Saturday, June 30, 2012

Know Your Way Around Women's Panties

Whenever you are shopping for underwear, it would be nice to actually have a specific style in mind so you don't end up buying the same style over and over again. And yes, people have the tendency to buy the same style because it is safe and they already know how it looks like. But you don't have to stick with the same choices. You will actually have more fun trying out different types of panties and see what works for you. So here are the basic types of panties you should know.
1. Briefs - it fully covers the rear and rises up to the waste or maybe just below the navel. Now looking at its sides comes some variations.
  • Classic cut - has the sides covered and extends below the hips. You will mostly see these with girls under puberty because it's conservative and simple enough.
  • French cut - also called high-cut brief because the side exposes more of the hips. It's a bit sexier than the other briefs because it shows more skin.
  • Boyleg briefs - also called boyshorts are styled after men's briefs, it looks straight across the top and below covering the hips in full, and it has extra fabric inside the inner thighs.
  • Control briefs - this one extends above the waist to offer support and give a slim appearance. Because of the nature of this type of panty, a stretchable type of fabric is needed, such as spandex, to make one of these.
2. Hipsters - are much more like briefs but waistbands are worn lower around the hips. It's called "hipster" because it hugs the hips.
3. Bikinis - are also worn at the hips but the fabrics at the sides are narrower. The rear coverage is much less compared to briefs. String bikinis are a special type of bikini where the sides are held together with strings instead of fabrics.
4. Tangas - give full rear coverage but the waistband is reduced to a narrow strip at the sides.
5. Thongs - the waistband is similar to tangas but rear coverage is not full. This is actually popular because it exposes the most in all the panty types. There are also other variations of this type.
  • G String - this is the most common among all the variations. It has an inverted triangle-shaped strip of fabric in varying width that is connected with strings to the side and narrows in-between buttocks.
  • V String - this is similar to the shape of G string except that the inverted triangle-shaped strip of fabric is replaced with two strings that separate from the bottom instead.
  • T-Back - is easier to recognize because it is all strings at the back fully exposing the rear.
  • C String - this one eliminates the waistband forming a "C" shape with a special frame that holds its shape. Useful for eliminating panty lines when wearing a silk dresses or tan lines when you are at the beach.
  • Cheeky - covers more area and is considered the most conservative of all the thong variations. The bottom fabric is still narrow and goes between the buttocks but the sides are covered with wider fabric which continues to the front.
This list has only the basic types of panties. But from it you will recognize different variations done by designers sometimes mixing the styles but it generally falls under one of the categories listed above.
I hope this list has been helpful for you so that the next time you go shopping for panties, you would always find words to describe what particular style you are looking for.
Hermie Cabrito is the artist responsible for the concept of Naughty Panties where visual design is mixed with naughtiness. You can check out his designs at Naughty Panties Designs [] and send him an email about what you think, If you want a graphical version of this article which includes photos and much more about this subject, please sign-up for his newsletter at

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Improve Your Shower Sex

If you want to have sex in the shower then there are some positions that you should be familiar with when the time comes. Of course, you do not want to slip and fall so you need to make sure the soap stays in place on the soap holder. You also want to make sure that you have something to grip onto in case you need it. If not, then just sit back and enjoy the ride while the warm water is pouring down. Make sure it is not too hot. You might enjoy this more depending on the positions you enjoy, and how much work you want to put into it.
Doggy style sex can be performed with no problem while she is standing up. You also can face each other. The benefit of having sex in the shower would be that you can become clean while also having a good time. This is something that is beneficial to anyone who wants to share the time they have with the person they enjoy being with. You might also enjoy being covered in bubbles and touching each other this way. This provides a slippery, fun surface and adds to the touch effect when in the shower.
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Couples can also enjoy doing more if you like moving from one place to the next since once you are in the shower; the possibilities are endless on where you might move onto next. This is something that is beneficial. Just make sure to have the house to yourself or someone might see you naked. You want to ensure that the other person is fine with doing all of this with you, and that they are not shy when it comes to these things out in the open. This is something that someone might feel comfortable doing when the time comes down to choosing how, when, and where to do it.
There are so many options that you have when it comes to having sex. You can become creative in this area and choose what you find is the best for you and the person you're with. You want to make sure you both are comfortable with what you're doing as well. Having comfortable sex allows you to get what you need from the relationship and the sex you're having together. Find out what they are into, and share what turns you on. This provides a little more background on what you both enjoy doing. Do not be shy, give it a try when the time comes to having a wonderful time with a person you enjoy being with. You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain when the time comes to get busy.
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Create Your Own Photo Book

Collecting and preserving photographs has been a favourite pastime with most people, young and old. Sometimes they get stuck with so many photos from various occasions and varying times in the past, they wonder how to put them all together coherently.
The most common and popular photo book themes include-
Baby Album - You could start your album with photos from various trimesters in your pregnancy and record your emotions. You could include ultrasounds and photos of the nursery too.
Family Holiday- Holiday pictures are best arranged chronologically, i.e. day-by-day. You could also theme them place- by-place, or you could simply put up your favourite pictures from your holidays and record what you liked most about them.
Graduation Day- You could make portrait portfolios of your friends and ask them to write something for you to give it the feel of a personalised slam book.
Wedding Album- A wedding is the most special and important day in a person's life. A picture tells a thousand words and your wedding album could tell your whole love story. You could start with the 'Proposal' and go on to add your engagement photos, bridal shower photos, wedding photos and honeymoon photos.
But here some not so common ideas that could also be fun and entertaining:
1. Pets and Animals- Pets are part of family too and deserve an album unto them. Your pet album could include the day you brought your pet home and how you decided on a name for him/her. You could also make a portfolio of your pet.
2. Sports and Hobbies- Sports never fails to thrill and exhilarate its fanatics. You could start with a 'Training Journal' and go on to add photos of your teams, your uniforms, your coaches and your favourite cheers.
3. Photo Cook Book- A way to a man's heart is his stomach, or so they say. So why not make an album to record that special dish you made for your loved one for the first time! You could also make an album of the first time your child was in the kitchen helping you or making something for you.
4. Family History Book- What better way to preserve your family heritage than a collection of photos creating your own family tree! You could go back as far as you would like and sometimes be amazed at how many people love you and care about you.
5. Road Trips- While on bikes, cars or hitchhiking on a truck, you will see many billboards, signboards and signals. Click them to create your own 'Highway' album.
These are just a few examples. Think wild and you could come up with more of your own!
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Doing It Together....

IT IS OK TO MASTURBATE, even when you are in a relationship.
An estimated 95 percent of men and 70 percent of women masturbate. The frequency of masturbation doesn't seem to vary much from study to study. Masturbation has always been a primary form of sexual activity since before recorded history as it shows up in pictographs and other primitive art. That should be no surprise to parents or pet owners.
It was only in Victorian times and the early 20th century that masturbation was seen negatively.
Today the most commonly held view is that masturbation is part of a healthy sex life. Very seldom does it lead to a problem. Still, we therapists see those who overdo it and those that do it to the exclusion of other sexual activity. I have treated these cases and many sex addictions, but these are rare.
Mostly, masturbation is a positive activity.
Masturbation may help if:
- You and your partner desire different sexual frequency
- You don't know how to communicate your sexual needs
- You do not experience orgasm in partner sex
- You are with a partner who for some reason, such as illness, who finds sex difficult
- You don't get satisfied even after orgasm
- As a couple you'd like to explore new areas of arousal and orgasm
- You have no partner
- You are new to sexual activity and want to understand it better
The simplest forms of masturbation are generally manual stimulation. This is not just stimulation of the genitals, but also of other sensitive areas of the body. Almost all humans respond to some form of manual stimulation. Lubricants from water to specialized lotions and creams help.
If you want more information about masturbating there are plenty of books and websites that show and tell ways. Pornography is widely used, but there are serious concerns ranging from issues of exploitation and addictions. Moral concerns still exist in some subcultures, but generally masturbation is viewed as normal in most parts of the world.
The important part of this article is for you to know that relationships, no matter how well they meet your sexual needs, can be enhanced by masturbation. Mutual masturbation and individual masturbation can be part of any healthy couple's sex life.
Most people believe it's OK to masturbate when you're in a relationship, but there are still those that expect that their partner should meet all their sexual needs.
That is one myth that needs to be put to rest.
Steve Litt has been providing psychotherapy for over 40 years. Steve was named Therapist of the Year by the Colorado branch of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) for 2010. Steve provides original content at You can follow him on Twitter at @SteveLittAdvice.
Steve W Litt, LCSW

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sexy Challenges Sacred and Sensual Experiences For Lovers

After months of adjustments the Sexy Challenges book containing the first 50 issues of Sexy Challenges hits iTunes.  Never has there been a better way to put fun and sacred feelings into your intimate life.  Now you can make love that will have the gods envious.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Exercise all Your Muscle, Men.

Penis Exercises to Increase Your Penis Size

We know that tribes used to increase penis size through penis exercises. This was done as part of ritual and some of the pictures and early photo's reveal that very elongated size was achieved through performing these penis exercises.
Since then people have tried to increase penis size by trying to mimic these same effective penis exercises. But the success hasn't been all that great. Traditionally these exercises were performed very frequently for long periods of time. Most men don't have the time and commitment necessary to effectively increase penis size.
As a result various routines and exercise enlargement programs have been designed to solve this problem of time and commitment. It's taken some years, but there are now routines devised which only take around 10 minutes or less to perform. You still have to perform them almost every day (usually 5 days a week), but the results are very similar to that of the early tribes.
Usually these routines will consist of a few different techniques including stretches, kegel strengthening, and jelqing.
Stretches are self explanatory. They consist of gently stretching out the penis and usually maintaining the stretch for a few seconds before resting, and then repeating.
Kegel strengthening is more of an assistance technique which strengthens the pubococcygeus muscle. By strengthening this muscle you can improve your exercise technique, and also develop the ability to delay ejaculation as well.
Jelqing tends to be the main technique for enlarging. If there's only one exercise you are going to do, make it jelqing. But make sure you perform it correctly with proper warm up, cool down, and lubrication application. Jelqing is basically like performing repeated massaging motions to the penis. This leads to tissue rebuile, and overall size gains are the result.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spicing Up Your Position

Best Sexual Positions ~ Spicy Up the Woman on Her Back Position

Are you tired of having your lover fall asleep on top of you after sex? Then it's time to introduce the best sexual positions into your love making and possibly even fire-up the intimacy between the sheets. Adding variety in sexual positions with the woman on her back can potentially lead to the most amazing sex and bring you the most incredible orgasm, if you know how.
First, spice up the woman on her back position by participating in the pumping, the gyrating and all that coital hip movement that comes with this sexual position. Lift your hips and meet him thrust for thrust. Experiment with different angles in this sexual position. This will allow for variance in depth of penetration, intensifying the sex. To get the best out of this sexual position, raise your knees up, bracing your feet on the bed or ground or wherever you are lying down, gyrate your hips as you bring your lover towards the pinnacles of sexual pleasure.
One of the best sexual positions to try during love making is to open your legs wide lifting them up. Open your legs as wide as you can in a letter V-shape and you'll see that this simple leg movement allows for even deeper penetration. The higher you can lift your legs up, the deeper your lover can penetrate you. For best results, embrace your lover with your legs or brace your feet on his butt and increasing the depth of his thrust.
The key to the best sexual position for the woman on her back is to prolong your orgasm by relaxing your vaginal muscles. Put your legs down alongside or underneath your lovers'. The shallower thrust with this position enables him to maintain a rock-hard erection and make the loving last for hours.
Most important of all, is to practice these sexual positions, it is essential to unlocking the secrets to sexual pleasure. By making your lovemaking technique supercharged, steamy and earth-shattering the last thing he'll do is fall sleep!
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Monday, June 4, 2012

So Many Sexy Challenge / How Much Time Do You Have?

Check out all these great Sexy Challenges available on iTunes.  You can also find them on Amazon for the Kindle and for Barnes n Nobles nook.  

Friday, June 1, 2012

Shake Weight - What Were They Thinking?

This workout system might work but it has so many other implications from the action that it could just help out in other areas of your love life.