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Tight Isn't Always Sexy

Tight clothing is sexy......SOMETIMES!

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People who have more sex are less stressed!

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Is The Goth Look Sexy?

People can be attracted to the goth style for a variety of reasons. It is a very visual style, which incorporates the use of leather, chains, make-up, tattoos, and piercings to create a recognizable look. The goth, emo, and punk styles have been growing in popularity for many years, to the point where people who are drawn to them will always be able to find others with a similar outlook.
The goth style is one which is designed to be different from the norm, and the people who wear this style will always try to stand out from the crowd. However, part of the appeal of goth style is that it is very social in nature. People who wear clothing which is goth, punk, or emo are very clearly members of those groups. Within each group are people who share the same tastes and outlooks, just as in any social group.
A goth style will therefore allow people to express themselves as being different from the majority of the general public, whilst at the same time being members of a smaller group. Although people within this group will dress in a similar way, the range of styles involved within gothic design means that each person will be able to express their individuality in their own way. Tattoos and piercings are just a couple of ways in which this can be achieved.
A goth, emo, or punk style is all about individuality. Each person will create their own individual look which still fits within the general recognizable nature of the overall style. This is not the same as conforming to society's idea of fashion, for example by wearing pastel colors which would seem boring to a goth. Goth and emo cloths are sleek and sexy. The style involves a lot of using the color black, which can be a very cool look. This was never more apparent than in the Matrix movies, which created a very stylized look using black boots and leather trench coats. The modern vampire genre is also massively popular, and is very heavily influenced by gothic style.
Due to the fact that gothing clothing is, by its very nature, different to what the majority of people wear it is often hard to find gothic shops which sell a good range of quality goth cloth. Many people will go online to find the range of styles and designs that they are looking for. This way of shopping provides the benefit of being able to view many different items of clothing at discount online prices, and all from the comfort of home. It also makes it easier to combine rarer items of clothing which can only be bought online to create a unique look.
One website which is very stylishly designed, and which offers people all of the goth punk emo clothes and accessories they could ever want is Oh My Goth! - http://www.oh-my-goth.com. It is the complete resource for all things gothic.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Texting in Relationships

I think texting rocks! It means that no matter what you are doing you can be in touch with and connected to your loved ones. Texting has absolutely deepened our dating and love relationships. Now your "A" level friends, family and lovers can be in a constant secret dialogue with you. Of course texting can be overdone and work in reverse: how many times have you seen others texting away and ignoring you or others they are with? As a psychologist I can tell you that there are certain times when that is a recipe for disaster. So you want to take advantage of texting, but in a clever, balanced way.
My dating and love advice is to use it to deepen your relationships but not at others' expense. With that in mind, here are seven Do's and Don'ts to follow when you are dating or in a relationship:
1. Little steamy or romantic texts can go a long way in a serious love relationship. Remember that less is more because you can pick up where the message ends and begin fantasizing about the other person!
2. Breaking up with someone by text is a definite no-no. Ending a love relationship in this way or by email are signs of cowardice and disrespect both of yourself and the other person. If at all possible deliver the bad news in person or at the very least in a phone conversation.
3. Revealing something embarrassing in writing is never a good idea. The message can be shown to others.
4. Using text to avoid speaking on the phone is sometimes the shy way out and doing so habitually will never get you over your fears. You have to come face-to-face and have straight truthful talk in order to have a whole relationship with another person.
5. Texting during a date is simply bad manners and rude.
6. Mass texting to ask people out on a date is a desperate act and will backfire later if people compare notes.
7. In the beginning phase of a dating relationship you are testing the waters so don't overtext. As the relationship becomes more serious, you can increase the frequency in order to plan things together, get emotional support or advice, and ultimately to send love messages.
Psychologist, Dr. Diana Kirschner, appeared on Oprah & is a frequent guest on the Today Show. For 25+ years she has helped thousands of single women find love. Her acclaimed new book is Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love. For her etips, blog, dating articles & daily affirmations visit http://www.lovein90days.com Dr. Diana's professional and academic background is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diana_Kirschner

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Interesting Places To Make Love

When looking to spice up your love life, many couples look for adventurous or novel places to make love. There are certain locations that enable sensual love making while others demand quicker acts of passion. A bedroom is a comfortable place to make love but there are so many exciting and lusty locations to have passionate sex. Whether spontaneous and urgent or planned for fun, sex in new locations can be extremely thrilling.
Creative lovers are always on the look out for opportunities to get wild and frisky. With the right inspiration, every day sex can be transformed into an unforgettable experience. You may have seen other lovemaking location lists but let's push the envelope and go for at least 69 -- always a good number for sex ideas. Remember that for some locations, there are pleasurable sex activities other than intercourse. Oral and manual stimulation can be just as satisfying and more practical in some situations.

  1. Fooling around as passengers in a moving car (back seat while a friend drives, discreetly in a taxi, in a limousine with a privacy screen).
  2. In a parked car during a romantic or exciting event (watching fireworks, admiring a sunrise/sunset, sheltering from a thunderous rain storm).
  3. In a honeymoon suite but not during your Honeymoon. Elegant and fancy or themed for fun, recreate your honeymoon or practice what it would be like.
  4. In a seedy motel. Arrive separately and roleplay an office coworker affair or a prostitute fantasy.
  5. In a high class hotel suite with a panoramic window view -- keep the curtains open if you dare.
  6. In a room with at least one hundred candles casting a soft glowing light over your naked bodies while you enjoy sensual pleasuring.
  7. Frosty fornication in a snow fort or igloo you made together is great fun. You can even fashion a special mound to mount on.
  8. On a boat in the open air (not below deck). Consider a canoe, row boat or rubber raft if you don't have access to a yacht, sail or speed boat with a large deck.
  9. Slick with massage oil wresting on a plastic sheet or in a blowup pool.
  10. In the shower enjoying the sensual, slippery suds and a hand held water massager. Intimate bathing and bonding or hot steamy sex -- what ever suits your mood.  Check out Sexy Challenge's Shower Magick.
  11. In an English garden surrounded by fragrant blossoms. Make it more fun by dressing elegantly and indulge in a sense of aristocratic debauchery.
  12. In a gazebo under the stars, moonlight or noon day sun. Semi outdoor sex as secluded as you dare.
  13. On a king size water bed fitted with satin sheets and lots of fluffy pillows.
  14. In a cool, fast moving stream or small creek. A swirling pool under a water fall is an amazing location if you can find one.
  15. On a swing strong enough for two. Actually swinging together with penetration is tricky, however there are many other fun activities you can do involving a swing.
  16. In a hammock between two palm trees on a secluded ocean front beach.
  17. In a lookout tower or observatory. Finding one that provides a scenic view and opportune privacy will be its own adventure.
  18. Rear entry on a bridge while overlooking the depth below. Even more intense on a swaying rope bridge for added adrenaline rush.
  19. In the stairwell of an apartment or office building -- better exercise than taking the elevator. (or on the stairs in you own house)
  20. On the top of a large hill or small mountain under the stars or full moon. Take in the view with a bottle of wine then enjoy each other.
  21. On a train. Either in a rare, vacant car or a private cabin, "playing on the tracks" is a temptation to be tried.
  22. In a van, the back of a pickup truck or on the hood of a sports car.
  23. While skinny dipping at night in a pool, river, lake or ocean. Note that cool water tends to make some bits firmer while others shrink.  Pick Sexy Challenge's Let's Swim to the Moon
  24. In a bath, hot tub or spa. Soak, soothe and sensually stroking each other or stimulate wet and wild sex with invigorating water jets.
  25. On a roof. Outside on the flat top of tall building or (carefully) on a low, slightly sloped roof can be thrilling.
  26. In a field of tall grass or flowers. A secluded, lush green meadow next to a small stream is ideal.
  27. Under a cherry, apple or other fruit tree in full bloom. Enjoy the sensual sights, sounds and smells of Spring whenever you can.
  28. On a pile of pillows. An assortment of shapes, sizes, colors and textures all piled for pleasure. Have a playful pillow fight. Try new positions.
  29. In a barn. A horse stable may bring out the animal in you. The hayloft (on soft straw) can be extremely fun. Roleplay cowboy, stable hand or farmer's daughter.
  30. Deep in a forest up against a large tree. Agile couples can even try various positions in the tree if the branches are just right.
  31. Outside in the refreshing, cool rain during a hot day or night. Thunder and lightning add to the thrill.
  32. Safely under a sheet metal roof during a hail storm or torrential down pour.
  33. Anywhere under the hot sun with an ice dildo. Make one by freezing a plastic water/pop bottle filled with water and cutting the plastic off.
  34. In a sleeping bag in the open air under a clear sky bright with stars. Go as far away from city lights as possible. Aurora lights will make it even more special.
  35. On a tiny island. Revel in quiet seclusion or spice it up with roleplay. Pretend to be castaways or, for a historic setting, a scout meeting a native first time.
  36. On a beach on the hot, dry sand or right on the shore with the waves lapping up around you. Anywhere you can see and hear huge crashing waves.
  37. In the middle of a sports field or stadium (golf course, soccer, football, rugby, race track, etc.). Most likely best during off season or at night.
  38. In a cave, tunnel or under a bridge. The echoes of your ecstasy or the sounds of traffic overhead can be exciting.
  39. On a trampoline or blowup bouncer. Standing intercourse while jumping may be tricky. An exercise ball will give a similar bouncy feeling for other positions.
  40. In a small clothes or coat closet with the doors closed so it is completely dark. Will someone open it and catch you in the act? Fun at parties.
  41. On a billiard table as a forfeit for losing a few games of Dirty Pool
  42. On a fur rug/coat in front of a warm, glowing fireplace at night.
  43. In every room of your home and your lover's home if you live separately.
  44. Creatively on or using stable pieces of furniture. On the kitchen counter, dining table, sofa, foot stool, etc. On the floor and up against the wall too.  Or take it to a different level with Unstable Passion.
  45. In front of a mirror or beneath one attached to the ceiling. Get a revealing new perspective of your love making from new angles.
  46. In front of a tripod mounted video camera or webcam. Record for later, view live or stream to an internet audience if you are an exhibitionist.
  47. In a small log cabin, thatch hut, mud hut or teepee. Include the possibility when planning vacations.
  48. In a garage, boat house or storage shed. Surreptitiously meet while others are outside unaware of your naughty behavior.
  49. In a tree house or fort (either a chance discovery, your own or a neighbors). Pretend you are teenagers fooling around for the first time.
  50. Next to an open fire while camping. A roaring fire stimulates passion while softly glowing embers at night instill romance and intimacy.
  51. On or against a clothes washing machine especially during the spin cycle.
  52. At a sex club or fetish party in a private cubicle or on display for others to see.
  53. On exercise equipment at a private gym. You will definitely enjoy your workout.
  54. In a dark corner of a dance club with a pulsing, pounding beat to grind to. A skirt and no panties/underwear makes this a much easier to perform.
  55. In a parking lot between parked cars/vans. Try underground and above ground parking lots but take care for security systems and surveillance cameras.
  56. Snuggling together in a sleeping bag in a small tent. Weather conditions, wilderness sounds or scary stories can set the mood.
  57. On a designated border line between two countries, states or provinces -- one person in each territory engaging in diplomatic relations.
  58. In or near a cemetery at midnight during a full moon if you dare. Standing sex will have both your legs shaking with the thrill.  Mummify Me - another Sexy Challenge.
  59. In a public restroom, change room or even a friends bathroom. Novelty and the risk of getting caught coming out together make this exciting.
  60. On a plush lawn at night or early morning while it is still wet with dew.
  61. In a theatre during an arousing show or to make it more interesting. Remember to bring some wet wipes to clean your fingers.
  62. In a pile of fallen leaves or freshly cut grass.
  63. In a bed covered with rose petals or lots of money.
  64. On a private patio, porch or deck (poolside even better). A sturdy lawn chair or table, air mattress or a few seat cushions may come in handy.
  65. In an elevator (late at night on a weekday might be a good time and dress for a quickie).
  66. At a costume party. Dress the part for a sexy roleplaying scenario. Flirt and play act until you can secretly meet to fulfill your fantasy.
  67. Out on a high rise apartment balcony or next to a large window near the top floor. Try standing rear entry while looking down below.
  68. In a private adult playroom stocked with a wide variety of pleasuring implements. Bondage devices, costumes, toys and other playthings will whet your desire.
  69. Inside a walk in vault (it has happened but tends to require an employee or owner to facilitate). A walk in fridge or supply room is a quick alternative.
Some lovemaking locations may actually be a little tricky, costly, too exotic or even slightly dangerous depending upon your circumstances. However, if an idea intrigues you, you can always setup a scenario and roleplay a situation in a pretend location. With a little imagination and a few props, you can create a fantasy setting to fulfill your desires. You can even recreate historical, fanciful or alien space settings.
For more frisky ideas to enhance your relationship with foreplay fun and quality sex, check out the Frisky Foreplay erotic dice game.

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Improve your love Life with Sexy Challenges Sacred and Sensual Experiences for Lovers

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Erotic Valentines Gifts for Her

The best erotic Valentine's Day gifts for her are those which are personal and show your attention to her desires and feelings. Gifts for her are not a science but an art. You need to watch and listen with finesse and then choose. It's basic though, that women just like to receive gifts.
The challenge for you in giving an erotic Valentine's Day gift to your lover is not so much in the choosing, but in the presentation. If you give a gift in a way that recognizes her femininity, and importance to you, it can do more for her than the gift itself. And she may not know how she feels about it until she's had some time to dwell on it. Don't expect gushing thank yous. Just love her.
  1. Flowers--Valentine's Day and flowers go together like the circus and peanuts. Get flowers. Roses are traditional, but be bold and break tradition if you like. Your creativity with flowers cultivates some imagination in your relationship. And, flowers are erotic.
  2. Sexy Lingerie--Remember that what's erotic for you isn't necessarily what's erotic for her. Sometimes what you cover makes her even more sensual. Buy her what will make her feel beautiful and treasured.
  3. Poetry--Sounds are the footsteps to a woman's heart and the words expressing your passion for your lover will touch her there. Write them yourself or find a poet that expresses the feelings that she will love and print them on beautiful paper or a card.
  4. Relaxing Massage--Prepare the event yourself or if massage isn't your forte, arrange an afternoon at a spa. Include scented oils, delicate foods, tea and soothing music. She will let go of her tensions and her sensual self will come alive.
  5. Fantasy Evening--She'll love the detail you imagine as you create her fantasy. Prepare appetizers and drinks, a themed mood with candles and music and deep romance. Dress the part and make her feel cared for.
  6. Chocolate--Go as dark as you think she will enjoy. Chocolate stirs the wild and erotic passions in a woman. If you think you dare, try exotic chocolates with red pepper and fruits. Chocolate is probably the oldest erotic Valentine's Gift idea.
  7. A Quality Sex Toy--Encourage her orgasmic solo time and her love for her own body. Presentation is everything as you acknowledge her inner beauty. Choose a high quality vibrator or dildo made from safe materials from a reputable online source.
  8. Bed And Breakfast Weekend--Make arrangements at your favorite place or find a spot with a new twist. In either case, prepare some extra surprise touches like a show, concert or dinner. Be sure to reserve plenty of together time alone.
  9. Jewelry--Yes, jewelry is also erotic when you select it with her beauty and taste in mind. Choose a pendant, delicate chain or bracelet. Let her receive the subtle message you send in your thoughtful presentation.
  10. Lunch And Shopping Together--Lunch at a quiet cafe and a shopping trip totally focused on her is incredibly erotic. Encourage her to choose things that make her feel beautiful and special. Be sure not to rush. Time and attention is the real gift that she'll value.
Sean Christopher writes about sexuality and culture. Read his newest book Orgasmic Guy: Unleash the Hidden Truth. Sean's books, articles, resources and his blog OG Talk: Sane Talk About Male Sexuality, can be found by visiting http://www.orgasmicguy.com/.

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Erotic Valentine Gifts for Him

The perfect erotic Valentine's Day gift ideas for guys are the most personal gift ideas. An erotic gift acknowledges your man's deep passions. It acknowledges his emotion. Mostly it shows your thought and sensitivity for him. It's a gift that's personal.
The biggest challenge in choosing an erotic Valentine's Day gift for your guy is not so much choosing the right gift but choosing the erotic gift. Erotic gift giving is more about the courage you need to conjure up to get personal. It's more about risk. Your lover will deeply appreciate the risk you take to get personal with him.
  • Sexy Guy's Underwear - Guys are either bashful or bold when it comes to their undergear. Tantalize his sexy side with a sporty bikini brief, or form-enhancing brief that sets off what he's got. Or try an elegant pair of silk boxers. Do a web search for sexy men's underwear. You'll find plenty of choices to order.
  • Masturbator - Encourage your man's solo time, with a high quality masturbator purchased from a reputable online sex toy store. There are a lot of choices. Think of his tastes and choose a look and feel just for him. Go for phthalate-free materials with plenty of pleasure nubs inside.
  • Silk Robe or Kimono - Outfit his erotic leisure hours with luxurious silk. Your only challenge is to select design and color. He'll feel and look sexy. So will you.
  • Classy Cock Ring - Some call them penis rings. It's a really personal gift for a very personal part of his body. Honor his sexuality and get a nice one that suits him. There are a lot of choices: leather, plastic, metal, and for different purposes which you can learn about on the web.
  • Exotic Foods - A man's sensation of taste can be highly sexual. Get him a selection of foods which enliven his sensuality. Is your man's preference sweet or savory? For some it's chocolate, caramel or berries. For others is smoked salmon, olives or sausages.
  • Erotic Art - Most men are visual creatures, but often hide that fact. Show your guy that you respect his taste and value with sensual art as an erotic Valentine's Day gift that he will appreciate and enjoy. Believe me. He won't know what to say.
  • Fantasy Evening - Blow him away by imagining his fantasy and creating that for him. If you do it for him, he's probably thought of it, and he'll love it. Prepare appetizers and drinks. Create a mood. Dress the part. Touch is important. All guys like to be cared for.
  • Anal Toy - All guys play in the front yard and a lot play in the back. Speechless is probably the word I'd imagine for his reaction to your gift. His feeling will be joyful anticipation. Do some online research at Aneros. You'll find a toy for him there.
  • Weekend With You - Your guy loves being part of a couple. Plan a weekend away at a place you both will love--a place with potential for passion and romance. Include the dinners he loves and a break away from the things that stress him.
  • Erotic Literature - Ignite his passions with well-written erotic literature that will appeal to his sensual imagination. If he's not a reader, select a book of beautiful erotic photography or even an excellent edition of the Kama Sutra. Show your lover that you value his personal sexual growth.
Sean Christopher writes about sexuality and culture. Read his newest book Orgasmic Guy: Unleash the Hidden Truth. Sean's books, articles, resources and his blog OG Talk: Sane Talk About Male Sexuality, can be found by visiting http://www.orgasmicguy.com/.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Why Chocolate for Valentines Day?

Valentine's Day is many things to different people- a chance to start new relationships, rekindle old ones, or remind that special someone how wonderful they really are. Others feel it is just another "Hallmark" holiday where they are expected to do something for unknown reasons. Regardless of your hopes, expectations, or reservations about Valentine's Day, chocolate has long been a favorite gift for lovers.
Since the days of the Aztecs chocolate has been used as a gift. Today a box of luxurious quality chocolate says a thousand "thank you's", "good luck", or "I love you". Chocolate can be given as a way of saying "congratulations", "I am sorry" or "get well soon". On Valentine's Day chocolate clearly says "I LOVE YOU!" Chocolate is more than food, it not only fills your belly but also makes you feel soooo good. Elaine Sherman wrote "Chocolate is heavenly, mellow, sensual, deep, dark, sumptuous, gratifying, potent, dense, creamy, seductive, suggestive, rich, excessive, silky, smooth, luxurious, celestial. Chocolate is downfall, happiness, pleasure, love, ecstasy, fantasy ... chocolate makes us wicked, guilty, sinful, healthy, chic, happy." What more could you want to say to your lover on Valentines Day? Even the scientific name for the tree from which chocolate is derived, Theobroma cacao, translated from Greek, means "food of the gods".
Why does chocolate evoke so many feelings and emotions for us? Chocolate has long been associated with passion, romance and love. This association may go all the way back to the Aztecs. They believed chocolate was a source of spiritual wisdom, incredible energy and elevated sexual power. Chocolate was widely used as a nuptial aid and was widely served at wedding ceremonies. The Aztecs did not know chocolate as we do today; they consumed the cocoa as a drink. Reports indicate that the Emperor Montezuma consumed large quantities of the drink every day and always fortified himself with a cup before entertaining his harem. The explorer Cortes reported to Carlos I of Spain that chocolate is "... the divine drink which builds up resistance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink enables a man to walk for a whole day without food." From the earliest times, chocolate was considered a substance of power and a source of vitality.
Chocolate has been a subject of study since the first shipment from Veracruz arrived in Spain in 1585. But modern science has made some interesting findings that may help explain our lust for quality chocolate. Chocolate contains organic substances known as alkaloids. The most important of these substances is theobromine, which works as a stimulant to the kidneys. Stimulants in chocolate also affect the central nervous system, with effects similar to caffeine, which is also present in chocolate. A chocolate bar may contain as much as 200 mg of theobromine but only about 25 mg of caffeine. Another important substance found in chocolate is phenylethylamine, which is part of a group of chemicals known as endorphins. Endorphins have an effect similar to amphetamine and are found naturally in the human body. When endorphins are released into the bloodstream, the mood is lifted and feelings of positive energy are reached. The sensation known as "runners high" is caused by endorphins released during exercise. Phenylethylamine levels in the brain have also been linked to "falling in love". One more chemical found in chocolate is seratonin. Seratonin is known for its calming properties. The presence of these chemicals may explain the multitude of feelings chocolate evokes.
Debra Waterhouse, author of Why Women Need Chocolate, conducted a survey and found: 97% of women reported cravings, 68% of which are for chocolate, 50% would choose chocolate over sex, and 22% were more likely than men to choose chocolate as a mood elevator. These findings could easily be interpreted as a result of how chocolate makes us feel. I don't know why more women choose chocolate than men, for I am a man and I love chocolate.
Critics would say that the benefits of eating chocolate are small when compared to the sugar and fat contained in a chocolate bar. The best chocolate, dark chocolate with high cacao butter content has no added fat, as well as a high percentage of cacao solids and correspondingly less sugar. Although chocolate will never be considered a health food based on its nutritional value, it is still good for you! Good for your heart and soul-anything that helps relieve stress and makes you feel so good must be.
Receiving a nicely wrapped box of chocolates causes a sense of anticipation. The pleasure of unwrapping the box, the sensual smell, lifting the soft seductive papers, the look of the smooth dark chocolates. When it finally passes your lips and starts to instantly melt filling your mouth with exquisite pleasure. The taste and smell flood your senses with overwhelming ecstasy. Eating it slowly, taking time to enjoy and savor every bit. What better way to start off an evening of love?
David Eisen is owner of Euphoric Chocolate, come visit us at [http://www.euphoricchocolate.com] Our large variety of novelty chocolates, chocolate truffles, and elegant gift boxes are the perfect touch to add to any occasion. We can help you creat the perfict wedding favor, bridal shower favor or baby shower favor for your special event.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Book for Valentines

Choosing the right books for Valentine's Day gifts can be a tricky thing to do sometimes. There's the usual rash of trashy paperbacks, poetry books and suchlike at this time of year, and it can be tricky to figure out what your significant other would actually enjoy and read. Valentine's Day is a great time of year for buying new books for your loved one, and it's also a good time for you to experiment with different kinds of books for them.
A good idea to game the right Valentine's Day gift books for your partner will be to get them one or two books that you know they will enjoy, along with the title the they may not originally thought of reading themselves. That way you know you've gotten something they will enjoy, but you're also safe in the knowledge you may have introduced into something they will come to cherish.
There are countless hundreds of books choose from via retailers both online and on the High Street, and you're literally spoiled for choice when it comes to books you can buy your loved one on Valentine's Day. Whatever you do choose for your partner this year, be sure to include a small inscription from yourself inside the first few pages of the book you buy.
This personalises the gifts for your significant other and ensures they will have something to remind themselves of you and the time you spend together in years to come. Books with romantic inscriptions inside them can become much loved possessions as a relationship matures and evolves.
Plus, they can be enjoyed again and again, making them very economical Valentine's Day gifts as well. Have a look around at the many books that are currently on offer for Valentine's Day, and see which would best suit the interests and personality of your loved one. With the right books as gifts for Valentine's Day you can be sure that your partner will want to keep on turning the pages of your relationship and get to that happy ending.
Lucy is a hapless romantic and budding Chick Lit author with a passion for passion! You can easily find more great Valentine's day ideas for gifts and activities online!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Great Inexpensive Ideas for Valentines Day

For Valentine's Day, you want a gift that shows just how much you care. The only problem is you've been hit by the economic downturn, and don't have a budget for lavishing expensive gifts on your sweetie. You'll be happy to know there are many cheap Valentine's Day ideas that will make your honey and your wallet happy.
Depending on where you live and the size of your budget, some inexpensive Valentine's Day ideas might include a romantic getaway. The Christmas rush is over and many places have off-season rates. If you can travel on a flexible schedule, Priceline.com might have the perfect trip at an affordable rate.
You can get inspiration for inexpensive and romantic gift ideas for Valentine's Day with a search online. Smartmarriages.com has a list of 50 Cheap Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Sweetheart (Without Looking Cheap). Depending on the weather, one suggestion is to have a picnic, either outside or indoors. Burn a CD of favorite songs - it shows you took the time to think about what your relationship means. Even though most restaurants have dinner deals this time of year, a great, loving and inexpensive alternative is breakfast in bed, lunch together or a romantic dinner that you have prepared yourself.
There are smaller, inexpensive gift ideas for Valentine's Day, too. With some planning you can select pictures of the two of you, then buy picture frames at a dollar store and present your "year in review". Or buy a number of smaller gifts from places like online stores and have "Fourteen Days of Valentines" instead of just one. Here are a few different cost-effective ideas to show your sweetie how much you care:
- Make chocolate or candy together instead of buying the over-priced box.
- Plan your garden together so you'll have beautiful flowers all year instead of just one day.
- Make your own card and say what you really feel instead of spending money on one that someone else has written.
- If you do go out for dinner, cut down on costs by having a drink or appetizers at home or, even better, plan a "very special" dessert.
- You can highlight a significant event in your relationship by starting a charm bracelet or even a "charm box" that you can buy one meaningful charm or item for each year.
Clearing your schedule so you can just talk and spend time together is perhaps the best gift of all. Once you start thinking about it, you'll see that you can find cheap Valentine's Day ideas that can actually increase the value of your relationship.
There are many Valentine's Day gift ideas for everyone and finding the right one for your budget just got easier. Evelyn Oakley found the perfect unique Valentine's Day gifts for everyone on her list.

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