Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Nipple is the Clitoris of the breast.

Here is some timely tips for playing with breasts. Most everyone wants to dive in and attack the nipple. This can cause the recipient to pull away as the sensation might be to much. You have to treat the nipple like you do the clitoris and work your way up to it. Start by massaging around the larger part of the breast slowly. The underneath of the breast is a great place to start, because this area usually doesn't get much attention. Kiss all these areas and make it a point to leave the nipple out of the equation for a while. The nipple will begin to become erect as it gets closer to wanting your attention. Play with the other areas of the breast as a way of teasing the nipple. Anticipation is the key here make the recipient want you to play with their nipples by making them erect without touching them. Then when you finally get to the point of proceeding to the nipple you both will be ready and excited as the hard nipples touches your lips.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Anger Management.

Have you ever had one of those days when your partner comes home madder than a hornet. They burst through the door with their nostrils flaring like a raging bull. Their anger is so strong that it seems like they are yelling at you. The last thing you want to do in this situation is try to rationalize what has happened. What you need to do is let them release the steam. Yelling and screaming might be part of this process for them. Sit quietly and listen and offer positive support, don't question their anger or try to make light of it. For their benefit it is good to join the fight and start getting angry about the situations yourself. Boost them up and let them know you are standing behind them. This is great because once they setting down they will be most appreciative of what you have done for them. When your partner is this mad you have to let them let it out or they might blow up later of something super small. Think of them as a pressure cooker letting the steam out keeps the pot from exploding.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do a chore as a thank you.

Did you partner do something wonderful for you? Maybe they got you a special little present, or took the kids so you could nap. When these type of unselfish acts happen you can show how much your appreciate them by helping you partner out. One good way is to complete a chore that they usually do. If he/she is the one that does the dishes then secretly do all the dishes, freeing them up for something they might like to do. This is a wonderful way to say thank you for a special service you partner has presented you with. Always remember what goes around comes around. When you partner does something nice for you, complete the circle and return the favor.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do something a little crazy during the night.

When it is time for sleep we all hope to get under the covers and fall into a deep deep sleep. While this is not always the result it is what we hope for. Sometimes however when you are having troubles sleeping you might just want to try something different. If your partner is not totally sleeping like a baby, roll up next to him/her and put a body part against them that you normally wouldn't. Touch feet or a naked butt against a thigh works well. Anything to say, "I'm here in a different capacity" Touch your partners elbow or caress their armpit. See what kind of reaction you get. Or heck if you are the partner that weighs less climb on top of them and stroke their arms until they begin stroking yours back. These crazy little moves might not help you get to sleep but they will get you our of your routine and maybe you might find something that helps produce a better nights sleep. You also never know but it might spark a little middle of the night tango that could give you the relaxing chemicals you need to fall deep asleep. Don't ever under estimate the power of touch as a sleep aid.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Silly Bed Sheets

Never rule out silly bed sheets as being romantic. You know the ones with the cartoon characters on them. When you are in a committed relationship you can break them out and invite your partner over to your side of the bed for snuggling. I however wouldn't suggest them for a while the first time you sleep together you partner might not think Deputy Dog is the most romantic or even cute. You might come off a little strange at that time, but when you get to know each other and you find out your partner loved Scooby Doo as a child then break out the Mystery Machine sheets and have a shaggy good time.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Romance can happen at the most unromantic times.

Never count out romance it can spring up at any time or place. I have some of the most unusual times to be the most romantic in my life. For instance climbing up diamond head crater in Hawaii was a long and physically demanding hike but when we got to the top the view was amazing and sharing it with my partner was the best. Other time come when you have to deal with difficult situations, like bankruptcy or death in the family. The fact that the other partner is strong for both of you is one hell of a romantic statement. If you just watch a little you will see romance all around you. Simple things like your partner asks if you would like something to drink or just stops to help you sort the laundry. We always want the fireworks and big show in our romance but sometimes we miss the opening acts. Those opening acts are sometimes pretty good.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Serendipity - Great Romantic Movie.

Today I would like to suggest a great romantic comedy for you to watch. Serendipity stars John Cusak (a favorite of mine) and Kate Beckinsale. It is a magical movie of how love finds it way even when you think it is lost. It showed me that you can't force love you have to let it follow it's path even though that path might be a long one. Plus there is a lot of comedy in the movie to give you a good chuckle or two. Purchase the movie below at amazon today and see how Serendipity can effect your love life.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Scratch like a cat.

When we think of romantic things we can do for our partner via touch the first thing that pops into mind is a massage. You might think of light touching or caressing the skin to bring goose bumps. While these are perfectly fine, sometimes you need to whip out your claws and give them a good scratching. I am not talking about breaking the skin but running your nails over their back can feel exhilarating to him/her. Scratching will stimulate the skin in a different way and get rid of any itches that your partner might have. Besides the back there are many other areas that can benefit from a good scratch. Scratching your partners rear end or scalp are two that come to mind but any where that you partner has skin that is not to sensitive is a great place to scratch. For a tantalizing time rotate scratching with light caressing, by changing up the sensation you partner will get a rush like waves lapping the beach.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Displaced Kiss

Today's Romantic tip is to kiss a place on your partners body that you don't usually kiss. See what kind of reaction you get from your lover, did you hit an erogenous zone or maybe just the fact you did something a little out of the norm might be a turn on. Kiss the palm of your partners hand, or his/her elbow or maybe even his/her knee. If you have the good fortune of being naked with them, then it opens up a whole bunch of areas to be kissed. The feet and toes are often a feel good spot for kisses as well as the joint areas such as the back of the knee or the area where you arm bends. During sex we focus on the genitals but what about the area above that where our pubic hair grows how about planting some kisses there? Make it a point to eventually kiss your partner on every inch of his/her body. You might just find a few hot spots that you were unaware of.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Attend a wedding.

One of the best things you can do to renew your love for each other is attend a wedding. We always try to make excuses not to go sit through the long ceremony, however it can be refreshing and meaningful for the two of you. Seeing two other people in love will remind you how much you love each other. Plus it's a great way to have a night out without a huge expense. You get to dress up with each other and made do some dancing. The big point however is to realize how important love is. We sometimes forget in our daily life how we felt when we were the one pledging our love to each other or how special we felt with each other in the early days of our relationship. A wedding is sometimes just what the doctor ordered for an ill relationship. Plus they have cake.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Carve your initials in a tree.

Remember long ago when you about 13 and you felt like you were in love with someone. At 13 you didn't have a lot of ways to express your love. If you were like most 13 year old kids then you probably expressed your love in doodling. Writing you new loves name over and over on your tablet your books, only to have to mark them out later when that love ended. Now that you are older and your relationship is a little more stable it is time to move up. This post is even better if you are stable enough to have your own home together. Find a special tree in your yard or on a path somewhere and carve your initials into that tree. Yes I know it is not good for the tree but in the grand scheme of things it isn't as bad as other things. This carving will stand as an expression of your love for each other. Now every time you walk by that tree or down that path you will remember each other. Make it a point to remember it years later and make a pilgrimage to enjoy it time and time again even after you move out of the area. If for some reason your tree gets removed then as soon as you find out replace your love signature on another tree. Love is our nature so why not express it in our nature.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shoes, shoes shoes

Shoes? How the heck is that romantic? Well shoes themselves are not romantic but combined with your imagination they can be. Shoes are great places to hide little love notes. They are great for hiding love notes because you wear them everyday so it isn't possible to not find them. You can also match the note to the shoes. Sexy shoes get sexy notes, hiking shoes get notes about being rugged and tough, sport shoes can express how great your partner looks, no matter what type of shoe it is you can adjust the note to express the shoe. You can also use shoes to be romantic in other ways. Setting out your partners dancing shoes in plain site can tell them you are ready for a romantic night of dancing. You can use all your shoes to spell out words or even lead your partner to a surprise you have waiting for them. So you see, shoes can be romantic you just have to be creative.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Make a flirty promise.

Today I want you to make a flirty promise to your lover. Either promise them some great sexual experience or a romantic get together. Then you have to follow through on your flirt. You can pull them aside and tell them, text them, or just leave a note for them to find. State in your note what you are going to do, when you are going to do it and how much they are going to enjoy it. Now if you have obstacles in the way such as children you can get around that by putting the time as soon as the children are asleep. Make it a point to keep your promise but if something comes up you need to quickly put a rain date on your plans. Say you are sorry and quickly state the rain date and them them that you will even make it more exciting on that date. This little build of excitement actually helps your partner in more ways than you think. Not only will they benefit from the health aspect of sex but they will also benefit from the great mood it will put them in. Remember, sex is a very important part of your relationship and it should take priority at times. Not only because it is great for you but because it is great for your relationship, also.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Don't hold back the love.

You know love is an abundant source it never runs out unless you want it to. Holding back your love isn't the thing to do. If you love someone let them know and then put all your heart and soul into it. To often we don't get second chances in this life, so why would you hold back your love for your partner. Not giving them the thing that can boost them up higher then they thought possible. In my opinion there are no excuses for this nothing takes precedence over love. Don't tell me you had a bad day or the you just don't feel like it. Those are the type of things that cry out for love. Use your head and follow your heart you will be glad you did.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Working together.

Some of you might think that working together is a wonderful idea, and some of you think that work is your separation time. Well it can be both. Recently my partner and I were offered a position to run a retirement neighborhood. The pay was really good and we would have gotten free housing, now a problem arouse that there were not enough bedrooms for our children, so we had to decline. The thought of working together was a wonderful challenge for us. The more and more I thought about it however I realized that even though we would essentially be working together we would spend most of that time apart. Doing different things and marketing would keep us busy most of the day. I feel like we would have still had lots to talk about later in the evening and would still have the coming home feeling. It is to bad this didn't work out I think that as in our relationship we would have made a great team in business. Where does your relationship stand as of work? It is okay if you need that space from you partner, however think about if you could work together with your partner and what that says about your relationship. A big question for working together is can you leave the work behind? Will you drag it into the bedroom or worse yet will it cause problems in your personal relationship. If you can keep business separate from your personal relationship there is no problem.

Friday, July 16, 2010

There are no more roles in a relationship.

If you haven't figured it out yet they year is 2010. We are not stuck in the 1950's, so if you think a certain gender should have a specific role in your relationship you need to wake up. Relationships are partnerships now a days long gone are the bread winner days where the man goes out and brings home the money and the woman stays home to raise the kids. There is nothing wrong with a stay at home mom but nowadays it could be a stay at home dad. Most relationships see both partners have to enter the work force so you can forget about one partner being responsible for all the household duties. Relationships today have to be a partnership, all aspects have to be split to make it work. With both partners out of the house working 40 or more hours you cannot expect one partner alone to take care of all the chores. You have to see what works best for the two of you in this manner. Maybe you set specific chores like one person cooks while the other does the dishes or you can rotate chores so you both have a feel for them. Use your communication skills and work together to keep your house in top shape as well as your relationship.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sometimes you just need to listen, and not speak

Have you ever had a really bad day and just needed to vent. You don't want to be consoled or babied and the last thing you want is to be cuddled. You just want to scream and let it all out. When you partner feels this way you need to pick up on it as soon as you can and then become what I consider the tackling dummy. Let them let it all out, don't judge, don't offer opinions just stand or sit there and listen. Listen with your heart and pay attention, only offer any words if they ask you for them. Nod your head, reach out and touch them but don't tell them they are wrong or that you would have handled it differently because that is not what they need right now. They need to get that negative energy out of their body and venting is the way to do that. It might take all night to get it out but when it is your turn they will be there for you.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Keep your camera handy at all times.

Romance happens when you least expect it sometimes. You can be out just driving around and romance could hit you. Make it a habit of carrying a small camera with you at all times it doesn't have to be an expensive one and it can be small to easily be carried around. This way when that unexpected romantic event happens you can document it to share over and over. Romance has a way of creeping into your life and if you have your camera ready well then it is preserved forever. Maybe you will be out riding your bikes and come across a wonderful romantic place near a stream or you have a flat tire and you both get really dirty changing it, these are memories that you won't forget but a photo would help share it with others. You might start to find this addictive and making a scrapbook of romance might not be a bad idea. Happy shooting.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flash a little skin from time to time.

You know that your partner has desire for you. Use that to your advantage to tease them a little. Flashing them a little skin from time to time will make the remember how much they desire you. This can be done by both men and women and is as simple some times as bending over. Ladies you have the advantage here however because of a little thing called cleavage. When your boobs are half showing turns us guys on tremendously we can't let half our penis hang out that just looks like were not paying attention and have clothes that don't fit. Cleavage on the other hand can compliment any outfit, casual or dressy. My suggestion is to let your skin be shown around the house. When you get out of the shower and are walking to the bedroom pull your towel off a little quicker to let your partner get a quick shot of your wonderful bottom. Ladies wear that lose fitting top and no bra then bend over so that your partner can get a gaze at your wonderful rack. Just run to the bedroom completely naked acting like you forgot something. Believe me your partner will be thankful and you will get the reaction you desire. Who knows your partner might even catch you as your run through the house naked.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Play the Newlywed Game

Do you remember the old game show the Newlywed Game? If not the premise of the show was to see how much each couple new about each other. They were awarded point for each right answer and then the couple with the most points won, usually a trip somewhere. Now I am sure you cannot offer yourself a trip but it is fun to see how much you know about each other. Sit down sometime and write out questions to ask your partner. Have you partner do the same then exchange the papers and write down your answers to each question. Then together go over each question and see if your partner can pick which answer to gave. Make the question multiple choice to see if your thoughts are lining up. Have some good laughs and learn about your partner who knows maybe one day these will actually help you win a trip.

Sample Question Might be :
Which superhero does your partner remind you of, A-Superman, B-Batman, or C-Super Chicken

Actually there are several versions of the newlywed game you can click on our amazon sidebar and pick up a copy if you don't want to write out your own questions.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Go out and pick up trash.

We all want a cleaner earth but how many of us venture out of our house to help out. Being green is very romantic and believe me your partner will feel the same way. Suggest that the two of you go out for a hour a week on a walk with the intention of picking up all the trash you see on the way. Make it a challenge to see if you can fill a bag or two bags. Keep track of how much trash you pickup each and every time and make a chart to show how much help you are giving the earth. You could even set a goal of a romantic evening out once you get 50 bags of trash. Nothing is more romantic than saving our home planet so start today and hold hands as you are searching for that trash.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Get pictures of the two of you!

One thing I notice when I go to other peoples houses is how few pictures they have of them as a couples. If they have kids you see many pictures of the kids on the wall and several of one partner with the children but if you do see a couples photo it is usually a professional one. Were are the pictures of the couple enjoying vacation together or just hugging on the couch. I suggest you start focusing on ways to get pictures together weather you ask strangers to take your pictures or teach your children to use the camera. With digital cameras now a days you can let the kids practice and then erase all the ones that are of your feet or just the top of your heads. Once you get the pictures you want then start posting them around your house as a reminder of how fun and important your relationship is.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Shopping together can be fun.

Most couples hate going shopping together. Can you see the images of one partner holding the bags while the other one tries on a hundred different outfits. Maybe its the other way around and one partner wants to go to the power tool store and spends hours looking a drills. The good thing about shopping is it can give the two of you some time out together. You usually have to have lunch out which is a good thing for the two of you to share. My suggestion for the other stuff that drives us nuts is to set time limits before you enter a store set a time limit. Mark you watches and the other person just has to bear it for that section of time. Then when the time is up you go to the other person store with the same time restraints. This way both of you get the same feelings and the same amount of time looking at what you want. Another option is to split up and then make it a game to find each other. Send clues via text messages to each other as to where you are, this can be a fun way to enjoy your shopping a little more. Lastly find some things that interest you both. Maybe a store that carries items for you home or on that carries intimate apparel that way you end on common ground. With a little work and imagination shopping can be fun for both parties.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pick up a magazine for the opposite sex.

Want to do something that will gain you some insight into your partner? Pick up a magazine about the opposite sex or borrow one of your partners. Read all the articles with an open mind and see how the opposite sex ticks. Make sure it is one that caters to the opposite sex. Readers Digest is bisexual in my opinion but Cosmo or Men's Fitness are definitely geared towards a specific sex. See how the articles fit with the way you feel and try to look at it from the opposite sexes point of view. Maybe then you might start to understand why your woman needs a little more cuddle time or why you man wants to see you in something sexy. I wish there were more magazines for couples that addressed issue from a couples point of view. I know of one but you cannot get a subcription the last time I checked in the United States, the magazine is based out of Canada. You can check out the magazine online it is called 2 For Couples, so if anyone wants to smuggle me a copy across the border let me know.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Read some erotica together.

Nothing can get you in the mood for a little love more then reading about it. Pick up a sexy tale about people in love and read it to each other in bed. Take turns and pass the book back and forth reading a page each. If one or both of you are uncomfortable reading erotica out loud then you can get the same book and read it to yourself as your partner does the same. You could also pick up an audio version of an erotica book and listen to it together. Erotica is a kick starter for you libido. I have found some pretty out their erotica that deals with fetishes and swinging but I personally enjoy couples erotic. Couples erotica is hot and steamy sex that stays within their relationship. No outside forces, threesomes or orgies are within the pages of couples erotica. You can check out some of the erotica I have written by going to my website at the bottom of this post. I enjoy writing about the passion between two people and happen endings in more ways then one. Pick up a good read tonight and find out how much it ads to you love life.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Keep an eye on your partners schedule.

Sometimes we all forget a thing or two. Maybe we have something planned and we just blow it. You can do a very romantic thing and try to keep track a little of your partners schedule. Make notes when ever they tell you thinks they need to do. If they say, "I want to get to work early Thursday" You might remind them of that Wednesday night or give them the little shake Thursday morning and say, "Didn't you want to get to work early today?" This goes for social things to like birthday parties or things they are to do with friends. Especially things they don't want to miss. We all forget from time to time and you can be the hero if you remind your partner not to miss their best friends baby shower, or that they were suppose to meet the guys at the game. Don't make it seem like stalking make it feel like you are watching out for them. They will be so happy you might just get a great big kiss.

Monday, July 5, 2010

What to do with an extra day off.

Most people are getting today off as a make up day for the holiday falling on Sunday. If you are one of these people, how are you going to spend your day off. This is where you need to think about romance. Romance is great on these days as you are not expecting to do anything but relax. Avoid the trap of getting things caught up around the house and get out and enjoy a day that should seem like extra time for you. Go on a walk, a ballgame, or take a trip to the lake all of these ideas can be romantic in their own right. Point being when you get extra time to spend with your partner take advantage of it. Don't sit home watching television or catching up on laundry. Explore your romantic side and do something you normally don't have time for.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Independence Day one of the greatest holidays for us in America. So much more then fireworks and cookouts. This is the day we received freedom and that my friends is one of the greatest gifts of all. It allows me to express myself and do what I wish. Like creating this blog without our freedom we would be a much different nation.

Now on with the romance. I mentioned earlier about fireworks and they are a main ingredient to our fourth of July celebration here. They mean so much more when you are with the person you love. Here is a way to enjoy them even more. Spread a blanket out and lay down to watch the sky show. forget the chairs, laying down doesn't strain the neck and it allows the two of you to get close as the explosions take place over your heads. Hold hands and make sounds as the fireworks continue. Express to your partner the ones you like the best and enjoy the show.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Painting Together

One of the most romantic chores I can think of is painting together. The thrill of watching a room transform before you eyes is amazing. Plus the satisfaction of doing it together is a bonding moment that you can always treasure. Painting can also have a little teasing involved in it, too. You can carelessly painter your partner but beware they can retaliate at any time. As long as the paint is able to be cleaned up there is no harm in this. A little soap and water will do wonders for you after painting. Plus I don't know a couple that doesn't hug after completing a paint job. When they stand back to admire their work the hug just comes naturally.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Romantic ways to put on chap stick.

The other day we were out in the sun most of the day and our lips as well as the rest of us were dry from the sun. We went to the store and picked up some chap stick to help protect our lips. My partner put it on first then didn't pass it over to me. Curiously, I said, "Do I get any chap stick?" I then got the best romantic reply ever. I hear the word, "Sure" and then she applies more chap stick to her lip and leans over and kisses me hard. Rubbing her lips around mine smearing the chap stick over my lips. Pulling back from me, she said, "There how is that" All I good do was say, "Good"

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Can driving home from vacation be romantic?

We have covered a couple of times how romantic drives can be, however this one is a little different. The drive home from vacation is usually filled with sleeping and worn out company. You desire is to get home and not to be living out of your car anymore for a while. How can we make this romantic? Well by talking about the adventures you just had. Start recounting all the things you did and the ones that you remember the most. Ask each family member what was their favorite part of vacation and what was their worst. Getting the conversation flowing will help pass the time on your boring drive home. Not to mention have you partner laughing and poking fun at the things you did while on vacation. Get your digital camera out and have the passengers check out the photos of your trip and talk about what they are seeing. Just make sure the driver keeps his/her eyes on the road.