Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Safe And Sexy Candles

Candles are a definite plus when you are creating a romantic moment for your partner.  However they have never been the safest of items.  The fear of knocking over these candles and starting a fire, not in a good way, has long been a fear of lovers.  However now we have flameless candles to help us out.  They flicker like real candles and now you can even get them with scents to add to the mood of the room.  Now you can be a vigorous as you want in your love making and if you knock your flameless candle off the headboard, well lets just say you don't have to worry about it.  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bring Back Desire - Ande Lyons

 I have a site that you are going to want to check out.  Bring Back Desire is an all-in-one stop website that gives you a ton of information on bringing back desire into your relationship.  Ande Lyons has collected an amazing amount of information for you to use to bolster your relationship in the area of love, romance, and sex.  I cannot possibly tell you all this site offers, but it ranges from Bedtime Stories (the adult kind) to connections to lovologists that specialize in the areas of the physical, spiritual, and science aspects of your relationship.  Ande has done her homework and is helping spread the word that our intimate relationships are important, and that now is the time to Bring Back Desire.  

Below is a short video of Ande telling you Six Sizzling Sexy Tips.  Ande has an amazing energy and if you're like me you can feel it in this clip.  Oh and don't forget to check out her After Dark Radio Show, because I will be on it September (I will keep you posted on that.).

Monday, August 20, 2012

How To Get The Conversation Rolling On The First Date

Dating is imperative because it is the best way to find out if you and your guy are in sync. There are some really good questions to ask on a first date and others that can automatically disqualify you for a 2nd date. On a first date it is essential that the dialogue is kept light and cool. Keep in mind not to be too hard on your date. Your date will be annoyed. Your goal should be to allow your date to feel comfortable and at ease around you. Make sure you are asking your date appropriate questions.
Here are some questions that are appropriate:
1. What is his favorite band? What is his all time favorite movie? Do not stop there. Asking follow up questions is important to continue the discussion. Make sure you are listening to his answers because you will be able to feed off them to carry on the dialogue. What is on the news? What are his opinions on it? Pick what you talk about carefully. Avoid those topics that might be depressing or sad. You want the discussion to stay relaxed and upbeat.
2. Ask your date what he is passionate about. This information can sometimes be hard to gather if he is unsure of what he wants to do in the future. Asking someone what they are passionate about could result in a job interview sort of answer. Try asking him if he were on a deserted island what one item he would not want to live without, this will get the conversation rolling. This is a great way to determine what they are excited about without putting them on the spot.
3. What is a usual day like for him? Asking this question will unveil how he spends most of his time, maybe he has a game that he plays on a daily basis or he could be part of an organization, use this information to venture into other conversations. You can also ask about favorite and worse parts about their job.
Want some great first date questions? Check out how to attract men and awesome first date questions at relationshipblackbook.com

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Female Boiling Point

It's a well known fact that men, on average, think of sex more often than females do. Why is that? It's most definitely not because sex isn't as important to a woman, or that sex doesn't feel as good to a woman. With this in mind, why does it seem that in our society, men feel that they do not get enough sex from their mates?
Many men, who are in otherwise fulfilling relationships, walk around feeling sexually deprived. The problem is that men need to get their mate to desire them more often; or at the very least, as often as is needed to keep up with a particular man's sexual needs.
But how can this be achieved?
Because women also think about sex often, as it's just as pleasurable for a woman as it is a man, there are easy ways to instil sexual desire in a woman. What men need to realize is that women are not as visual as men are. To speak plainly, a woman is not stimulated by the attractiveness of a man alone; whereas a man can easily become aroused by seeing a beautiful woman walk by.
So what is this magical component that can push a woman over the edge in sexual desire?
What you need to look for is a particular woman's preferences that makes her want sexual release as much as you do.
The only way that a woman will reach boiling point is if she receives the most suitable kind of stimulation, for her, during foreplay. The most important thing to remember is that foreplay begins for a woman the moment you wake up. When you treat her with respect and kindness, put her needs before your own, you start off on the right foot.
Firstly, if you want to try a sexual act that you haven't yet tried with a particular woman, you should talk about it first without trying to be manipulating or aggressive about it. As an example, if you would like to have oral sex with a woman, and would like her to want to as well, introduce it to her in conversation first. You don't want to just come out and tell her that you would like oral sex because it's on your mind all the time. Instead, you want to engage in a conversation about your intimacy, remember to keep it light and don't take things too seriously and personally. You could try and get her to talk about how she feels about oral sex, and let her know, gently, how you feel about it. Don't be pushy or intrusive about it. If she's shy, let her think about it over time. You just want to introduce the concept of sharing this with you. If you are too aggressive with it, she will start to pull away from you, and you don't want that.
You want her to feel like she can talk to you, that there's no pressure. To create more intimacy while talking about your sex life, speak softly so that she can move in closer to you. This will allow you to both feel more connected to one another, and create a safe space just for the two of you. Taking her out to a romantic dinner can be a perfect opportunity to engage in a flirty conversation with her; but make sure that she isn't embarrassed to talk about intimate things in a public setting. Once you start talking about intimate things, she will automatically begin to think about sex with you. You don't need to be aggressive because the thought is planted in her mind, setting the stage for the rest of the night.
From here, you can carry on this conversation someplace more private and begin to kiss and caress your partner. Whatever specific act you would like to have fulfilled, you must not make her think that all you are out for is fulfilling your own needs and nothing more. You need to make her feel like the act is what you both want.
My name is Iris and I'm in mid 40s. A mother to 4 kids. I have a happy family now, but I had a bad experience reaching orgasm when I was 20s. I didn't expect to encounter low in sexual desire. To save my marriage, I struggled to find solutions and learned to understand my body. Now, I reclaimed my women hood and my mission is to help any men & women with same problems to enjoy their full sexual potential.

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Photo from Creative Commons.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sensual Massage The Ecstatic Pleasure Of Touch

Sensual Massage Exposes The Ecstatic Pleasure Of Touch
The secret is that there is no secret of sensual massage.
There are no special tricks. No practicing tedious massage techniques for hours and no need for an extensive course in human anatomy to place your hands sensually upon another person. Sensual massage is all about feeling.
The simple fact remains that touch is our primary sense. You can get through a day without speaking, but you cannot get through even a minute without touching something or something touching you.
Touch is at the forefront of how we experience our lives. When the sun's golden rays touch your exposed skin you feel your skin warming. You can also feel when your skin is burning. When an ice-cube touches the inside of your mouth you can feel the wet, hard coldness of the ice instantly.
Touch is an intimate connection with our-self, with the outside world and with other people. How many of us give touch any thought unless we are experiencing pain.
We can feel immense pleasure from touch - being touched and touching. There is such a wide spectrum of human feeling that can be experienced by touch. Massaging sensually brings erotic pleasure alive with touch. You can feel pleasure dance through the body as sensual massage touches all the sensuous notes of a magnificent symphony playing upon the skin. Hands, mouths, breath, skin touching skin delicately and delightfully arousing us in pleasure.
Uninhibited sensual expression is exquisitely experienced with massaging sensually.
Massaging Sensually For Mind, Body & Soul
Touch is the purest form of communion. Feeling does not lie. Massaging sensually gives us the ability to communicate with each other on a level far removed from beliefs, perceptions, opinions, attitudes, all the things that prevent us from truly connecting.
Sensual massage nurtures the mind, body and soul for complete wellbeing of the giver of the massage and for the receiver of the massage. During this massage both become united through touch.
Eroticism, is more than knowing which buttons to push for a seductive foreplay that ensures a precisely scheduled climax. Eroticism is the force flowing between people who lay hands on each other in sensual massage as it gradually weaves arousal with tender vibrations awakening and soothing the body in an intensely sensual and uplifting experience.
Massage has been used throughout history to balance the body and the mind by using various techniques. Massage is great for stress management. Sensual massage goes further by promoting complete wellbeing. It balances the body, the mind, the senses and the soul.
Massaging sensually subtly beckons unexpressed sexual energy to awaken into a boundless tension-free state filled with a radiant joy for the pulsing ecstasy that is being felt.
Until recent times, many people have remained ignorant of their own sexual potential. Limiting their experiences and keeping the expression of their sexuality restrained.
Inbuilt into everyone is the ability to experience ecstatic pleasure. Massaging sensually taps into our sexual energy engaging us sensuously, connecting us to our incredible sexual potential.
As Joseph Campbell, Anthropologist, has said, "Follow your bliss."
Sensual massage is bliss.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Fantasy" Football - Now That is Sexy

Okay now Fantasy Football the way everyone can enjoy it.   Bringing sex into our football season what a great idea....

Get your Fantasy Football below

Friday, August 3, 2012

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