Monday, June 29, 2009

Keep your partner waiting!

Want to add a little excitement to your relationship? Then they next time you partner calls don't answer right away. Make them wait, sometimes a little anticipation helps a relationship. You don't want them to think you are hanging by the phone for their call. Plus, you will get their mind thinking, about what you are doing and where you are at it is good for the two of you. Think back to the days before cell phones. You were not tied to your phone at that time and your partner had to wait until you got home to see what you were up to. That little be of the unknown was good for your relationship. So don't answer that phone right away keep them waiting just a bit.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


When you and your partner perform a task together that benefits both of you should reward your partner in some way or other. Take them to dinner, massage their back, or simple put make them feel really good.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Touch your parnter somewhere you usually don't

Today I want you to touch your partner on a part of their body you usually don't touch. The inside of their elbow, or behind their knee any where be creative.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Buy a Big Fan

When the temperature is hot outside nothing proves your love more then buying a big fan. Don't be cheap and spring for a good fan. Think of it this way, your partner is not going to want to be really close to you if you are both sweaty. Ewwww. So purchase something with some power and if you don't have good air conditioning you might want to spring for a couple to set on both sides of your bed. Sleeping in the cool breeze is a lot better then sleeping in a hot stuffy room.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The gift of a good nights sleep

One thing that everyone lose is a great night of sleep. So often in today society we don't get enough sleep. But today you are going to take some steps to try to give you partner a great nights sleep. There are several ways to get people in the mood for a great night sleep. Many people believe that a warm glass of milk does the trick while other thing a little kahlua and milk will do the trick. Find out which makes your partner most relaxed and have the drink waiting on them just before bedtime. The next thing you need to incorporate is touch. Either a nice massage on the back or a light flowing touch works wonderful in adding extra relations for you partner to make them sleep better. Make sure all distractions are taken care of, like children, noises in the house, and keep the light dim until you turn them out completely. If you partner needs background noise such as a fan make sure to have that in place also. Sex also works to help some people sleep but this is hit or miss so don't count on it working unless they give the nod for it. Lastly make sure you are still while in the bed. If you flopping around like a fish they are not going to get any good sleep. Find a positions in which you can lay and touch them and doze off yourself, hopefully in the morning they will wake being refreshed and ready to thank you for the great night of sleep.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Find a small place with live Music

There is something romantic about sitting in a small place with a single performer playing. It screams romance. The beauty of the situation is that you have some great background music and you can still have a in depth conversation. This is great for a first date also as it gives you a starting point of conversation as you discuss the music the artists is playing. The atmosphere at someplace like this is usually relaxed and allows you to feel more comfortable. Some of these artists might even take request from the audience.

Do a little research into the kind of music that will be played, you can ask someone that works at the venue they will usually have a good idea. Also find a place that has some character and has been in business a while, that way you know what you will be getting. Newer places are still trying to find their market so they might have different types of performers each night. When all else fails look for a place that plays the blues.

Okay you have the formula, now go out and find your little hole in the wall. Soon you will be staring into each others eyes while someone strums on a beat up guitar. Sipping drinks and having good conversation what more can you ask for?
Special thanks to Lorenzo Stupid Kid AKA... for the creative commons picture.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Back Off

Sometimes in a relationship it is tough to know when you need to be helpful and when you need to back off. Try and always listen to your partner they will tell you if they need space of not. Now sometime they will say they want space and not really mean it. This is where it gets tricky. You have to read the signs for example if they are mad at you and need space, give it to them. If something tragic happened in their life, they might need some space but don't get to far away. Every situation is different and so is everyone else, some people need more space then others.

Now that I think I have confused you, let me lay this on you. If you are one of those people that need space and your partner is the opposite then you have a challenge ahead of yourself. You have to find a way to get your space and be there for you partner at the same time. I didn't say it was going to be easy. You have to find that fine line in either situation and try to balance yourself on it. We don't want you to compromise your values but we don't want you to hurt someone else's feelings either. Especially if that other person is the one you love.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day and Romance.

Happy Fathers Day for all you fathers out there. I know we don't normally associate fathers day with romance. However, I feel there should be time for romance everyday. Tonight save the romance for later tonight and spend the day with your family. I know this is fathers day but the whole family needs to be involved. So go on a bike ride together, watch a family friendly movie, go out to dinner (Dad's Pick), take in a ballgame or just have a great big BBQ. Remember this is fathers day, so dads use and abuse that fact. No cooking for you, sit back and enjoy your day.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Don't be afraid of Vibrators.

I think in today's society most people understand that sex toys are an aid to a better sex life. However their are still some of you out there that think a vibrator is a replacement for a penis. Silly men, while a vibrator helps women achieve orgasm you do not see women going around marring vibrators. You should embrace her when she decides that a little extra excitement in the bedroom is a good idea. Using a vibrator will help her relax and helps get her ready for sex with you. Most women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm so a vibrator can be a man's best friend. You may be scratching you head but think about it. If a woman can reach her climax she is most likely going to make sure you reach yours. Just as men enjoy being stimulated visually a woman needs foreplay to get stimulated in most cases. As always there are exceptions but the averages follow this mold.

If you are still scared here is some more things to make you feel better about having a vibrator in your relationship. Vibrators don't hold her after sex, vibrators don't call out her name when they are cumming, vibrators don't work by themselves, vibrators don't swell as they get excited, and finally when she wants dirty talk all a vibrator can do is hum. So get out there today and if she doesn't have a vibrator already, order one. I have put a link to Good Vibrations in the title post that has a wide variety of simulators for women. Hey don't feel left out they have some for men, too.

Pictured above is the laya vibrator available at good vibrations. Make sure to check out all their products I am sure you can find something for both of you there.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Throw a Luau together.

Not everyone can go to Hawaii, but if you or your partner haven't been, you can bring Hawaii to your house in the form of a luau. You can get some island type of food to cook on the grill. Pick up some tiki torches at the local discount store. Figure out what type of island drinks you want and either pick up some real pineapples or coconuts and cut open to use as cups. Get totally into the luau find grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts and get some drum music to play in the back ground. Invite you friends and and tell them to bring things to complement your luau. Do a limbo, get a baby pool to soak your feet in and everyone pretend you are on the islands. Find some trivia about Hawaii to play with the guests. Make sure to have Laius to place on everyone and enjoy the night. Make sure you and your partner get to have a special dance during the luau and maybe you'll both get laid once the luau is over.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cook up some Romance!

With the summer season upon us we need to put some romance on our grill. It's time to find a sexy dish that you can prepare on the grill to make your partner feel special. Do some research and find out some things that claim to be aphrodisiacs and that you can cook on the grill. Things that pop into my mind would be seafood, so you could go get some shrimp and marinate them in an unusual sauce for dinner tonight. Don't do your same old hamburger thing get creative. I will include a link to BBQ & Grilling recipes in the title of this post. Make sure you make something they like. Make sure you plan out the whole meal also. Baked potato's, corn on the cob, are a couple of suggestions that might help you out.

Here is the secret to making your grilled food a romantic meal. Don't let your partner help at all! That's it make them feel like you are doing this completely for them. They will be very honored and you might get a special kiss later for being you partners personal chef.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Comfort in time of Need

One of the most romantic things you can do for someone is just being there for them in a time of need. Everyone is different and some people want to be alone in a time of need. They will appreciate you for just holding your ground if that is what they need. Things like losing a parent or any family member are hard and a time when you need to put your partners feeling in front of everything else. Getting fired from a job is another time where you partner will need you to comfort them. It's is easy to feel rejected at a time like that, however a positive partner can change the situation around in a hurray.

Holding hands or just hugging make your arms a safe place to hide if only for a moment for you partner. When things like that happen you need to be the rock in the relationship. Put all your effort into helping any way you can. You be the one to go out and get dinner for the family at the funeral home. Help with the job search if your partner has just lost their job. Always be positive and show them you care. Most people find out just how romantic their partner is when times are tough. So don't be the person who runs away from the situation. Stand your ground and hold your partner up. After all you might need them sooner then you think.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Figure out Likes and Dislikes

One thing that is very important to a relationship, is getting to know each other. Start today, if you haven't already, a mental list of your partners likes and dislikes. When you got to a restaurant pay attention to what type of entree they order. Is it chicken, beef, pork, or vegetarian. Knowing their preference scores big points in the romance department. This doesn't just apply to food. Get to know their likes and dislikes in everything. Which team is their favorite, what type of alcohol do they like, what brand of clothes do they prefer, the list goes on and on. Now the only thing you need to understand is these preferences can change over time. For example, you partner might enjoy beef at one point in their life, then switch to being a vegetarian during another point. If you serve them beef after they become a vegetarian you might get a raised eyebrow.

One word of caution, if you have something you really enjoy don't assume that they will enjoy it as much as you.  You cannot make someone have the same passion for what you enjoy.  For example I enjoy going to baseball games and while my wife enjoys it also she doesn't have the same passion for it I do.  She will tolerate it but doesn't have to be there.  She could find many other things she would enjoy doing herself.  Once you figure out some of you partners likes and dislikes you now are faced with the challenge of making sure you both get to enjoy things you like.  As long as you share these feelings you will have no problems.  Just like anything in a relationship it is give and take.  I like to say it is sharing, that sounds a lot better.

Special Thanks to MarkPritchard for the photo from creative commons flickr

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tennis anyone!

A great romantic sport you can play together is Tennis. Tennis is step in tradition and a great game to watch as well as play. Together you can play a match or just hit the ball back and forth. Tennis allows you to get some exercise and also lets you enjoy each other and talk in between points. Tennis lets you build what I call sexy muscles. Watch a tennis match sometime and look at the players. They have sexy legs from running down balls and their arms are lean and muscular. Most of the players are tan from being outside a lot and they just look sexy.

Now you can get that same look and spend lots of romantic time with your partner. Learn and enjoy the game together. Even attend a professional match when they come to your area. There is a grand Aura around tennis and it is a rich setting. Tennis is not a cheap sport to get seriously into but if you are just a novice you can pick up a racket pretty cheap. Tennis shoes and some shorts and a t-shirt are all you need besides a can of balls. Most areas offer free courts to play on. Parks, school, universities are just a few of the great places to play. Tennis clubs are also available but usually charge a fee to use the courts.

My grandfather use to always tell me "I like tennis, there is a lot of loving going on in it!" So get our there and start loving.
Special thanks to yourFAVORITEmartian for this creative commons photo form flickr

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Moving Day!

You know even when you are moving you can find things that are romantic. Finding old pictures or keepsakes you have forgotten about can bring back a lot of fond memories. So as you rush to get everything done make sure to set some time a side to look over these items. Include your partner in on this and maybe make a date of it after the moving is done.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Communication 101

Communication 101 We all hear that communication is one of the most important things in a relationship. I don't think anyone can debate that. However, what if you are not the best talker or you have to think your feelings out before you say them? You partner thinks you are just being silent. Yet, you are trying not to say the wrong thing. If one partner is used to speaking his/her mind, it is hard for the other to get his/her feelings out. Most often what happens is the easy speaking partner will jump into the conversation before the less assertive partner finishes his/her thought.

To communicate when this is the problem takes effort on both of the people in the relationship. The more timid speaker of the two has to get his/her courage up and his/her in order before speaking, and the more assertive speaker has to back off a little and let the other partner speak at his/her own speed. Still, even at best there will still be some communication problems. Some things I might suggest to help with communication are as follows. First, try sitting back to back when you need to have a heated discussion. Sit with your backs touching, this at least gives both of you some comfort as touch is another important part of a relationship. Some people will be able to speak more from the heart when not having someone staring at him/her waiting for a reply. If sitting back to back doesn't work, you might try to write your conversation out or since we live in modern times text each other or instant message each other from another room. Something about conversing over the Internet gives people freedom from their fears of speaking. But, also be cautious of texting or emailing as one’s tone cannot be understood via written words.

If neither one of these ideas work, you can as a last resort try a mediator. If you have a close mutual friend you feel comfortable with, let him/her sit in on your communication or you can even get a counselor that can referee your conversations. I only suggest counseling if you issues are threatening your relationship. In closing, remember that words can hurt just as much as physical pain – often times more. If you never have kind words to express to your partner, he/she will feel less of a person and it could spin your relationship towards trouble.

If you need more help or assistance finding communication help, get online and do some searching. I really like a gentleman that goes by the title "The Tower of Power". Joshua Uebergang is his real name, and you can find his web site at

Image from flickr and Indrasensi

Random Act of Kindness

Today I want you to perform a random act of kindness for you partner. A simple little thing will do. Take time out of your schedule to give them a phone call. Fix them supper tonight, while they are asleep get all the laundry done or clean up the house. These little things go a long way in showing someone how important they are to you. Treat them to ice cream, take them out for a drink anything you don't do on a normal basis will be fine. If you begin to look for these things to do for you partner you just might find out they are addicting.
Click on the title link to visit the new website.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Change the words

Have you ever been caught sitting watching television together when there is nothing really on you want to watch? If you end up in this situation here is what you can do. Turn the volume down on the show and make up your own words. Make up the most absurd things you can think of and challenge you partner to answer your remarks. This can be a real test to your wit. It also helps you become quick on your feet at answering questions. It can also help stimulate your brain power and get you thinking, instead of just sitting absorbing useless junk. Do it during the commercials also they can end up being really funny.

The best part about this is that it will get you laughing together. As I have said many times laughter is great medicine and it actually helps you live longer. So find a show that looks serious and ad lib so silliness into it tonight.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stand behind each other Naked!

Laying in bed together we have a normal feeling about each other. We reach over and caress our partner, kiss them, and look in their eyes. Well today I want you to get behind them. No, not stand up for their cause. I want you both to get buck naked and take turns standing behind each other and feeling the others body. Push your chest into their back and run your hands around their chest. Reach down and feel the muscles in their legs. Touch their lips and face from this positions. Then finally reach down and feel their genitals. Doesn't' it feel a lot different from the normal facing each other way.

If you are comfortable with your images you might even do this in front of a mirror. So the person in front can see your hands exploring your body in a different way. Kiss the back of their neck while you perform this exploration and rub your face over their back. When you are the one in front you will find sensations feel a little different when you are not face to face. Trusting your partner to feel your body in this way might help you become closer and spark some feeling that might have been hidden for a while.

Ladies make sure to use your breasts and rub them against your partner in places that you would not have thought about when standing in front of them. Like on their butts or the back of their legs. Men use your penis and rub it around your partners butt or on the outside of their hips. Both of you can preform a reach around on the other. Ladies you can really get the feel of how a man masturbates in this position and vice versa. Men you can maybe get a better feel at stimulating your partner at the angel in which they do it.

Experience each others touch and you can't go wrong. If you are self conscious of your body image, simply turn off the lights and feel the touch.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A great romantic movie neither of you will mind watching.

Anyone that knows me personaly knows I am a huge Adam Sandler fan. So this post was a pure joy for me to put together.

If you want to find a romantic movie that both of you will find entertaining. You need to go no further then Adam Sandler to achieve this goal. I must say that in my opinion the best of the best romanctic comedys is The Wedding Singer. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are star crossed lovers who are bound to end up together. This takes them almost the whole movie the the comedy helps keep everyone interested, until they finally figure out they are ment to be together, with the help of another of my favorites, Mr. Billy Idol. If you love 80's music this is a great soundtrack for you to have also, and the movie will bring back all the fashions that we want to forget from that time period. The point is the movie will make you glad your in love and watching it with your special someone.

Listed below are a few other of Adam Sandler movies that I think are great romantic comedy's also. Adam plays the loveable loser so well in these films you have to hope he gets the girl. So get some popcorn and cozy place to snuggle and enjoy the master at work.

Great Romantic Comedy's featuring Adam Sandler.

1. The Wedding Singer

2. 50 First Dates

3. Spanglish

4. Billy Madison

5. Click

6. Mr. Deeds

7. Anger Management

8. Little Nikki

9. Waterboy

10. Happy Gilmore (Only Adam can put the song Endless Love in a movie)

You can purchase any of this films using the Amazon Bar on the right.

Does my butt look big in these jeans?

We all find our self answering this question in some fashion. There are not to many good ways to answer. A reply of NO leads to the statement of "You are just saying that" and if you say YES you might have to dodge flying objects. So, what is the answer? Well if you are faced with this question instead of giving a yes or no answer give an option. Tell her that about other pants that you think look good on her, or say "You know those other pants look so hot on you and they match that shirt" Women don't want sympathy from you in these situations they want their cake and they want to eat it also. They want honesty and they want to hear how beautiful they are to you also. So we have to twist our answers a little. Most of the time when this happens to me I can honestly tell my wife, "No those pants look fabulous on you" Just think your answer through before you say it. For example if you don't like the shirt she is wearing instead of saying "I don't think that shirt looks good on you" say "You know I think this other shirt would look amazing on you today.

However they best way to avoid getting stuck in these situations is to avoid them before they happen. Get into the habit of telling your partner how wonderful she looks when she puts something on you like. Always find something positive to say about her before she walks out the door every morning. You can tell her that her hair looks perfect, or that she looks hot in those shoes. Stroke her ego, we all enjoy that. I know I love to hear positive things about myself, I can feel my chest pump out when my wife gives me a complement. So that is you mission to find something positive to say about your partners appearance each and every morning. By giving complements daily we boost each others self esteem thus avoiding questions like this at a later time.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Let the pictures tell the story

I say I am going to do this every time we go on a trip, and by golly next time I am.

Next time you take a trip somewhere together make sure to take your camera and take pictures of everything you do. With today's digital cameras it is even easier to do then ever. Then get an album and place the pictures in order based on how you did them. If you don't do it soon after you get home you will find yourself scratching your head and wondering which event goes where. Place silly captions under each photo and label the front of the album with a specific title, such as "Trip to Italy" Then when you pull the album out in about five years you will have no problem reliving that trip or event.

This may sound silly but as we age we don't always remember things exactly as they happened. So this method will help you and your partner remember all those special times you enjoyed together. With today's advances in technology you can even perform this while you are still on vacation. You can email the photo to your house with labels already attached. If you take a laptop you can even work on the photo album while you are relaxing by the pool. So don't be like me there is no reason or excuse for not getting these memories recorded on your next trip or event.
(Special thanks to For Inspiration Only from flickr for the photo CC)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Turn down the lights.

We are contently hit by light, everywhere we go those florescent bulbs are beaming down on us. WE spend most of our day in them at work, shopping, school, the list goes on and on. Now I understand that they are making the switch to incandescent bulbs that are better for the environment but they still give out bright light. I want to suggest getting lower wattage bulbs for your house or getting fixtures that allow you to dim the lights. You know I never ever heard anyone walk into a grocery store and say wow this lighting is romantic.

Our house is suppose to be a sanctuary from our daily endeavors. So why should be have bright lights staring us in the face there? The lighting at home should be soft and comforting. Now I understand at time you need brighter lights, say for instance studying, or cooking, but for the most part you don't at home. Especially in your bedroom the light needs to be romantic. So find out what level of lighting you partner and you enjoy and replace the bulbs in the areas you might find yourself snuggling in. A soft light might lead to a little more intimacy, just think about it. Snuggling on the couch with some dim lights, sounds inviting doesn't it.

This is probably the only time anyone will tell you not to be bright! So take advantage of it and dim out.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Your PC Muscle (Click here to learn More)

I am sure you have heard of the PC Muscle (pubococcygeus muscle). We have all heard of the wonderful things that women can do when they strengthen this muscle. While I want each and every women to exercise this muscle, today I want to focus on the men and their PC muscle. Guys did you know that working out this muscle can dramatically help your sex life! You heard me right and the great part is you can exercise this muscle at anytime during the day. The exercise isn't even that strenuous. You know how you stop peeing by cutting off the flow, that's it. The best part is you can do this exercise anywhere at anytime without anyone knowing. You can do it at your desk, in the car, while your wife tries on clothes. Just squeeze away, and hold it is the simplest exercise I've ever done.

Now just like other exercises it takes some time to start to see the effects of this exercise. After about a month of doing this exercise I started to see some improvement. For starters my erections seemed to be harder, not that I had any trouble before but it seemed as if there was just an added strength to my erection. Secondly I could control my orgasm a little. You know what I mean I could slow down and hold back a little better. Saving the best for last, I could last a lot longer then before. I would say I was a little skeptical when I first started these exercises

but I soon learned their value. They are so easy and unless you don't want your sex life to get better, I don't understand why you don't start performing these PC muscle exercises today.

Let me know if you think it has helped, I am sure it will.

Here where the Woman's PC Muscle is located. You can unterstand why it would help out during sex.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

To much Cologne is not the answer.

Men here is a little tip that might help you out with you partner. Cologne is a nice touch but too much cologne is a disaster. I am sure you have smelt the guy who must put on a bottle before he goes out. Do you think women want to really be anywhere near him? Cologne can enhance your natural essence if you don't over do it. You should put on just a touch and it should go on your skin not your clothes. Put it in areas you hope your partner will find later such as your chest or neck. Let them sniff it out, if they can smell you from more then 3 feet away you have over done it.

Another thing to remember in the cologne debate is that cologne is not a substitute for showering. Don't come from the gym and just splash on some cologne before taking you partner out for dinner. Cologne does not get rid of body odor it just mixes with it. So if you do this you are just smelling like a perfumed skunk. Always practice good hygiene you partner deserves this.

Cheap cologne is okay but don't make the mistake of using more because it doesn't cost much. Every once in a while spring for some more expensive cologne to wear on special occasions, your partner will enjoy the switch up. Lastly make sure you cologne agrees with your partner, they might not like the smell or they could be allergic to it. If that is the case get rid of it now, don't save to wear when you are not around them. It is a great gesture to pitch it if you partner can handle it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Fun

Summer time is here and if you haven't done it yet start planning out your summer activities. I am not talking about vacations we all know we need to plan those. I am talking about those weekend things you want to do this summer. Do the two of you enjoy amusements parks, baseball games, camping, hiking, whatever your passions you need to plan them out now. Summer has a way of getting away from us quickly and if we don't play our itinerary out now we might not get to accomplish all we want to during the summer. Think about it how many times have you debated what to do on the weekend only to end up not doing anything. This is what we want to avoid.

Make a list of all the things you want to do. Now rate them by number with one being the most important thing and then on down. Now get your schedules out and begin writing them on weekends, with the understanding of work schedules, and other events that might consume your time. I would also suggest having back up plans of inside things to just in case the weather doesn't cooperate. You don't want to be stuck at home on a weekend you wanted to go hiking just because it is raining.

Make sure to include some romance into your summer also. Things like going to see outdoor shows or fireworks are very romantic. Hiking up to a scenic overlook is a great idea for a couple as well as spending the warm summer nights looking up at the stars. Summer time to me is so romantic because you can get out of the house more. If you have kids you know you have to put them in the mix also, but this doesn't have to ruin the romance. Walking hand in hand at the zoo can be really stimulating for a couple. Going to your local fair is another romantic thing to do that might bring back some old memories.

Now what are you doing sitting her get your butts up and enjoy this beautiful weather.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fanning the Flowers!

Have you ever been in the middle of a shower of flower petals? Well if you haven't sit down for a minute I am going to tell you how to make it happen. This is a very cute idea that doesn't take anytime to set up, however the rewards are tremendous.

For starters you need to get a good amount of flower petals. You can get them from a flower store or you can get fake ones from your local discount store. You can usually locate them in the craft department. I like to use the fake ones because they are cheaper, and reusable. The next step is to find a ceiling fan in your house that the both of you can stand under. Get yourself a ladder or step stool and with the ceiling fan off place all your flower petals on the blades of the fan. That is all for the set up, pretty simple huh.

Now all you need to do is coax your partner into standing under the fan. Once in place either have them turn on the fan or you turn it on. Watch as the petals begin to fall down upon the two of you. The sight is quite amazing, the first time I tried it I didn't think it would work very well. To my surprise it works really well. We didn't have a fan above our bed, but I am sure that would be a great vision as you were laying in bed. Now that is romantic.