Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just be Naked!

Here is something to try sometime when you need to shock your partner. Sometime when you are home alone. Do something you normally do naked! You heard me do some of you everyday chores or routine naked. You will definately shock your partner and hopefully get them thinking about what they would like to do with you naked. What would your partner think if they come home and find you doing the laundry naked, or washing dishes. How about reading the sunday paper in the buff or exercising. The important part of the shock value of this is not to act like you are doing anything unnatural. Just keep doing what you are doing as the questions start coming. Tell them you were hot or that you just didn't want to put on clothes yet. Heck maybe they will even join you.

A caution should be place here. Don't do anthing that will get you arrested, for example don't go out and water the lawn in your birthday suit. Keep it within your house and under closed blinds. Another word of warning if you try this make sure you are up for the advances of your partner. You are wanting to get a reaction from them and that reaction will most likely be sexual. So make sure you are ready to recieve.

Lastly do things that are safe to do naked. Frying bacon would not be a great thing to do naked. So use some common sense and protect what you normally have covered up.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Give your partner a little playfulness at an unusual time.

Do you have events that just drive you mad. Maybe a family reunion, or a fundraiser that just seem to be so tense. Well if you find yourself at one of these type of events I have a suggestion to ease the tension a little. Give your stressed out partner a little playfulness. You might be shrugging your shoulders at this moment. Now let me explain. Nothing relaxes the mood of a situation as something your partner is not suspecting. Now you have to be very tactful about this, find a quite place, and don't do this out where anyone else can see. Women as you walk by your partner grab his penis or ass, don't say a word and just keep moving past. Men the same for you grab her ass or swipe her breast, no words just the action. Then act like nothing happened. Reject any advances they might make with one word, Later.

Now what have you done? Well you have taken their mind off the stressful situation and made them think about what you have in mind later. Plus they know that you understand their frustrations and are turned on by their attempts of making the event great. Now when you get them home you have to follow through on your earlier dealings. Don't even let them say anything about it before you act. Tell them how sexy they looked during the event and how turned on you were by them in that situation. After you show your appreciation suggest some of your favorite charities or events they might want to get involved in. You just might have found someone to volunteer based on your playfulness.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Recreating Dates

Do you have a special date that you still remember - one that stands out from most of the rest of your dates? Well, I think it is time to recreate that date. Sit down and write all the things you can remember about that special date. It might be the date your partner asked you to marry him/her or your first date. It doesn't matter. Try to remember the little things such as what songs did you hear, who did you see, were there any other people with you. Obviously, the big ones will be where did you go or at what restaurant did you eat. Sit down with all your information and start to put the events in order to the best of your recollection. You might have some challenges. It may be that the place you went for dinner is now out of business or the bar you went to is now a Starbucks. If some of these changes make it impossible to recreate the exact date, then use a substitute. If the dinner was at a pizza joint that is no longer around, just substitute another pizza place. You might want to scope out some places to find the one that most reminds you of the one from the past. Once you have all of your pieces together and places picked out it's time to ask your special someone out. Ask him/her if he/she remembers the date where you two did this and that. If he/she doesn't, don’t worry. Just tell him/her it is a date you remember, and hopefully, it will jog his/her memory once it begins. On the night of your date actually pick him/her up. You get ready first and then go drive around or something until the correct time to pick him/her up. It sounds kind of corny, but do you remember the butterflies in your stomach standing on the porch knocking on the door. Once he/she answers the door you are now back in time and on that date all over again. Enjoy it for the second time. I know some couples that have been doing this for a long time.

One that I know goes to the same restaurant, where he purposed to her, on their anniversary every year. I also know a couple that met at a concert, and whenever that band is anywhere in the area they make sure to go see them (It's great that they let some of the bands out of the old folks home long enough to put on a show or two). I have also heard of people going to sporting events to recreate dates, parks, doing the same vacations, the list goes on and on. I actually have some friends that go to the same hotel every year and even get the same room, they book it a year in advance before they check out.

This might all sound silly to some of you, but remembering your past good feelings never hurts a relationship, and this is a great way to rekindle anything you might have lost since that special date.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Can you believe we have hit 60 Post! / The Mindful Couple (Click here to see the book)

You know you are enjoying yourself when you are doing something and you don't realize how long you have been doing it. Our last post was our 60th I am very proud of what we are doing here. We are hopefully helping couples learn and understand each other better. I try to reach a broad area of topics from dating to sex, household chores to nights on the town. I do this because they all make up a great relationship. You can't just have sex all the time and have a great relationship, however in my opinion you can't have a great relationship with it either. My take on relationships is they must have a balance, you need everything to make it complete. If there are any parts missing that is where you get into trouble.

I would like to suggest a book for everyone to ready called "The Mindful Couple" by Robyn D. Walsher, PHD and Darrah Westrup, PHD. This books is one of the best ones I have read on relationships. It doesn't give you step by step instructions it gives you insight into the workings of relationships. I must say I have looked at things a little differently since reading it. You can go to the publishers web site by clicking the title of this post and I will put it in the amazon bar on the side. So if you go and buy this book not only will you help out your relationship you will also be helping out Romantic Antics for Men (and Women, too)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't for Anniversaries or Birhtdays.

Just a note to everyone DON'T FORGET ANNIVERSARIES OR BIRTHDAYS. Nothing says I could care less about you then forgetting these important dates. Now a days you have no excuse for forgetting either. You can program it into your cell phone, computer, iPod, television, and even your alarm clocks. So there is absolutely no reason, with the exception of amnesia, for you to forget. You can only use the amnesia excuse once anyway. Now do whatever it takes to remember these events.

One a side note make sure you don't celebrate these events on the wrong day either. My mom once called me and sang Happy Birthday to me, when it was my sisters birthday. She was quick with an excuse though saying she miss dialed the phone. Good one mom. We get a good laugh about it now, however.

Remember these days are special for a reason. You need to put effort and time into them. I understand sometimes they don't fall at the best times. So that is when you have to let your partner know that you will be celebrating later. You don't have to spend a lot of money on these special occasions like the old adage "It's the thought that counts" Heck a card and a back rub works wonders.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Laugh Together!!! (Click her to go to ABC website to find funny stuff)

I know it sounds silly but the benefits of laughing are well documented. Yes laughing actually improves your health and helps you live longer. What better person then your partner to share some good belly laughs with. I would have to suggest America's Funniest Videos to get you started. If you can't find that on TV you might just go to YouTube and search for items the two of you would find funny. Items to search might include: people falling down, funny dogs or cats, or just type in funny and see what you get. Other sources could be look for comedy shows or search for old clips of things you know are funny.

Funny has been around for a long time, I mean look at some old Three Stooges videos. I am sure it was around even longer ago. I can imagine a caveman getting chased by a dinosaur and his buddies laughing at him.

A newer show that might bring about so laughs would be Wipe Out! If you have a favorite show that makes you laugh let me know about it. One thing I love to do is laugh so I should live forever.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Double Date

Stop for a moment. I already hear you sighing, "Not a double date". I know all the feelings you’re going through. Maybe you can't stand her friends and she wants to strangle yours, and you don't want to waste an evening listening to either one of them. You don't want to be stuck without transportation, and what if you can't agree on anything to do. Well stop whining. First of all, both of you need your friends. This is very true, and maybe they won't make the best double date candidates. It is time to find some friends that fit with your relationship. Couples that have another couple that they are close to can make a special bond that might last a lifetime. Look around there might be a couple closer then you think that you would enjoy spending time with. Look for common interests. If you have children, look for parents of your children’s friends. They most likely will be close to your age, and obviously, if they take interest in their children, you will end up at a lot of the same functions.

When you find a couple that seems to fit the bill, ask them to do something in a group setting such as having a BBQ or joining you at a friend’s party. That way you can see if you get along outside of you other realms. Find something you can pair off with them and do. At a BBQ you might play ladder ball or horse shoes with the other couple to see how they interact with you. After spending some time with them get with your partner and see what she/he thinks about them. If both of you don't agree, then start over again looking for another couple to hang with. If you both seem to like spending some time with them then maybe it is time to see if they would like to go to dinner with you or to a local bar or coffee house. Find out about each other and what your likes and dislikes are. This will help you find something else you can do together sometime.

Having another couple you can count on is a big plus. If you get to know each other well, you could even help each other out in other ways - such as, taking turns watching the kids so you can have a night out. Maybe sometime you would need their help in an emergency situation. If you don't have any family around, they could keep an eye on your house while you were on vacation. Yes, the double date is a pain sometimes, but sometimes it can lead to a great relationship that will last a lifetime.

There are some web sites out now that match couples up to do things just like the dating sites, make sure you are extra careful if you want to use one. Make sure that everyone knows what you are expecting. You don't want to be sitting with a couple of swingers asking when you are going to swap unless you’re into that. If you have a couple that you are already friends with, you are lucky because they can be a great source of help no matter what you need them for. It's like having extra family around.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Today is Race Day!

Living here in Indiana everything today centers around the Indianapolis 500. So why not center our romance today around a race. Today you and your partner race at everything. Whether you are cleaning the house, riding bikes, or getting undressed for bed. Have a little fun and race at everything. You can race to see who eats their lunch the fastest or time yourself and see who takes the quickest shower. If you have a video game system find or rent on of the cart games and challenge each other to some racing fun. Competition is good for a relationship as long as it is in good fun. If you have to win every time then this competition thing is not for you. Well I will sign out for now, just tell me who wins!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Say her name... or his if the case maybe.

Will all get in the habit of calling our partner something other then their name. You know we posted just the other day about pet names. Nothing makes us feel more complete with our partner then hearing them say our name. Just in everyday life use their name more often. Don't answer you phone "Hey babe" or say "Sweetie can you get me a drink." Take one day and try to use their name every time you address them. My theory on this is that we want to know are partner is in touch with us. Not using a slang term like sweetie or baby that could be used for anyone, will make your partner feel you are personalizing every statement.

Not only should you practice this in everyday life, you should also use it in your intimate life. It drives me nuts to hear my name as my partner reaches orgasm. I know that one is a little tough but instead honey, baby, or calling out to god, use your partners name and tell them what is happening. I believe that this only makes your sex life better. Practice it when you masturbate with your partner just as your about to climax, scream out their name. See what kind of reaction that gets out of them.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Steamy Mirror Notes (click here to see a steamy application for the iphone)

Next time your lover is in the shower slip in a leave them a little note. It helps if they take an extremely hot shower. Use the mirror and write a note on it using the steam the shower has created. You have to be quick because if you do it to soon then the shower will steam it over. I suggest trying to time it to just when they shut the shower off. Slip out of the bathroom and you won't be able to see them smile as the read the message. You will however most likely be able to sense it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fourtune Cookie

Here is a cute idea that you can take in many directions. Replace the message in a fortune cookie to say something more personal. Depending on the situation you can put any kinds of message inside. If you are just starting to date you can tell the other person how much you like them, you could ask someone to marry you, you could give them words of encouragement, or you could make it a sexy message to get their blood pumping. What ever way you go this idea is sure to get you noticed.

There several ways to get your fortune into those cookies. The first is to make your own cookies, and place your message inside each one. This method is time consuming and if your not good in the kitchen I would not suggest it. The next one is to purchase the cookies from a place that allows you to write your own fortunes. If you like this idea click on the title of this post and go to a site that allows this. The next way is to get the cookies and steam them. They should soften up and be able to open to remove the fortune and replace it with one of yours. My tried and true method is to just get some tweezers and pull out the normal fortune and shove my inside the cookie. It doesn't look as good but it is the quickest way. If you inside a restaurant this is what I would suggest you do. Do it when your partner goes to the restroom or gets up to get more food.

When you plan out your message give it a little Chinese flare. So instead of saying "You are Beautiful" say "The beauty of nature pales in comparison to you". Instead of saying "Will you Marry me?" Say "It is with great pride that I ask you to walk with me forever". Last but not least instead of saying "You wanna make love to me?" say "It would be an honor for you to let me enter you (from the front or the rear)" Sorry I had to throw a little humor into it. With that don't always make it serious sometimes we need to laugh and this is a great way to break some tension.

So go out get some fortune Cookies and start with your own ancient Chinese secrets.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pet Names - They are just for the bedroom you know!

Pet names can go both ways. They can increase your intimacy or the can seem like they make you want to vomit. For starters don't use them in public, no one else wants to know you call your partner cupcake or snookie okums. These type of name are meant to stay between the two of you. Try to pick something that is not related to sweets or porn stars. For example Mistress Sugar Bottom might be a little too weird for anyone. Ladies if you are going to give you man a pet name make sure it sounds macho. No man no matter what kind of problems he has wants to be called Mr. Softy, or Small fry. Here are some examples to chose from: Stallion, Tarzan, Muscle Man, Hunk, Incredible Hulk, or if nothing at all just call us Huge. We will be happy.

I want to hear some of your unusual pet names so comment on this post and let me know.

This is what my grandmother would call me. Not what I want to be called in the middle of sex!

If you need help with a pet name click the title of this post to go to a site that will help you?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Now let me pull a rabbit out of my hat..

Here is an idea to help the two of you decide what to do. One day get together and put all the things you like to do down on slips of paper. Make one pile for places to eat, one for things to do, and one for intimacy levels. The first pile of place to eat should be a complete list of places you have eaten in the past year. The second pile should be a complete list of thing you love to do weather together or not. The third pile is the intimacy level and it should include four different cards. The first should say low level intimacy, the second warm level intimacy, the third hot level intimacy and the fourth should say steamy intimacy.

Next find, or go purchase and item such as a hat to mix the papers up in. Now the next time either one of you says "What do you want to do" head over to your hats and draw one paper from each hat. First one will tell you where to go eat that night, the second will obviously tell you what you will be doing, and the third will tell you the intimacy level you will be having this night.

In the intimacy department I would like to clarify my feelings on the levels. You can set your own but hers is my take. Low level would be taking a walk holding hands, maybe a night out slow dancing, usually low levels of intimacy would take place in public. Warm level intimacy to me would be snuggling down on the couch, kissing, building a fire and enjoying some wine in front of it. Now with the hot level we would begin to incorporate sex into our equation. Hot level to me would include slowly making love to each other, romantic naked massages, and passionate kisses. Once we hit the steamy level their are no holds bard, to me this includes, role play, maybe a little bondage, oral sex, and of coarse trying some different positions. Again you can set your own levels. Just make sure they hit all levels of intimacy.

Now here is the kicker once you pick a paper out it cannot go back into the mix until the hat is empty. No exceptions, you have to experience all the levels to truly appreciate all of them.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Confidence, confidence, confidence!

Guys here is a secret that woman want you to know. They love it when you have confidence in yourself. They love it when you make decisions and have the air about you. Now don't take this over the top. Today's woman doesn't want a caveman beating her over the head. She does however want you to speak up and tell what's on your mind. Believe me it saves so much time when you are on a date. You know how you spend several minutes going "What do you want to do", "I don't know what do you want to do" Instead of doing this just blurt out a suggestion and go from there. Believe me if she doesn't want to do what you suggest, she will tell you.

Confidence in the bedroom is also a big turn on. Try different thing and let her tell you if she likes them or not. The problems arises when you ask her what she wants. If she tells you something then she has to wonder how you are gonna view her based on this. Play around a little and as your relationship progresses the communication can and should get better. Never assume your partner is going to just yell out what they want. It doesn't work that way. Believe me sometimes you both want the same things but both are afraid to start the ball rolling. My wife and I had one of these moments just a few weeks ago. We did something a little different then we usually do. Then in discussing it later we found out we both have wanted to try it for a while now but were afraid to ask.

Confidence is a big boost even if you fail, with confidence on your side at least you tried. Confidence makes you stand up taller, look better, feel better, and sexier!!! So get confident today. If you need assistance you might look for some assertiveness training to help you out. It can be a big change for a person and might take some time to accomplish. So don't delay get confident today.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grilling Out!

It is getting close to being a great time to grill outside. Many people find firing up the grill a important part of summer. Here is how we are going to make it romantic. Pick out your partners favorite dish, be it chicken, steak, or seafood. Now start searching the Internet for different recipes for this dish. Pick something easy but that looks really hard to make. Big Oven is a great source or recipes for the beginning chef or the advanced. Next head down to the liquor store and pick up a nice bottle of wine, Sangria during the summer is exspecially tasty. Finally let your partner sit back and enjoy the sun as you prepare the meal for them. Pour them a glass of your beverage and make sure to check on them from time to time as you cook. Turn on some music to set a great mood and if you have some special friends invite them over. Either the men or women can take turns planning and preparing the meal, you could even make it a ritual like every other Sunday during the summer. After the meal is cooked and done make sure you get a little time to relax and enjoy the day also.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Do you have a sex night?

Several of today's relationship gurus believe that having a specific night for sex is a must for the majority of relationships. The consensus is that our lives are so busy that just letting sex happen leads to less sex in the relationship. We have heard for years that spontaneous sex is the best, but is it really? Not knowing what is going to happen or when doesn't seem to fit with today's busy lifestyle. Don't get me wrong if you are together and the feeling hits you don't deny it, and say well this isn't sex night.

I believe that sex night is a great idea. I think it could help build anticipation and lessen disappointment. If you know your going to have sex tonight, I believe that you would fantasize about it most of the day. You would work yourself up and the passion when you finally got to that point would be incredible.

Let me know if you have a sex night? I want to hear about how you picked that night and the reason. Maybe you have certain nights throughout the year that are also guarantied for sex. Let me know all your situations. I am very curious what the public thinks.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Make it a point to say something nice today!

Make it a point to say something nice today to everyone you come in contact with. Not only your partner, but your mother, brother, sister, neighbor, teacher, sitter, and the list goes on and on. By making it a habit to say something nice to everyone you meet, people begin to enjoy being around you. Saying "Did you lose weight" to your neighbor might just make her/his day. Telling the cashier at the store to have a nice day, might make their work day just a little brighter. These types of little statements can go a long way in brightening up someones day. If you brighten up someones day you are going to feel so much better.

Now you get double the points with your partner. For one they hear you say all those nice things to everyone else. This makes them see how wonderful you are to other people. Now when you say those things to your partner, not only do they know how wonderful you are but they also get the benefit of hearing something nice about themselves or just a nice statement in general.

You know it is really quite sad at how many people I know that can't say anything nice. It blows my mind to think, as I hear people being grumpy towards people they don't even know, that those words are the only thing that is popping into their heads right now. Sure we all have bad days but does that mean we should take them out on other? If your boss gets made at your should you go home and take it out on your family. The answer is no, if your struggling with that. Hopefully by getting in a pattern of saying nice things to people you can avoid the times when your down and say something that isn't how you really feel.

Always remember WORDS CAN HURT!

If you haven't seen the Free Hugs Video Here it is. This goes right along with what we are talking about. Also if you click the title of this post you can go to the free hugs website. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Welcome Home Kiss

I know this may seem silly but do you give your partner a welcome home kiss every time they come home. Overkill, maybe but in talking with some people that lost a partner in a car accident or work related accident, I hear some resounding statements. "If I could have only kissed them one more time" or "I wish I would have told them I loved them one more time" are two I hear a lot. You never know what is going to happen, you just always assume that everything will be okay and normal. To me however I would better be safe then sorry. Sure no one wants to think morbid thoughts or plan for the worse. A kiss, hug, or special I love you, to me doesn't seem like that big of stretch? I mean if you can't do those things with your partner on an everyday basis then maybe their is more problems in your relationship then you think.

Starting today I want you to get in a routine of kissing your partner goodbye and hello. No they don't have to be a movie kiss, just a smooch on the lips (Not on the cheek, that's how you kiss your parents), followed by a quick I love you. Nothing more nothing less, then go about your business. Not only is this good for your relationship but it is great for your children to see and participate in. Most people have no problem doing this with their children why would it be difficult with your partner?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What is the Most Romantic Meal?

I have a big question for you. What is the most romantic meal a couple can have? I have debated this question for sometime now. I use to think an Italian meal with wine, spaghetti and meatballs was, but I think that is from the movie "Lady and the Tramp". Could it be seafood? It might be but so many people have allergic reactions to seafood, and that would not be romantic. How about a nice steak and potato? Well you knock out all the vegetarians with that one. So what is your most romantic meal. I want to hear what you think is the most romantic meal would be, so email these suggestions to me. I will use the most common meals and start a new survey on the side bar.

This will be a lot of fun to see what everyone thinks. I know I will get a lot of responses saying "Just being with my partner makes it romantic." Yeah, Yeah, Yeah we all know we need our partner for romance. I want to know with all that in place what type of food to you go out and get dress up for.

Remember Romantic thoughts are great but Romantic Actions take the cake.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time to think?

Here is an exercise to get you thinking about your partner. Set a time at the beginning of day and when the clock reaches that time here what I want you to do. I want you to think about the most special thing your partner has done for you. Did they throw you a surprise party on your last birthday, did they buy you flowers for no reason, or cook you supper on a night you were tired. Maybe this thought is of how they helped you when you lost a loved one, or how they take care of the children so you can get some rest. I am sure if you start thinking you can come up with thousands of reasons to smile about your partner.

Now I know you and your partner at sometimes do something that might not make the other feel great. So thinking about them in a positive manner will help diminish those thoughts. We all can't be perfect and if we were the world would be a pretty boring place. So tonight honor your partner for these special things they do and let them pick the movie or you fix dinner for them. Just make sure they know you appreciate them. Appreciation goes a long way in a relationship and sometimes we overlook it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Make a Movie Theater at Home!

Today life is so fast-paced that we seldom have time to take our sweetie to the movies. Either the times don't work out right or we don't have the hundreds of dollars it will take to purchase a ticket and snacks - Last time I went it was under a hundred, but let’s just use that as a general feeling. Nowadays, you can rent a movie not long after it has been in the theaters, and we have recently been downloading them from iTunes. I believe Netflicks has the downloading available also. It doesn't take much for us to get a movie and watch it on our time. We can pause it or stop it when we have things that arise like bathroom breaks or putting kids to sleep. But, just because we can’t find the time to attend the show at the theater doesn't mean we have to lose the ambiance.

Next time you get a movie to watch at home take some time and set up your own little theater in the family room. Move the couch around to sit right in front of the television. Make a trip to the local discount store and pick up all the snacks you would get at your local movie theater. They are much cheaper this way, and you usually get more for your money. Microwave some popcorn. You can even get some of those super humongous cups to get the real movie theater feel. Turn off all the lights in the house, and presto you have your own movie theater. You can even watch the previews at the start of the disc if you want to get a more authentic feeling. iTunes even carries trailers of movies that are not out in theaters yet.

Most movies have ratings like PG-13 or R. You need to decide what your theater rating will be! If you’re doing this with your children, you can use a G rating. Use pretend money and make tickets. The kids can use it to “purchase” their snacks and tickets. This is a good way to make sure they don't over do it on the snacks. Only give them enough play money to purchase a set amount of candy. If you want your theater to have a PG-13 rating you could invite all your teenage children’s friends over for a showing. Just get some extra folding chairs and presto you can create a teenager’s dream - all of their friends at the movies together. The R rated theater is probably just for the two of you (just depends on what you allow you kids to watch). Since the kids are probably in bed and no one else is in the theater let the make out session begin. Heck, if you know you won't have any interruptions, you can even slip into the X rating.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Do Something special for Breast Cancer (Click here to go to the PINK RIBBON website)

Whenever you get a change do something special for Breast Cancer. Nothing shows you care about the female population more then helping, donating, or marching for breast cancer. Thank goodness now a days their are some many ways you can help out. Men your partner will think you are so sweet by doing this and if you don't feel special about yourself then you are crazy.

Now it is not to hard to find a event that supports breast cancer and you can click on the title of this post above to go to the "PINK RIBBON" web site. At the pink ribbon web site they will give you plenty of details on how you can help or events that you can support. I am sure almost all of us have known someone that breast cancer has effected so it shouldn't be a stretch to help out.

Gentlemen another thing you should do is learn to give your partner a breast exam. They are simple and can detect the early stages of breast cancer. Your partner might think it a little silly but reassure them that it needs to be done once a month. Either you or you partner should do it at least once a month. You can even use it as foreplay if your partner is accepting of this, that way it serves two purposes.

Now ladies don't think this is all about helping you. Testicular cancer is another voe that needs to be taken care off. So you can learn to test the man in your life. The two of you should even set up a ritual once a month to do this. If you care at all about your partner it shouldn't be any problem. Below I have posted some posters on checking for breast and testicular cancer make sure you understand what to do before continuing. If you have any questions please consult your doctor they have a lot more information and means to get you help if you need it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Help, I need somebody!

Looking for someone to help you with a problem or question about your relationship. Well I am willing to offer my opinion on your subject. Drop me a line and I will privately get back with you. Maybe I can shed some light on something you had not thought about. If I can help, I will.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Girls on Film (Boys too)

Do you think your partner is beautiful? I would venture to say most of you do. So make her feel beautiful as her if you can take some pictures of her/him. Today's cameras being digital make it easy to take lots of pictures. You don't have to send them out to get them developed and you can print them out on your standard computer, or you can download them to digital devices. You can store your pictures on your computer, phone, ipod, or another device with storage capability.

Now you have no excuses go out and take as many pictures of your partner as you camera will hold. Then let them help you pick out the best ones. Believe me this is a great idea because you don't want a picture of your partner on you phone and it be one that they think is ugly. Have them do a little posing, get a little silly, pictures with people laughing are always better then trying smile on your own.

Since your pictures are digital and no one else will see them. You can even take some pictures that are a little more provocative if you both are willing. The point being you can take some great pictures of you partner to use as keep sakes for the long haul. If you have a tripod and a timer on your camera you can even take pictures of the two of you together. Those are always nice to have around. So get to clicking.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today is Favorite Lists Day

Today is favorite lists day. Huh? Yes today I want you to spend some time with your partner and find out their favorites. Start with easy ones like what are you favorite movies of all time. Take turns answering and alternate who asks the question and who begins their list. It's fun and you can branch out into several subjects. One thing this makes you do is remember back to other times and maybe even some great times you have spent together. Some more suggestions might be Where are your favorite places to visit, who is your favorite actor or actress, what are your favorite sports, etc. You can even personalize this list for you two. You could ask, "What are your five favorite memories of things we've done?" or "What are your favorite places for me to touch your body?" As you do this activity, make mental notes. Those notes might come in handy later. Say for instance you are looking for a present for you partner. You might be able to find one of the movies on their favorite list. Not only will it be a great present, but they will be more amazed that you remembered. If you are wondering my favorite movies are anything with Adam Sandler in them, but my favorite of them is Billy Madison.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Love Check

You know one of the biggest things couples fight about is money. Well I want you to go up and either steal a check out of your checkbook or use one the you have extra. I want you to write it out for love. Yes, you heard me right! I want you to put your partners name on it as the receiver. Now fill in the rest of the check. In the amount box put love, kisses, hugs, or whatever message you want to sent to your partner. Little drawn hearts are nice or X's and O's work well to. Then write it out just as you would a regular check. Sign your name and add a memo, something like "Making sure Jim knows I love him" Next time you see your partner give them the check and tell them this is what I owe you. On a side note you could even mail the check to them, so that they get it when your not around.
Just make sure you make note of the check your removed. That way, come time to balance the checkbook you know what it was used for.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wine a little today!!

Make today wine day.  Go out and purchase a bottle of your partners favorite wine and then surprise them with it when they get home.  If you partner doesn't like wine maybe champagne will do.  Don't get beer let's make this a special day.  Since we are going with a little more class you might try to get special wine glasses also.  Plastic cups with graphics on them are not quite as romantic as a nice steemwear glass.  If your partners doesn't like alcohol then you can find a non alcoholic juice or beverage in a bottle that looks like wine.  Toast to each other and make sure to tell your partner how much they mean to you.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lawn Chairs and Boat Drinks

It's time to enjoy summer.  So lets break out the lawn chairs and boat drinks.  You can enjoy the sun and spend some time together no matter where you live.  If you live in the city take your island paradise up to the roof of your building and hang out suntanning and drinking.  Just don't get to close to the edge of the building.  If you live in the secluded country you can just find a spot where the sun is available and pitch your little set up there.  If you way out in the boondocks you could even remove you suits for an all over tan.  Make sure to use sunscreen, because burn genitals are not fun or fashionable.  Make up a pitcher of your favorite beverage and just sit and sun.  Enjoy the sun, the booze, and that wonderful person sitting beside you!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Star Trek (Click here to go to the earth sky website - To find out whats going on in the heavins tonight)

Here is a quickie that will be a wonderful event between you and your partner. Find some cushions, bean bag chairs, or even a blanket, and on the next clear warm summer night head outside. Arrange whatever sitting or laying device you have brought out and position it so that you can gaze skywards without straining your neck. Also, make sure that in this position you can touch or hold your partner. Then simply relax and enjoy the greatest light show in the universe. This is a great stress reliever also as it seems to put some perspective into your life. You could even brush up a little on your astronomy or even purchase a book showing the constellations so that you and your partner can enjoy trying to point them out to each other. If you have a quiet back yard, you might even bring out a little mood music or even just a taping of a waterfall or rain. But, first and foremost relax, take your time and enjoy searching the cosmos with your love.

Not a night person? You can do the same thing during a warm summer day, but instead of stars use clouds. Point out clouds and what their shapes look like to you, and then see what your partner sees in the same cloud. It is quite interesting to see the differences in your ideas. Don't be afraid to involve your children in this too. I love to hear the perspective of a young child, and this will bring you closer as a family, which will bring you closer as a couple.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Put some heart into your yard work! (Click here to find out how to mow patterns in your yard)

Next time your lawn needs mowing try this little trick to tell your sweetie how much you love her. Section out your yard to mow a design into it. Let you grass get a little higher and then will your sweetie is not looking plan out your design. You could do her name, a big heart, or just a little hello. Do it before you do the rest of the lawn so you can get rid of it by mowing the rest of the lawn. For the best vantage point of your artwork look at it from a second story window. Your partner will fell special that you have done this for her/him. Most likely they will want you to erase it quickly but the thought was nice.

For the really way to design patterns in your yard, click on the title of this post to see a video on how it is done.

Friday, May 1, 2009

How to get your Lady to wear underwear you want to see.

Let's face it I love to see my wife in sexy panties. Her big complaint is that most of the ones I like are uncomfortable. In my guy logic I think, what's the problem they most likely won't be on very long. Now think about it guys you don't want your special lady wearing her sexy panties to work you want her to wear them at home with you. So you can drop little hints. Like if she is in the shower after a long day, switch out the panties she has picked out with the ones you like. Just be extra quite open the bathroom door and make the stitch. If you get caught entering the bathroom just say you were getting something. If it is a special day where you both are going to be together then make sure those panties you like are on top in her underwear drawer. If those two hints don't work then it is time to bring out the big guns. Go out and get some poster board, in large writing put on the poster board "Please wear these for me!" Then attach the panties to the sign careful not to use anything that might ruin the panties. Now if that doesn't work as a last resort hide all her other panties and leave only the ones you desire in the drawer. If she doesn't like it tell her she can just go commando!

Gentlemen as a special note Victoria's Secret has some really nice panties that are both practical for her and sexy for you. Check out the seamless collection ,called Body by Victoria, they are great to rub your hands all over and from what my wife says the feel great on, also.

If you don't shop at Victoria's Secret for you partner you are a fool. Their products are not cheap, but they are exceptional quality. Isn't it worth a few extra dollars to make your beautiful partner feel special. Click on the title link to shop, plus they have some great pictures!