Monday, March 30, 2009

Get the Size Right

Get the Size Right

Gentlemen, if you are going to buy your sweetheart a present (be it for Christmas, a birthday, or an anniversary), do a little research first. Do a little snooping to save yourself a lot of hassle. Next time your partner is out of the house go through her garments and write down all the sizes of her clothing. Make sure you make a detailed list. Don't just look at one pair of her panties and think that is good for no matter where you go. If she wears one size from Victoria's Secret, she might wear a different size from Target. (It is not just the store, but the various collections within each store make a difference, also!) Not only are the sizes important, the brands are just as important. If your honey likes a certain brand of jeans, it is usually because she likes the way they fit her. Okay, now you have your list of sizes and brands. Next, you need to observe this fine specimen you call your lover. Watch her and see what clothes she puts on when you go out somewhere special and what she wears when the two of you are lounging around the house. Use these preferences to make the final decisions on the clothes you buy her, and tailor these presents to the occasion - like Valentine's Day might be something a little fancier where as Christmas gifts might be a little more low-keyed in your household. However you look at it, when your special lady pulls out her gift she will be most appreciative if she sees the size is correct. She will be very thankful you did your research. She doesn't want to spend her time running all over the place returning items. It also helps you avoid that situation when you might buy something too big, and she asks, "Do you think I'm fat?" If your partner is dieting or pregnant, you might want to go for something other than clothes as the sizes will be off depending on which way she is going.

Intimates such as bra's, panties or lingerie are a must for the right sizing as these are the closest thing to your partner and most ladies are very particular on these items. Therefore, make sure you find the right brand. Don't try something cheaper. It will most likely stay in the drawer and never get worn. If buying clothes for you partner makes you jittery, don't worry. Even if you mess it up, you can always fix it later with jewelry or tickets to a show.

Monday, March 23, 2009

That ringing in my ear tells me it's you!

Nothing tells your sweety that you are thinking about him/her more than finding a special song and set is as his/her special ring tone on your phone. It can be your special song or can even be something that reminds you of your sweetie. Some examples might be "If You Think I'm Sexy", "The Wind Beneath My Wings", "Hot Stuff", or even 'Bootylicious". Be creative and don't just pick the song that is most popluar today. Put some time into it and find a classic just like your partner. Make sure your significant other gets to hear what you've done. Due to the fact that most of the time he/she won't call you when you are in the same room you're gonna have to just tell him/her to call you when your are sitting next to each other. Hopefully, you will get the reaction that you want!

Until next time - Keep it Romantic.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


A great way to let your special someone know you care is to drop them little hints from time to time. In this day and age there are so many ways you can do this. I will go over a few with you now.
First of all, there is the classic note written on a piece of paper and put somewhere for your love to find later. The places you can leave these notes are limitless. You can put the note in his/her underwear drawer, on the mirror while he/she is taking a shower, in his/her briefcase, in the pocket of his/her pants, on his/her soda can in the fridge, or if he/she does the laundry put it in the dryer. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. You always want to make sure he/she gets the note when you're not around. Not only does this add to your romantic status, but it gets your partner thinking about you when he/she might not normally be. The basic notes are great. You can use a regular sheet of paper or one of my favorites is to use post-it notes. They are just big enough, and can stick to those things that might not be normal in size.
As I mentioned above, in this day and age there are a multitude of ways to get someone a note. With your computer you can email that special person your sentiments or you can get online and find some companies that have special egreeting cards. Yes, some of them you have to pay for, but if you really hunt you can find free ones. If your love uses the computer at home, you can just open up a Word page and type your message. Leave it open. Your note will be displayed when that special someone first moves the mouse. Computers, along with the Internet, have an unlimited supply of ways to send messages. So don't be shy - get online.
When I think of all the advances in technology the one that I think is best for sending little notes to your love is the cell phone. For starters you always have it with you and it is quick and simple to use. You can even use the voice mail feature and leave your love a voice recording telling them how special he/she is. However, my favorite feature of the cell phone is the texting option. You just type in your message, send and bam your love is reading the message no matter where he/she is. You can send steamy messages when he/she is in a board meeting, knowing he/she probably cannot answer at that moment, but you can almost feel the smile gracing his/her face as he/she reads your message. Texting can also let you note back and forth with replies, which can lead to a virtual game of tag.
No matter which way you love to do your notes, the underlying messeage is the same. You are trying to make someone feel special! Email us with the interesting ways you get your point across to your loved one. We would love to hear them.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Romantic Needs

Romantic Needs

Gentlemen and Ladies let me start by saying that there is no map to creating a more romantic relationship in your life. Now that I have burst your bubble let me tell you why. Romance is an ever changing facit of your life. Just as in every other part of your life if you keep doing the same thing over and over it gets boring. So, don't think that you can read this blog one time and presto you are the most romantic person in the world. For example, if your partner loves to get flowers you can send her some and be Romeo, but if you send her flowers everyday, it just becomes creepy. She will probably begin to resent the flowers or maybe run in terror everytime she sees any. Help me out ladies and tell me about that fine line between the man of your dreams and the stalker.
So men there is no easy road map to this romance thing. You're gonna have to work at it the rest of the life of your relationship. Now stop sobbing. Dry those tears from your eyes and let's think. Remember when you were first dating and how all you wanted to do was please that specail lady in your life. Well do you still feel that way? Same for you ladies - has the romance left your relationship or are we just a little be lazy now that we are comfortable. Ahhhhh here lies the secret. You have to work at your relationship and putting romance into it. You have to remember why you fell head over heels for this person. Now roll up your sleeves, and let's get to work.
Think back to the things you did when you first started dating. Remember those days trying to find something fun and exciting to do everytime you got together. Well why did you stop doing that? Why when we get comfortable with someone do we forget how much fun we had wtih them? Now continue thinking about something you did that you both enjoyed and start trying to find a way to relive that. Maybe it was a magical night on the beach watching the sunset, or driving in the country and taking pictures, or something as simple as walking around your old campus holding hands. Never underestimate the power of the date rerun. Again, keep it within reason. The same date rerun done everyweek makes it a chore, and men we all know how much we hate those.
Remember Romance isn't a given. It's like a garden that must be pampered and watered and hold up hold up let me rephrase that so my fellow men can understand. Fellas, romance is like pizza you can put lots of different things on it but it's still a pizza and it still tastes good. So, until the next time, keep the romance alive. Oh by the way, does anyone have the number to the pizza place? For some reason I seem to be a little hungry now.

The "I Love You Meal"

Gentlemen/ladies let me tell you something I have learned - cooking is fun! Cooking for your spouse or loved one is even better because it shows him/her you care. We live in such a wonderful age with the Internet that it is never hard to find a recipe. Now, your mission begins with you making a list of what type of foods your partner likes. Does she/he like chicken or a specific cuisine such as mexican. Make a list and then hit the Internet. There are several recipe sites that you can find, and some of them you can even put in the ingredients your partner likes. The site will bring back a dish using those ingredients. One of my favorite sites is I even have the big oven application on my iPod touch. One point I want to make here is not to pick the same old thing you have everyday. Make something a little out of the ordinary. If you do this, it makes it a little adventurous as neither one of you will really know what it is going to taste like. I love it when my wife makes us a different meal. It may sound silly, but the excitement of taking that first bite and seeing everyones reactions is exhilirating to me. If you can, get your ingredients ahead of time. That way you are are ready to cook instead of searching through the cabinets or making a quick trip to the store. Don't take comments too seriously if your partner doesn't like it. No biggie - now you know you guys don't like - don't make it again. I know that sometimes I have made something even I don't like, every once in a while you just have to say "Wow, this sucks, lets order a pizza. Oh look the dog won't even eat it!" Yet, nothing ventured nothing gained. Lastly, if your partner makes you a meal good or bad, a burp is not the correct way to apperciate it. A simple thank you with a kiss will do.