Saturday, May 24, 2014

Funny As Hell... Madi Brown

One to watch - Author & Humorous Love and Relationship Blogger Madi Brown. Her Blog is HILARIOUS, and there's a sample from her novel, which is due to be released in September/2014. Make sure that you sign up for her email list to get included for her updates. You can thank us later for all of the love and relationship laughs. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Intimate Chores - Making Housework Sexy

Learn how you can make any chores around the house sexy and fun!  Intimate Chores by Sexy Challenges has houses all around the world cleaner than ever.  

Need More Help Cleaning?

We sell cleaning services (you can hire a cleaner through our website and pay the wage online).
You can find plenty of info on the site itself if you need inspiration. By the way we operate in the UK and focus on London in particular.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Are You Horney All The Time????

I recently saw this advertisement.  It is for the men who are the opposite of those erectile dysfunction adds, the ones like me that are ready to go whenever I get near my beloved.  Now you can promote that fact with the Excess T Brand.  

Watch These Videos To Learn More.

Or Got To 
 has created a unique and funny concept. It is a parody of all the low t commercials that flood the airwaves. An ExcessT™ man has the opposite issue of all those commercials, he has too much testosterone. 

The ExcessT™ man finds his partner irresistible and may claim she is the reason for his “high T” issues, and is therefore his T inducer™.

ExcessT™ was created for couples to celebrate their love and admiration for each other.

In addition to being humorous in its offering, ExcessT™, is extremely serious in its commitment to charitable causes. ExcessT™ commits to giving a percentage of the net proceeds from the sales of its products to charities that support wounded veterans, breast cancer, and education.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

When Asked How Often He Has Sex, This Is Bruce's Reply

"Me, I have sex almost everyday.

Almost on Monday, almost on tuesday, almost on Wednesday..."

-Johnny Yune-


Sexless Marriage Rescue is your ultimate guide to getting back in the bedroom groove! Created specifically for husbands, wives or couples who for whatever reason, find themselves frustrated and sexless." Sex is a huge factor in a relationship, and should be dealt with as much as important as you place on paying your bills, raising your family, and your job. It's time to stop wishing things were better and start making it so.

Check out today to get the party in your bedroom started again!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Couples Spot Our Online Community Suggestion

Right now if you go to The Couples Spot you can get this crazy deal of $1.93 per month for amazing relationship advice, articles, and video help.  It is crazy not to sign up.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Where Is The Most Romantic Place For Your Dream Wedding?

Your wedding day is one of the most romantic and sexiest days of your life.  We want to hear where you got married or where you fell would be the greatest place to get married.  


Check out All Helga's creations at

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I See Love All Around You

I See Love In Your Future!

Because There Is Love All Around You Right Now.

You Are Just Not Seeing It.


We are a new-age online community that offers instant tarot, rune and I Ching readings, articles, as well as live social chat. We've been online for 16 years.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Flirting 101

Dating Advice for Women: How To Flirt – How to Get a Boyfriend!

Dating Advice for Women
How to get a boyfriend, or find a date – all fit in the same category of `How to Flirt’.
Yep, this time tested art of flirting is still the artful skill of enticing the right fellow, and then encouraging him to stay.
The truth is that we all enjoy the age old game of enticing, and then selecting. That is really how it is broken down – you know. First; comes the initial stage of tantalizing.
Occasionally a problem arises when the enticing phase – brings us the `wrong catch. Maybe the one you just landed doesn’t turn out to be a `keeper`.
But then, the same flair you used initially, can be used to select out – the `wrong one` – with poise, consideration and charm.
And then begin the process again. That ladies – - is pure power!
Patio Scene - Reduced (2) - Copy

Ladies – can you spare just a few seconds to listen to a personal message from me?  If you can – (it is less than a minute) just push the arrow on the sound track below:


When you come right down to it – once you mastered the art of `Flirting` – you can use that talent in almost every single aspect of life. It is mind boggling just how effective and formidable this skill can be in your life.
It may be that the enticing phase was very successful, but then – somehow the same skills that were successful – are no longer employed –and the `prize` seems to be slipping away. That is really in so many ways inexcusable, because those talents were there – and still are – but somehow complacency comes into the picture – and the skills just are ignored.
Just think if you were a trial attorney, or dancer, or a painter – could you let your skills and talents go into a state of `rust` because of lack of usage? Or would you be constantly be honing their effectiveness, so you would be a better trail attorney, dancer, or painter?
In the case of supreme irony, we tend to let our `talents` in flirting go to waste – because we have secured our objective.
Did you ever notice that the happiest couples – flirt with each other, even after years of being together? That is why they are still happy – and together
So understandable, isn’t it?
Well, now you can go about reviewing the Dating 101 – and refurbish those skills. And, you will have a great time doing it.
Isn’t it true that before you captured your `prize` you were having a lot of fun – flirting? It was fun, wasn’t it?
Recapture those fun times – it is so easy to do. At the bottom of this – right below – just put in your first name and we will send you FREE – a primer of dating.
Now, there is a hitch for It being FREE. You know that there is nothing – really FREE. The price here is that I will occasionally send you little tidbits of insight into relations, and to maybe you aware of some opportunities in the Relationship field.
But, here is the other side:
The Primer of Dating 101 – is quite good, and what I send you I can almost give you an iron clad guarantee that you will find it interesting – and the real secret is that you can opt out of my messages to you at any time.
Now, really that’s not too bad, is it?
But, here is the other side:
The Primer of Dating 101 – is quite good, and What I send you I can almost give you an iron clad guarantee that you will find it interesting – and the real secret is that you can opt out of my messages to you at any time.
Now, that is quite a deal, isn’t it?
Well – just give me your name and your very best e-mail address – and open the Dating 101!
See where it takes you – and, remember – it is FREE!

Dating Flirting – 101

Friday, May 16, 2014

Check Out The Couples Spot

We wanted to share this amazing community we just became part of.  The Couples Spot is an amazing place for you to experience creative ways to make your relationship better.  Right now they are offering a special and I am not sure how long it will last so hurry over and sign up today.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beaches We Love Them

Beaches are some of the sexiest places in the world.  This relaxing video will give you a glimpse of some of the finest of the fine.  If you don't have a desire to grab your lover and hope a plane to one of these locations you are nuts!

If you do have the desire we have a friend that can help you find a place like this in the Caribbean.  

Click This Link To Find Out More :

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Stupid Media You Are Draining Our Sexual Energy

Okay is it just me or does the news just put negative information out?  Very few times have I ever watched the news or read the newspaper and saw uplifting stories.  When the media bombards us with these negative stories it really drains our energy.  When our energy is drained we feel less sexy and more dull.  So my suggestion is to stop watching the news altogether.   Let your energy charge back up and get back your sexual self.  If you still need something to help with that energetic boost you might try Optimistnet.  Optimistnet its a social network that only allows people to post inspiring, uplifting and motivating content, we also have an android app

Because we face lots of negativity in our lives they created The social network for positivity and motivation :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Use Some Witchcraft To Improve Your Romance

Conjure up Romance: Basic Steps in Love Spell Casting

Photo from Truly Magick Shop
The combination of words and action can lead to magic and change your life forever. Spell casting has been used for centuries by love struck individuals wanting to take charge of their destiny and alter the course of their lives. The power of a love spell is not to be taken lightly. Before attempting to cast a spell on the one you love, learn the basics of spell casting.
The first step in spell casting is to think about what it is that you would like to see happen. It is crucial that you be very clear about what changes you would like to create. It is reckless behavior to cast a spell on an innocent person for the wrong reasons, and your harmful actions can in turn bring about bad karma. To avoid this, examine your reasons for wanting to cast a spell and know exactly what outcome it is you are looking for.
The second stage in spell casting involves eliminating what it is that is blocking you from your love. Perhaps the one you love has been hurt before and is wary of falling in love again? Or perhaps the person you have always adored is simply blind to your affection and needs to be given the chance to see you in a different light. The elimination stage allows you to proceed with your spell casting, but be aware that it is not always easy to move past this stage. In order to discover your barriers, you can use one of two techniques: meditation or pendulum work. Both techniques involve quieting your mind and accessing a means of communication with your inner self. To achieve either of these states, practice a simple meditation technique by sitting calmly with your legs crossed and concentrate on one small part of your body. As you concentrate on the tip of your nose, for instance, your mind will drift away from the immediate and conscious world and will move beyond, to your subconscious mind. Whether you meditate quietly in this fashion or use a pendulum to will yourself into a state of near hypnosis, your aim is to delve into your subconscious to find the true cause of what is preventing you from being with your great love.
Before deciding on which basic love spell to use in your quest for love, go through the necessary cleansing process. This involves finding a room that can symbolically serve as your special place, and with only candlelight to guide you, rinse your hands clean of any potential negative energy and residue. To prepare a cleansing mixture, simply mix warm water with salt.
As you learn more about how to cast a powerful love spell, know that there are many spells that may be the perfect way to change your life. As mentioned, do not attempt to cast a spell without first taking these few measures. Also know that a spell is given its strength through the sheer power of your mind. You must believe in the spell you are casting and you must concentrate in order to successfully find love. Good luck and may you find true and everlasting love!
Terri Lewis is a relationship advisor specializing in alternate therapy and is an authority on wicca and pagan culture and tradition.

Article Source:

Article Source:

Love spells and magick principals that work!
I am a true English Wiccan Witch.
Years of Romantic and relationship experience.

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Classic T-Shirt And Panties

"The simple things are often the most sexy, for instant
 a t-shirt and panties can be even sexier then the most 
expensive  lingerie"

Rob - The Couples Spot / Sexy Challenges


WE ARE America's #1 "Best Online" Message
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Monday, May 5, 2014

The Fantasy Box - A Great Idea For Couples

Here is a wonderful review of a product that is helping couples around the world create more intimacy.  You don't want to miss what is inside a fantasy box it is amazing.  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Kiss Is Just a Kiss????

"A kiss is just a kiss, unless it is filled with all the love and passion two lovers share.  Then it is a vortex allowing the power of the universe to be held in that kiss."