well as in some popular men's magazines.
While visiting the products website one can safely assume that the company is fully confident of its product as it is offering a full money back guarantee if their oil does not produce the desired results.
While ordering online one should first check the contact details of the company, if it is not offering any type of contact details then one should be wary of buying from them.
From what i found from Vigrx oil website they are offering live help to all its customers, so that all the questions are answered instantly.
One drawback i can see is that Vigrx oil's price is a little bit on the higher side but the company is offering a free tube with the first order, so it is winning deal all the way.
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