Monday, January 30, 2012

Sexual Golf

Sexual Golf is a wonderful way to connect with your lover.  Check out this and other Great Sexy Challenges by Clicking the link below. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Challenges In Your Relationship

In coping with relationship problems, old information becomes new and novel information tends to become old or tiring after a while. If you have struggled with romantic troubles long enough, it is more than likely that you can now start to see this. There is a distinct repetition of advice, remedies, solutions, and suggestions on dealing with relationship stress or unhappiness.
You are probably ready for some new tips that truly do work for you. With that being said, here is list of standing remedies for handling the highs and lows of ongoing romantic endeavor.
A barrage of remedial approach exists for coping with relationship stress, but here are the big three:
Respecting Individual And Personal Boundaries While Maintaining The Right To Choose
The reason why this becomes difficult for couples is that companionship mindset centers around the concept of "teamwork," that is, making decisions as a unit rather than individually. When overlooked or underestimated, this aspect of relationship unity can escalate into further misunderstandings. It happens because "regulations" for emotional matters tend to become less than clearly defined issues, and couples must intentionally speak about them, using wisdom and spiritually peaceful intent.
Negotiating In The Art Of Considerate Compromise
You many view this aspect of coping with relationship problems as a derivative of developed interpersonal and communication skills. Recalling that, even though you may be married living together in committed fashion, you are still two individuals whose personal characteristics and histories were formed long before ever coming together. Much of this previous experience will shape your beliefs regarding how to cope with or handle the bumps in your romantic experience, as well.
Yet, couples need to talk about things -- actually, they have no choice but to share both the negative and the positive feelings that occur during a shared existence. This is the nature of living together as one entity. Even sex is included here. For instance, many times a gracious lady might be shy or maintain a fear of being chastised for talking openly about her sexual drive, dreams, or desires.
She may even go so far as to keep this hidden even from her own husband. Some of this type of behavior occurs as the result of small spats of guilt or squeamishness being embellished early on in authoritative upbringing. Here, contradictions arise as the other "righteous" mate also believes that speaking openly about sexual matters is a much more ethical plus practical way to handle differences and to increase intimate satisfaction within the relationship.
As you can see, a number of conundrums are possible within the realm of coping with relationship issues and problems. Yet, the simplest rule of thumb for dealing with married or otherwise committed romantic cohabitation is to become more skilled at accepting the innate differences that you and your mate naturally possess. There are sound ways to work along with your distinctly unique character attributes in order to push your relationship to much higher ground.
This brings up the concluding responsibility:
Maintaining A Spirit Of Resolve
This remedy includes making it a strong part of your romantic commitment mission to intentionally move through relationship trials and tribulations with an eye toward mutual resolution. You can do that by focusing on present problems and creatively solving them... forgiving and forgetting past injustices once assuring that they no longer exists... and finally, remembering to nearly always present some award or praise for ongoing and even past romantic achievements that the two of you have undergone.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Smudge Sticks Great To Use To Clear Negative Energy

Cleansing yourself and your environment of negative energies.
We all lead very busy lives, always on the go whether it be to work, to school, socializing, having visitors over to your house, shopping and even talking on the phone just to name a few. In all that we do in our daily lives we are constantly in contact with other people, different environments and spaces.
Wherever people have been they will leave negative energy behind as well as positive energy but it is the negative energies that affect us greatly. A person may be having a bad day and not feeling very positive, they may be angry, they may have had an argument, feel unwell and so forth. Over time these negative energies will accumulate within your home, work place and also within your own self, causing you to feel quite unbalanced and stagnant.
Everyone is affected by these negative energies although some of us are more sensitive to them than others, especially children. You can feel quite drained, tired and lacking energy or alternatively hyperactive, restless and irritable, something that we quite often see in children, not able to settle or have difficulty in sleeping, not feeling quite like your usual self, feeling uneasy but not able to identify what's going on, lacking motivation, emotionally all over the place and generally on edge. Everyone experiences these negative energies differently, whether it be mild, moderate or severe.
So it is very important to cleanse yourself and your environment, both at home and work so as not to be affected by these energies and to maintain peace and balance.
A simple and effective way to cleanse yourself is:
White Sage Smudging.
It is well known to increase the vibration of any space, person or item therefore cleansing, purifying and clearing negativity in all forms. Smudge sticks can be used to cleanse, purify, and protect a person's aura, the home or business. Smudging feathers which are used to gently sweep and direct the smoke in a more traditional way, (as the North American Indians do) although using your hand in the same manner is also perfect.
- Using a white sage smudge stick, lighting it over a fire proof vessel so it burns and starts to flame, then blow out the flame and the smudge stick will then smoke.
- Sweep the sage smoke using your hand or smudging feather over your head and down through the front of your body and doing the same with the back of your body. You are basically passing the smoke through your aura ( the energetic field that surrounds your entire body).
- You can also do this with your other family members including your children.
This can be done daily, two or three times a week or on a weekly basis depending on what you and your family have been doing.
Be guided by your intuition and how you and your family are feeling and behaving.
A simple and effective way to cleanse your environment:
- Close all windows and doors and begin with sage smudging, lighting the sage in the same way as personal cleansing.
- Walk around your house, work place or business sweeping the smoke in every room. Take special care to smudge in the corners of the room as negative energy can gravitate to the corners, cupboards and cabinets very easily and create a very stagnant energy in the room. Be guided to go where you think negative and stagnant energy resides other than just the room itself.
- Once the house or space has been completely smudged you then burn Frankincense granule incense.
- Place a charcoal tablet in a bowl or incense holder filled with rock salt or sand used specifically for this purpose, using a pair of tongs hold the charcoal disc and light from underneath the charcoal disc whilst holding it over the bowl. Once the charcoal is lit (you'll know when it starts to spark) place it back into the bowl.
- Place a few granules of frankincense on the charcoal. Once it is smoking place in the room and allow the smoke to fill each room. You may like to have a few bowls of frankincense going at the one time especially if you are cleansing your home as every room needs to be done.
- Leave it burning in each room for about 5 - 10 minutes. When each room is completed open all doors and windows to allow the negative energy to be released.
It is important to perform the sage smudging as well as the frankincense for a proper cleansing. The sage will dislodge and lift the negative energies but it is the frankincense that ensures that these energies be released and leave the home or area that is being cleansed.
This can be done on a fortnightly or monthly basis depending on what is going on in your life.
It is also beneficial to cleanse in this way if you are moving into a new house, "cleaning out" the problems and energies left behind by the people who occupied the space before you.
There are many ways to cleanse but the above is a simple but effective way to clear and cleanse.
Debbie Fitzgerald.
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Biting Foreplay?

This article is for those who have been suffering from premature ejaculation and are worried about being unable to satisfy women for that reason. The good news is that you can learn how to last longer in bed if you commit yourself to training for this skill.
What I want to introduce you to in this article is some basic things you can do during foreplay. It will be useful if you haven't taken much time for foreplay in the past and want to know what the basic moves are. If you already know these basics, then you can skip this article.
The reason why it's good to learn these basic moves is because if you learn them and get better at them, you will be able to satisfy women during foreplay. Compared to intense orgasms they can have through intercourse, orgasms during foreplay may be weaker, but they will be pleased anyway. Even these pleasures during foreplay can make you stand out as a man, because not many men can give women pleasure or even don't know how to give them pleasure. If you know that you can give women pleasure, you'll be able to feel less bad about ejaculating soon after you enter into her.
The basic moves in foreplay include the following:
Kissing - Her lips, neck, ears, breasts, and vagina are good places to kiss.
Touching - Move slowly from her upper body to her lower body. Imagine your hand is a paint brush and her body is a canvas. Touch her softly like a paint brush.
Hair pulling - This is best done when you're kissing her or she's giving you oral sex. Grab her hair from the hairline and pull it softly.
Biting - Bite her nipples gently. Biting the back of her neck is a good place to bite too. Make it soft.
Oral sex - You can lick her clitoris and vagina vertically, horizontally, or circularly. Also, you can do these moves while sucking her clitoris like vacuuming. You can put your finger in her vagina and see how her body reacts - if her vagina gets tighter, you are on the right path.
Fingering - Cut your nails short and be delicate. Be observant of how her body reacts. Stimulate her G-spot.
The best way to learn these skills is to have sex with your partner a lot and to be observant of her reactions. Be soft and slow in the beginning. By going slowly, you can tease her as well. Teasing her physically can be a great turn on for her.
I hope you'll get better at these skills and be able to worry less about premature ejaculation. If you want to be able to last long in bed, check this website How To Last Longer Sexually.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Windows To The Soul

When you go to an optometrist nowadays the machinery they use can quickly reveal any health problem you may have. But is this new?
My Grandma used to say that my eyes were the window to my soul. When she looked into my eyes they told her everything she needed to know about me.
In other words she would argue that our eyes are the most powerful communication system we have. They bring in information. And enable us to make sense of the world. However they also give out information. They tell other people about you.
Just stop for a moment. Think about the people you met yesterday.
Who do you feel was uncomfortable or unhappy?
Who do you feel was happy and enjoying themselves?
How did you get this information? Did they tell you or did you just pick it up?
You can gain so much information from people's eyes. Sometimes the messages from the mouth and the eyes match and then you are in no doubt about what is going on. And this enables you to build a trusting relationship.
But a large number of people, especially in work, send different messages from their eyes and their mouth. This causes you to feel uncomfortable and not trust what is being said to you.
The bottom line is: whatever you are thinking is transmitted in your eyes.
If you are thinking negative thoughts about the world and yourself then the eyes tell us that.
If you are thinking encouraging or affectionate thoughts then the eyes tell us that also.
Think about the Mona Lisa painting for a moment.
Is it the smile that gets you or the eyes? Is the picture so powerful because the eyes and the mouth are in synch? I wonder what she was thinking about when she sat for this portrait. Or was the thought in the artist's mind.
It's strange isn't it that we can see it in others but not ourselves. When all is not well within us we think that we can con the world that everything is OK.
What about you. Do you try to deceive people by thinking one thing and showing another? How many times have you said, "I'm fine" or "Very well thank you" when inside you are really unhappy?
It's interesting isn't it that although the eyes are the window of the world they are run by our thoughts. Have you ever thought about that?
What you think determines what you reveal to the world. If you think negative thoughts then you feel uncomfortable and your eyes show it.
Don't just take what we say on trust try it.
Think about someone you don't like. Think for a moment about them and what it is they have done to you. Why you dislike them so much.
Now look at your feelings. What do you feel? When I do this I get the feelings of anger, upset, and frustration. All the emotions that take away my energy and make me tired.
Now think of someone you really like. Someone very special to you. Do you feel that smile coming across your face. Do you feel the lightness in your being?
Now you can feel the energy recharging you and making you feel good.
And we bet your eyes are glistening too. We bet you've got happy eyes.
In a nutshell, the way you talk to yourself is shown every minute in your eyes. In the way you present yourself to the world. Why waste energy and your power by talking negatively to yourself? Stop thinking about how bad you are. How useless you are. How incompetent you are.
Instead, think about how good you are. Think about your successes. Think about your good deeds. Think about how lucky you are. Focus on your strengths. Focus on what you like about yourself.
Go on compliment yourself, we will all see a different you and your life will change.
It's that simple. We promise.
Go on try for just a couple of minutes and discover your power.
The way you talk to yourself is so important.
"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."
(Marcel Proust)
Good Luck
Graham and Julie
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Showering Together is it Sexy?

Although I'm not one to study hydroprghics, I do believe that I understand the lure that water has over the human psyche. After all, it is abundant in natural organic lubricant that can only be described as "wet." I don't know about you but that certainly screams intriguing to me. However, does that necessarily mean it is sexy? Water is one thing, and so is a shower, but what about sex in the shower? Is this favorite past time as overused as the dollar bill? Or is soap on a rope, and a shower enclosure for two, still as red hot as a stocking on a long leg housed in a stiletto heel?
I the chick gab chick believe that showers are still as sexy and exciting as perms in the eighties. I mean honestly, who can argue that this self-contained fun house isn't just a perfect pleasure palace? It has all the essentials for a sexual sensation. Organic matter, an abundance of wetness, and a self-cleaning mode. Not to mention the obvious lack of formal wear required while enjoying this fiberglass or acrylic vault. Yes, I believe that the shower is still a great place to have a sexual adventure. It is rustic yet sophisticated enough for even the most pampered of people.
The shower is a multi tool that not only gets things clean but can also keep things nice and dirty. With a resume like that, the shower is one bed down hot spot that will never go out of style.
Chickgab is where men and women go to laugh about love and sex. Laugh out loud funny you are sure to have a good time when you visit.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blindfolds Anyone?

Here are 4 erotic, sensual and wild sex ideas that will spice up your marriage instantly. You'll never scream "Help me save my marriage from an affair!" once you begin to inject these hot, sultry tips into your sex life.
1. Make Love in Strange Places. Kinkiness in a marriage can be a fuel injector in your love tank. Make love in a car, at a luxury hotel, his office - and if you have access to it, even a balcony! This breaks your sexual routine and infuses excitement, joy and spontaneity into your life!
One sexy way to kick it up in your marriage is to make love in a luxury villa while on vacation - this is also a great Valentine's day or anniversary idea!
2. Make Love Wearing a Blindfold. Wearing blindfolds during foreplay and lovemaking will allow you to increase the sensations you feel as he caresses your soft, buttery skin and kisses you all over your hot, decadent body. You'll both writhe in nervous excitement as well.
Adult stores online sell plenty of adult novelties to experience what it's like making love while binding one of your senses. To enhance the senses further, you might also play with being blindfolded and restrained while he has his way with you.
3. Make Love With Other People. Role-playing brings your erotic fantasies to life. Sexual role-playing is simply make believe for adults. Using your imagination, you be an Indian Princess and Cowboy, Prince and Princess, Slave and Master, Cops and Robbers, etc.
Finding sexy costumes online for roleplay is easy. There are plenty of outfits at online costume stores and other places, some with some great coupons and discounts available. There are also plenty of sexy books on role-playing that can give you some tips and strategies on how to excite him as you kick up the passion in your lovemaking routine.
4. Make Love to Yourself. Self-induced orgasms a la touching yourself is an excellent way to make your fantasies come to life. Use water from a bath faucet, a vibrator, or your soft, pleasurable fingers. Don't be scared to make love to yourself. It will make you more aware of your body, its needs, desires and what it goes through before you erupt into an explosive orgasm.
If your want to spice things up even more, have him watch you touch yourself for a more explosive and sexier orgasm that will send you through the roof and overtake him with enough lust to bring you to orgasm... over... and over... and over again.
If you try any of these hot, sexy love making tips to spice up your marriage, please share the progress and experience - with us, or with a friend!
Sizzling Sex Secrets About Talking Dirty That Helped Me Save My Marriage!
Start dating your husband again!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Week Into the New Year

Okay it is a week into the New Year.  Are you still following through on your resolutions.  I hope you are putting more romance into your relationship.  Don't stop we are here to give you support and help you keep the flames of love burning forever.  You can also find more of our great work on our blog The Couples Spot or our radio show The Relationship Guides.  We are here to help you make the most of your relationship.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is Football Season Almost Over?

It's NFL playoff season and the Super Bowl is coming up, which only means one thing for many American women - their guys disappear over the weekend doing nothing but watching football. It can be frustrating to deal with an absent boyfriend or husband, so what's a girl to do to deal with this situation?
First, like much of the other advice imparted in this site, it is important to set parameters. You don't want to try to control or change your guy... his interest in sports is a normal part of the testosterone pumping through his body. You never want to try to impose you will on your partner... like always communication is the guy. Find out when the game starts and when the game ends, and then let him be for that period of time under the caveat that he partakes in his relationship with you prior to and after the game. Compromise is the key and communicating your way to an understanding will get you through. Once he's watching the game, do your own thing or stay and watch, but don't bother him with non-football related conversation or any other activities during this time. Remember, this is his time to do what he wants. Make plans to do something with your friends and agree on when and where you will get together. After the game, however, his attention is back on you (if that's what you agreed upon), not on checking the internet on his phone or making calls to his bookie or whatever.
Most likely you have absolutely no interest in watching all the football games with your guy. But he's probably not that interested in some of your hobbies either. And that's ok. As long as both of you give each other proper space and can define what times are to be spent together and what times are to be spent apart, football season will be gone in a breeze.
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Sacred Relationships on Mona Magick

Did you catch Rob and Janelle Alex from Inward Oasis on the Mona Magick show talking about Sacred Relationships?  Well if not you can click the link below and listen or you can search for Mona Magick on iTunes and download it.  It truly was an eye opening conversation that everyone could use to bring more power to their relationship.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolutions a List to Get You Started

As the new year approaches, it is time to look back over the past year and decide what you want to change about your life in the new year. For many people, New Years resolutions are an opportunity to make a fresh start. For others, it is the chance to learn new habits and live a healthier and happy life. No matter what your approach is to New Years resolutions, here are the top 10 New Years resolutions that many people start with at the beginning of the year.
1 - Quit Smoking
Smoking is one of the number one health problems worldwide. Smoking can lead to a multitude of health problems, including lung cancer, emphysema, high blood pressure, esophageal cancer and many others. Quitting smoking as a New Years resolution is difficult and addiction to nicotine is extremely hard to fight. But with enough dedication and assistance, you can stop smoking.
There are several methods that have proven to be effective in stopping smoking. One of the most effective tools to stop smoking is one-on-one counseling. With counseling you'll have someone with you every step of the way to quit smoking.
2 - Get Out Of Debt
Today, Americans carry an average of over $10,000 in credit card debt and this is a major New Years resolution. In order to get out of debt, review your budget and cut out the things that you really do not need. Even getting one less daily latte or expensive pair of shoes can make a difference in your budget. If you are deeply in debt, bite the bullet and consider talking to a credit counselor. They may be able to help you consolidate your credit card debts into a single payment or eliminate at least part of your debt and give you some breathing room.
3 - Get Organized
Getting organized can be easy if you are dedicated to carrying through once you get going with it. If your New Years resolution is to get organized, break it down into specifics. Decide precisely what you want to be organized about and then take steps to put it into action. For instance, if you want to be organized about paying your bills every month, mark a day on your calendar when you will pay bills and then set aside a specific place for collecting bills. Then write out your payment checks or log online and make your payments. If you make this into a habit, then it becomes second nature to do it automatically every week or monthly.
4 - Spend More Time With Family & Friends
If your New Years resolution is to spend more time with your family and friends, then you need to set aside time to make it happen. One way to accomplish this is to have one night a week that is for social events. Call your friends and make a date for dinner or to go to the movies. Family night is another great way to spend time with your family. Spending time with friends and family is important because it fosters close relationships and trust. For kids, especially, spending time together can be emotionally healthy and help them develop into healthy adults.
5 - Get In Shape
Getting in shape is a big commitment. Most Americans are overweight and losing even a few pounds and keeping them off can be a challenge for a New Years resolution. If you are out of shape, start slowly and talk to your doctor to discuss any health problems you might have to take into consideration when making a workout plan.
You can take small walks every day and get a good amount of moderate exercise. Instead of parking as close to the mall as possible, park a little farther out and walk the extra steps to go shopping. spaced throughout the day, exercise can be easily integrated into your life.
Also make simple changes to your eating habits to get into shape. Instead of eating ice cream for dessert, choose a dish of fresh fruit. Instead of eating that burger for a quick lunch, choose a healthy salad with a vinaigrette dressing. Even doing this just a few days a week can make a big difference to your waistline.
6 - Help Others
One of the most popular New Years resolutions is to help others. Helping others can be accomplished in a number of ways. If you are active in your church, consider participating in charitable activities, like visiting residents in elderly care or nursing homes. You can also volunteer time in programs to teach adults to read or become a supportive adult to a child. Helping others can be as simple as being kind to the people around you and being willing to lend a comforting shoulder to someone in need.
7 - Learn Something New
Learning something new is one of the most popular New Years resolutions. Think about something that you have always wanted to know and take a shot at it. If you have always wanted to learn Italian, enroll in a language course online or at your local community college. Take an art appreciation course or start reading a non-fiction book on a topic of interest. If you take the attitude that you can always learn something new, then you will grow as a person.
8 - Travel to New Places
Travel is always exciting and is one of the very common New Years resolutions. Choose a place to travel where you have never been and begin to plan your trip. If you do not have someone special to go with you, then try investigating companion travel programs. Be adventurous and throw a dart at a map and go where ever the dart lands on the map.
9 - Enjoy Life More
Enjoying life more is among the top New Years resolutions. Enjoying life is about attitude. If you have a positive attitude and make the best of every situation you are presenting with in life, you will find yourself happier and more content, even through the difficult times. Enjoying life is a great goal to have for the new year.
10 - Go to School
In today's economy, people are often looking for ways to reinvent themselves. Going to school is one of the top New Years resolutions as a way to start a new career or develop new skills. Even if you goal is simply to learn about a new topic, going to school is a great way to develop new friends and engage yourself.
Most people who create New Years resolutions unfortunately fail as a result of a number of factors. These factors include creating too many New Years resolutions, not writing down your New Years resolutions, not having a support group and keeping your New Years resolutions to yourself.
How Do I Stick to My New Years Resolutions?
The secret to sticking to your New Years resolutions is to start immediately so when New Years day comes you'll be well and truly on your way to accomplishing your goals. Get your pen and paper out and write up a top 10 list of New Years resolutions for 2012 and check out for more helpful tips and tricks on how to lose weight and transform your body by next summer, how to make money online, how to travel overseas cheaply and a whole host of useful information you need to know to help you transform your life for the better for 2012.

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