Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Tell Me Baby


We all have a story some of it is good and some bad.  We have all hit the highs and lows it's part of life, but what you really need usually ends up being right in front of you.  So next time you question your life direction look around you might be surprised at where you are!  

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Music and Your Relationship


Put Some Music in Your Relationship

Music is a language of its own.  Music in your relationship is like sun light and water to plants.  Music will help you relationship grow be it through sitting together and listening to it or getting up and dancing together to it.  When the language of music hits your relationship all things seem right in the universe.  It doesn't matter if you have vastly different tastes in music, take turns sharing songs and seeing how the music moves through your partner and ultimately movers through you as well.  Couples that listen to music together have a rhythm in their relationship that can help in all areas of their life.  


Thursday, February 18, 2021

Orgasmic Reincarnation


Orgasm is one of the most amazing physical feelings in the universe.  What if it was also a gateway or portal to something more?  What if through your orgasm you could reach into other dimensions or retrieve information from past or other lives you are living?  

When you use your passionate lovemaking to pierce the veil between your world and the unknown some pretty amazing things can happen.  This Sexy Challenge helps you open up to the possibility that your orgasm is a vessel for you to travel to and from a more spiritual place.  It can allow you to reach out and touch that which is untouchable for most.

What are you waiting for?  This challenge could open you up to the joys of the Universe and it all flows through the power of your orgasmic bliss. 

Monday, February 15, 2021

Do All Fights Lead To Great Sex?


Do Fights Lead to Great Sex?

Do fights lead to great sex?  Well, the answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no.  There is adrenaline that is involved in a fight situation that can be converted into a feeling of passion or sexiness after the fight is over.  However, if you need a fight to get turned on their might be a bigger issue in your relationship, or you might have a fetish.  Having great sex can often result in what many people call make up sex after a fight or argument.  Great sex shouldn't be dependent on outside situations to heighten them.  Don't get me wrong make us sex can be freaking amazing and so hot, but that should be just one way that your Sex Life can be freaking amazing.  

Friday, February 12, 2021

Sades of Sexiness


Shades of Sexy

Sexy isn't as simple as black and white, there are several shades of sexy.  Something that turns one person on, will turn another person off.  There is no normal in sexy, there is no book that classifies things as sexy or not, that is your judgement and that is beautiful.  So hold onto your judgement of others and what they consider sexy just because it is not your version of sexy.  Our world is a beautiful and diverse place and that is what makes it awesome and that goes for sexy, too.  

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Beyond The Tango


Today's couples face many challenges as they juggle the demands of their daily life. Learning how to keep your relationship a priority throughout life s changes is often like learning a new dance. Commitment, practice, and the willingness to learn new steps can help you master your marriage.

Using research, interviews, and personal anecdotes, McKeown presents steps you can weave into your dance routine to prevent your marriage from becoming another statistic. Beyond the Tango offers hope that your union can be everything you want, even as you endure the inevitable challenges that all marriages face, and together you can remain on the dance floor.

Author: Susan McKeown Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc. About the Author: Susan McKeown, APRN, CPS, is a graduate of St. Anselm College with a B.S. degree in Nursing and Northeastern University’s Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program. She earned her MFA in nonfiction writing from Southern New Hampshire University. Susan worked with families as a nurse practitioner for over 40 years. She is a Certified Prevention Specialist educating and advocating on issues of mental health and substance misuse. In 2015, Susan was selected New Hampshire Prevention Person of the year by the NH Prevention Certification Board. For the past 18 years she has co-facilitated a weekly support group for families of a loved one with substance issues. Susan's second book, Beyond the Tango, A Guide to A Thriving Marriage While Juggling Careers, Kids, and Chaos in now on advance order from Amazon. She speaks with groups on building healthy relationships, strengthening marriages, and preventing divorce. Susan lives with her husband in New Hampshire where they have conducted seminars for engaged couples for over four decades. They have four grown children and are blessed with two grandchildren.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Hot Winter Sun


Against the turbulent backdrop of the English Civil War, where political treachery and religious persecution are commonplace, an unlikely romance springs up between Catherine Trefelner, a strikingly beautiful village girl, and Robert Bradshaw, co-heir to one of Cornwall's richest estates. Staunch Royalists, Robert and his twin brother Julian are loyal to the clever, but misguided King Charles, while Catherine's father is a fanatical Puritan, living for the day the Parliamentarian Army unseats the King, and makes Royalist families conform or seek refuge in France.After eloping, the couple return to Briarwood, where Catherine is suddenly transformed from the overworked daughter of a blacksmith to Lady of the Manor. Family members react differently to what is considered an unsuitable match, but Robert, deeply in love with his new wife, knows Catherine will only work a credit to their household. For reasons known only to them, intense animosity exists between Julian and Catherine, yet her remarkable personality and unusual mind work in her favor as she settles into the household. She bonds with the twin's father in a unique and unexpected way, has an amicable relationship with her sister-in-law, and even attempts to charm away the resentment of another family member whom she desperately wants to understand.Ever cynical, Julian continues to question Catherine's motives, but the only true shadow over her happiness is a fear of her father, who has indeed threatened vengeance over her marriage to a Royalist. On the verge of making peace with Julian, Catherine could never envision the tragedy about to strike and Julian’s heinous accusations in its wake. Grief-stricken, she flees England to the family's consternation, only to discover it was a dreadful mistake. In an abrupt and stunning twist of fate, Catherine has no choice but to return to Briarwood and throw herself on Julian's mercy, knowing that he is as unpredictable as she is constant. But is she running back to safety or into even greater danger? Culminating with a shocking answer to what all believed was an unsolvable murder and Catherine's close call as the second victim, Hot Winter Sun is ultimately a tale of love, hate, revenge, envy, mercy and redemption during one of the most chaotic and unstable times in England's history.