Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hear what our viewers feel is the most romantic scent.

Our readers input has given us what they feel is the most romantic scents. Ocean air and vanilla top our viewers lists, while Coconut and Floral scents came in at a tie for second. Pure and simple fresh air took third spot, making it seem to me that the simple smell of air is a very romantic scent. I must admit that the smell of the beach on vacation is a great memory for me. Which makes me wonder if the scents we like are tied to memories that we have had during our lifetime. Maybe you tie that scent with something you felt was wonderful and thusly want to smell it when you want to be romantic. What ever the case scents can definitely improve your romance and you life in general.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Update you pictures.

You know some people out there are very good at taking pictures all the time. Most all of us have a newer digital camera, that lets us delete any unwanted photo right away. We have no excuse for not getting new pictures all the time. When is the last time you took a picture of your sweet heart just to put in your billfold or to replace the one on your desk? Look around your house are the pictures hanging on the wall out dated? If you have a hair style you are embarrassed about then you need to take some new pictures to put up. It is so easy now a days you can print them out yourself by picking up some photo quality paper or you can upload them to a company like Kodak and have nice quality prints sent right to your door. Set up a theme for you pictures maybe take some on vacation every time to put up each year. We take pictures of our family eating and put them up around the very top of our kitchen. You could do any number of themes depending on your family and what room you are putting them up in. Don't let anyone be camera shy and make sure you get equal numbers of pictures of everyone. It isn't very fair if you can go into someones house and tell by the pictures who always is behind the camera. Don't just put up perfect pictures either. Use some of the silly and wacky ones you take it adds a lot more character and conversation to your house. Now if you don't have one go out and pick up a new digital camera and start taking pictures of everything you can think of.

Featured in the picture is the Nikon D40 SLR Camera, which I feel is a great camera.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coconut Oil more then what you might think!

Coconut oil has long been known for its amazing smell and skin smoothing properties. It may also be used as a lubricant. Coconut oil is one of those products that seem to have so much up side. Since the smell of coconut can be a sexual stimulant it is a wonderful product to use in a massage. Not only will you get your partner loosened up with a massage they will be taking in a wonderful sexy smell. Then if the mood is right you also have a great lubricant for both of you handy. Always make sure there are not any extra product in your coconut oil and that it is natural and not an artificial version. Have you partner close their eyes and enjoy the smell and the after effects of Coconut Oil.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A simple little gift says so much.

How many times have you wanted to purchase something special for the one you love, only to realize that you have NO MONEY! Well you with some creative thinking you can get your lover a special surprise without having much money. Think about little things that mean a lot to the person. A single flower says a lot and doesn't cost very much at all you can purchase a carnation for under a dollar usually. Maybe you could pick up their favorite candy bar and put a bow on it, again you will spend less then a dollar and your partner will enjoy the candy as well as knowing the you were thinking about them. Coupons are another great way to show you care without spending any money. Give your love a coupon for a massage by you, or give them a "Get out of Laundry Jail" card that entitles them to not have to do any laundry for a week. Cook them a wonderful meal, pour them a relaxing bath, clean their car or rent the movie they have been wanting to see are great ideas that cost next to nothing to get. A real heart string tugger is to find some old pictures to remind them of times past and how great your memories are of those times. I will never accept the excuse that "I don't have any money" for avoiding being romantic, it is the person and thoughts that are romantic not the gifts.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Resist the urge to snap!

Have you ever gotten mad about something and snapped, then later felt really bad that you said something that maybe you shouldn't have. This is were you need to learn a little self control. When you are in a heated argument you always need to think what you say out. Usually that first thing that pops into your mind is something that might not be so easy to take back. Plus it usually is just a tear at the person and might not even have anything to do with the argument. When you get a little frustrated with you mate you need to take some time before you open your mouth. Once you say something, you won't be able to say sorry later and take it back. Many feelings have been hurt for a long time by someone just blurting something out in a fit of anger. Take your time and count if you need to these few seconds could save some hurtful feelings later.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tongue Exercises, Now that is Romantic.

You tongue is one of the most used muscles in your body. Not only does it help us talk, sing, eat, and taste. The tongue is also one of the best sex toys in your arsenal. Yet how many of you do any type of tongue exercises. You can greatly improve the stamina of your tongue by doing simple exercises during the day. I personally do mine when I am in the bathroom. Just stretch your tongue out as far as it will go then pull in back several times. You can also try moving your tongue as fast as you can for several seconds. Make sure to stretch your tongue in all directions as this will improve your control over you tongue. For a better listing of techniques you can click on the title of this post. You tongue is so important to your everyday life and sometimes we forget that. Aside from the sexual aspect you can improve several areas of your life by getting in the habit of doing this exercises daily. I know several speakers and singers that swear that tongue exercises have help them in the pursuit of their craft. So if you want to excel at the Karaoke Bar you know where to start. Remember the tongue is a muscle and it is one you use more often they you think. Now do yourself and your partner a favor and start getting your tongue in shape.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Learning to share you time.

One of the hardest things to get use to in your relationships is sharing your time. When we are young and don't have many commitments we get use to using our time in the exact way we want. Once, we get into a relationship and the longer we are in the relationship we have to start sharing more and more of our time. Being a couple requires that you do spend some of your time together. Actually you should want to spend time with each other or the relationship will have some problems. The trick is trying to balance your time and their time together. When you are together you have to take turns doing things you want to and it is great if you are doing something you both enjoy. However it is inevitable that you will be together sometime where you have to wait while your partner completes a task they need to take care of. A good example of this is when you go to an event with your partner at one of their friends. Maybe a cook out or party where you don't know anyone and you have to sit around while your partner talks and chats with their friends. You want to leave, but to be caring you want to stay as long as your partner wants. To get over this type of scenario you might discuss how long you should stay before getting to the party. If you are the person that is comfortable at the event then you need to make an effort to get your partner involved in the event. Once the both of you understand the the time you share is your time together I don't think this will be as big of a problem. Just make sure to divide the time you spend together up into equal slots for both partners. As your relationship grows you might add factors in such as children that will demand more of both of your time, but if you learn to budget your time now you will be better prepared for these other things that take up your time. I believe that one of the things that drives a relationship apart faster then a lot of things it being unable to learn how to share your time.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where have our viewers made love? The results are in.

In our resent survey of where our viewers have found and preformed intimacy, we learned some pretty interesting things. First of all a no brainer 100% of our viewers have made love in bed. 57% have experienced the thrill of sex in the shower / tub or in their car. Now this one really surprised me 42% of our viewers that responded have ventured into their office or work to experience a little overtime. Another surprising thing is that 28% have made love outside while 14% have made love in a public place. Seems like our viewers like to get outside the house. Again thanks for the input and help us help you by sending us your questions (they are confidential and private, no names will be used) you can email them to us at

Friday, October 23, 2009

Touching the Driver

We spend a lot of time in our cars, even when we are on dates or going to an event. Most often we don't have any physical contact during this time. Yes there is safety concerns and I am not saying you should be making out while you are driving to your destination. However, there is something to be said for touching the drives hand or arms, maybe even caressing their shoulders. Not only does this help you stay physically connected during your voyage but it might also help avoid accidents. If you are on a long trip the driver gets a little tired or fatigued a little touch might be just the thing to pep them up. I know when I am driving it is nice to have a gentle touch, it just feels good and it stimulates the nerves helping to keep me awake on a late night drive. I also find it romantic that my partner just doesn't roll over a sleep but instead want to make sure I realize they are beside me. Keep this in mind the next time you are the passenger on a long trip with your sweety.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Choose your sexy Halloween costume wisely.

We all remember the thrill of going trick or treating, and getting more candy then you could possibly eat in a year. Well times have changed and the kids today don’t get to experience the great times we did. They are left will only going to place they know for sure and having parents drive them around instead of walking on this hallowed night. The costumes are however today are much better then we ever had. I use to get the mask with the stretchy sting on it that would sit most of the time on the top of your head because it didn’t allow your breath to escape out the little tiny hole they made on the front of the mask. Here is where I get into the romantic part of Halloween, since these costumes are readily available and come in sizes for adults also this gives you a chance to relive your trick or treating days at home with your lover. Get yourself a sexy costume and let your partner pick one out also then don’t tell each what you have picked. Then later on in the evening during Halloween trick or treat with each other. Meet in your bedroom wearing your costume and let the fun begin. You can spend a little or a lot on your costume depending on your finances. Not much money to splurge with then get a wig and some stockings or men get a fake mustache or a little fire fighters hat. These are they type of things that keep your relationship fresh and exciting. It is so easy to say no to these types of fun but you are not only short changing your partner but yourself also. Want to really get crazy then dress up your genitals as well get a little outfit for you penis or spray paint your public hair a wild color. Couples that experiment in this time of activities have much stronger relationships. So, with that said go out get your costume and get ready to laugh and enjoy a hot steamy Halloween with the person you love.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall is a great time for romantic walks and hayrides during harvest.

The colors and beauty of fall is all around us and once in a while we even get some warm weather. So take advantage of any day that warms up and grab your partner and head out on a wonderful walk that will let you enjoy the vast colors of autumn. Plan a walk through the woods or on a path that has lots of different trees so you get a contrast of colors. Streams can add a nice back ground sound for you walk and the leaves rushing down the river add a zest you can only find in the fall. Make sure to take a sweatshirt or coat in case it gets a little chilly in the cover of the woods. Another great idea is to find a hayride that takes you through the beautiful country side. Grab a blanket and snuggle up as you ride along and get to experience this time of year that is a wonderful time. The harvest time has always been a great time to enjoy life, it was when all the crops were stored and ready for the winter. Winter will soon be here so get out and enjoy the crisp clean air with you mate. Breath it in and smell the wonderful scents of autumn as you stroll hand in hand.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mr. Softy

What do you do if you member suddenly becomes non responsive. You are in the middle of a great time and your usually stiff and ready friend becomes MR. SOFTY!!!! First of all don't panic, that is the worst thing you can do. Becoming concerned and freaking out will not help you get your erection back. First thing you need to do is stay calm and relax, play it off a little and tell you partner that they might need to wake your sleeping member up. Things that might work are playing with Mr. Softy, or other areas that usually excite you. Ask for stimulation on your taint or anus, maybe just kissing will do the trick or some mouth to mouth for Mr. Softy might work. I know we have all heard it before but it happens to most people at some point and time. If the problem continues you should see your doctor, because the last thing you want to do is let the effect you. Search the internet for home based cures that don't involve digesting disgusting things. This might also be a clue that something else is wrong with your body so again see your doctor. If you clean up your diet and avoid drinking alcohol you might see a quick change. There are several things that can lead to this problem like spending to much time on your bike to stress in your life. Try to think what has changed and begin eliminating those things one by one and see where that gets you. However I cannot tell you enough that going to see your doctor is the best advice and course of action.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Okay men it's our turn to find something sexy to wear.

Nothing thrills me more then my partner to wear something sexy to bed. One it makes her feel beautiful and it also makes me feel great. Knowing that my partner is thinking of looking sexy for me and her is a great turn on. For men however this is not a easy as it sounds. We are kinda limited in what we can wear to bed with our partner. We don't want to wear our normal everyday underwear but we don't want to look like a really bad stripper either. Where can a guy find nice sexy underwear that isn't on the edge of sleazy? I think the first thing you can do is buy some underpants that you only wear on special dates. Pick a day when you partner will see you in your unusually underpants and get them wondering, "where did he get those" Surprising them with something they have not seem before might just turn them on a little. If that doesn't work then pick up a different style of underpants that you don't normally wear. If you are a tighty whitey guy then pick up some silk boxers, or even boxer brief are nice. Get some it bright colors or with different patterns on them so they draw attention to your package. Let you partner touch and feel them as you are wearing them not only for yourself but for them also. carries several different types of underpants for you to choose from and you can click on the title of this post to be whisked away to that site.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Want to learn about female sexuality, then learn from the Queen

Deborah Sundahl is on of the pioneers in female sexuality. She has authored many books on the subject and is world wide renown for her work. A good deal of her works focuses on female ejaculation, her book "Female Ejaculation and the G Spot" is a great read for anyone interested in the subject. Her open demeanor and candid explanations are just what you need to break through and really find out about female sexuality. She also has produced several videos on the subject and has workshops around the country for those more interested. After reading "Female Ejaculation and the G Spot" my curiosity was peaked. I wanted to learn as much as I could about what I thought was a myth. My findings proved me wrong and I now believe in female ejaculation, I have not experienced it yet but I am currently working towards that goal. Go to the Amazon side bar and click on it to go to Amazon front page and purchase this book I am sure you will be glad you did.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

How do our viewers relax after a hard day.

The results are in on our survey on how your relax after a hard day. We have a three way tie for the top spot. The answers have sex with partner, snuggle with partner, and read a book, split the top spots. I am glad that two of the answers involve physical contact because I feel that after a hard day the touch of your partner can make you troubles disappear if only for a short time. Next time you partner has a rough day tell them you feel for them and then put your hands on them, caress them, sooth them, it could make their bad day better.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Warm her up to get the most out of your sexual relationship.

Men we have a hard time understanding that we need to warm up a woman to get her in the mood for some loving that will last all night. We are simple creatures, as soon as we feel the urge we are ready, we have no warm up phase. Woman however need to be gently guided towards that feeling that just happens in us. We have to take our time and get the mood just right, which is hard for us because we are ready to pounce right now. Gentlemen let me put it to your this way the warming up is a way to make the love making last longer, by slowing down a bit the activities will last longer into the night. The more time you take the better she will be a receiving your advances. We all here the jokes about how quick men are and that their partners wish they could last longer, well let me tell you the sexual stamina isn't what will get it for you. The foreplay and the building of excitement will get your female companion to the point she need to be at. Don't be embarrassed if you need help in this matter, there are several books out on the subject of foreplay that can help you. The main thing is not to rush. Most of us are so excited when we get to engage in these activities that we dive right in, but believe me that is the worst thing you can do. Take your time, that feeling isn't going to go away especially if you push all the right buttons. Now go out and get your love making in shape and take your time.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's about time to fire up the fireplace.

The air outside is starting to get cold and it is about time to fire up the fireplace. Nothing is more romantic then sitting with your lover snuggled up in front of a nice cosy fireplace. This is something you need to think about when purchasing a house. Especially if you are buying the house in the heat of the summer. In the summer you might not think a fireplace is that important. Let's look at the romance factor. Sipping wine in front of a fireplace snuggled up with you honey. The crackling sound the smell of the wood, being in your own house, things could get a little heated up and why shouldn't they. If you have a fireplace now is the time to make sure it is in good order. Get someone out to clean the chimney, clean out the opening and get all the old ashes out. That way when the time comes to build that first romantic fire of the season you or your love won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Towels Glorious Towels

One thing you can never have enough of in a relationship is towels. Think I am kidding go to your linen closet right now and look at your towels. I bet you have some that you have had for a very long time. The ones that don’t really soak up any water but you keep them just incase you might run out of towels. Now get your butt in the car and go to the local discount store and pick up some nice big fluffy towels. You better get plenty or you and your family will be fighting over them. Towels are a comfort that we seem to take for granted, but nothing is nicer then getting that big comfortable towel around you after a nice hot shower. If you really want to get brownie points with your lover next time they are in the shower steal their towel and place it in the dryer, warm it up really good. Then when they scream at you for taking their towel present them with the warmest towel in the house. I can almost hear the sighs now. AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Guide to Getting it On!

Want to get some great reading material that will help improve your love life also. Then you need to look no farther then “The Guide To Getting It On” by Paul Joannides. This is a large book and covers everything that you can think about sex. The book covers everything from disabilities to attitudes towards different lifestyles. This book is amazing in the fact that you can actually understand the dialogue. Most books on sex I have read are so medical that you end up shaking your head wondering what they are saying. Not The Guide to Getting it on, it slaps you right in the face and doesn’t stop there it answers the questions you want answered. Paul Joannides does a wonderful job of mixing in humor to the book; this lets you relax a little as you read it. I first found out about the book through the Sex is Fun podcast and I still enjoy reading it today. I also think it is a great book to give your children as they hit puberty; I just gave a copy to my son the other day. The book takes no sides and just presents the information in an educational and entertaining way. It gives you insight into all types of life styles and covers important topics such as masturbation and safe sex. I can go on and on about this book I feel it should be in every household on the planet. Paul Joannides does a wonderful job of updating the book from time to time so just because you have a copy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick up another at some point and time. You can learn more at the publishers site I believe this is one of those books that will be around forever. I know I will reread it several times and I am thinking about starting to give it to people as a wedding gift.

You can purchase this great book on my Amazon Side bar or purchase any other book their so we get a little kick back.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The time is right for a romantic drive.

Here we are in the autumn season. Now is the best time to get out and take a drive or walk in some wooded areas. If you live in an area where the leaves change color and begin to fall, you are in luck at this time of year. The two of you can hop in the car and witness one of natures truly wonderful shows. I like to find a nice quiet state park and roam around looking at the beautiful colors. Throw your sweatshirts in the car and when you find a trail get out and hike to see even more wonderful sights. Get deep in the woods and spend the day holding hands and kissing as you walk through the wonderful landscape. Soon the winter months will be hear and all the colors will just be memories. Get out there and enjoy it now, take your camera and get some wonderful pictures for your memories.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Football Together!

I know some of you out there think Football is stupid and a waste of time to watch. However if you have a partner who enjoys watching it you might be needing to do a little research. Football at this time is one of the biggest spectator sports in the USA. The majority of people love it and if one of them is in your relationship it is time you gave it a try. The typical football game lasts about 3 hours and has a halftime of about 20 minutes. The next time your partner is sitting down to watch the game get into a chair in the same room and act like your going to do something else. The first time you do this just watch, pretend your going to read a book and watch the game a little. Watch how he/she gets into the game. Then each week gradually get a little more into the game and a little closer to your partner. Watching football offers a great time for the two of you to snack and partake of a few drinks together. Don't asks to many questions however as it will take away from the game if he/she has to spend several minutes explaining each play to you. If you really want to get into it find out your local team or his/hers favorite team and get a jersey to watch the games in. Women they also make jerseys with a female cut so you don't look like your shirt is 3 sizes to big. You can also find underwear and sexy outfits to add a special touch. Unless you partner just enjoys alone time watching the game he will be glad you are joining him. Now you need to start getting into the game to show you are really giving it a chance, you might just find out it is enjoyable.

Once you become comfortable their is so much more you can put into the game. Make plans to fool around a little at half time or get a routine going like always order pizza from the same place on game day. Not only will this bring the two of you closer, think about all the adrenaline rushing as you watch and get excited. You know that energy has to be used somewhere after the game. So maybe watching football can help you get lucky.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Survey Results - Number of Drinks on Date

Our Survey results for how many drinks are acceptable on a date are in. Your report shows that Romantic Antics viewers are in better control them most other people when it come to drinking and dating. There was no question as to the fact that drinking should be kept to a minimum on a date. Here are the percentages.

82% Said you should only have 1-2 drinks on a date.

18% Said you should not even drink on a date.

0% suggested more then 3 drinks on a date.

Way to go Romantic Antics Viewers you are definitely ahead of the curve on this one.

Hands to the Face Kiss!

Kissing is such a great thing and their are several things that can make a kiss better. Putting your hands on the person you are kissing's face adds a certain amount of intimacy to the kiss. By holding their face in your hands while you kiss them you are telling them that you are very passionate about them. You are also telling them that you want more of them and that you are there to protect them. Plus it is just damn sexy. It also buys you time to make the kiss last longer and draws the person you are going to kiss, attention to you. It also adds the a different feeling to the kiss as it is not your normal off to work kiss. It is passionate, and leaves a lasting impression. Use this when you need to tell someone how much you care about them, I promise you will get your point across.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Investing in your relationship.

Are you currently in a new relationship or one that has just bloomed. Well at some point and time you need to decide on investing in your relationship. This may sound a little strange and you might think that by just being in a relationship you are investing in it. This is a true statement but when you need to see if your relationship is ready for the two of you to begin being a single unit or a true couple you need to invest in something as a test to see what your future holds. Yes I am talking about a material thing that the two of you purchase together. Maybe it is a television or a piece of furniture. Doesn't matter what it is as long as both of you can use it. The item will stay at the place you most often are at if you don't live together. The fact that you both put money towards this item is a test to your relationship. It says we both feel that we are going to be together for a long time and buying things together makes sense. A house is a big step and on that should be saved for once you have been together longer. Other things you can purchase together could include a vacation, appliances, a new bed, again anything that both of you will use it s a great idea. Once you get your first items purchased together you will quickly see if your relationship will handle being one unit. As a couple you both will take care of the item and will both be out if the item breaks. Believe me investing in this type of manner will quickly get you thinking about things like buying a house together, or even getting married. Investing in your relationship in this manner will break the ice and get you thinking more as a couple.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Leave a special book mark.

Does your partner love to read? If so there is a great idea that will help you tell them you love them as the read along in their favorite book. All you need is a little post it note and a pen. Write or draw a little love note on the post it note. When you partner is not looking slip the sticky note onto a page that they have not read yet. Imagine their feelings when they find the note as they are just reading along. I am sure it will make them smile and feel all warm inside. It doesn't have to be something long just a short note to tell them you are thinking about them will do. The picture is a perfect example.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Don't be to shy to open up to someone you love.

So many times we keep to ourselves and don't let anyone in. If you are doing this to the love of your life you are making a big mistake. The one person that you should be able to trust should be that person you want to spend the most time with. Now I am not saying open up totally to someone you just met, you have to get to know them first. When you have been in a relationship for a while you need to confide and trust them. Tell them the things you need to get off your chest or the things that haunt you. If you have fantasies you can share them with this person. This is the best place for judgement not to be passed. One thing I would suggest is if you are feeling a little indifferent on a subject talk it out with your partner. Tell them that you don't know why you feel this way and then explain the way you feel to them. You might not like going to your parents house or sitting at the back of the movie theater, things like this deserve an explanation. This way your partner doesn't keep asking you why or keep trying to get you to do something you don't want to or that freaks you out. You might be a little surprised that if you get these issues off your chest to your partner, how much stronger your relationship can become. For example if you were scared by clowns as a child and have a fear of them, your partner will know not to buy tickets to the circus, or if you have cousins that teased and hit you as a child, they will understand why you don't want to go to the family reunion that you got an invitation to. Bringing your partner into the light on things that upset you will help shed new light on your relationship.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Make someone feel special - Send them an ecard

Want to tell someone how you feel on the spur of the moment. Well then you need to check out and view their free ecard section. Yes some of their cards are totally free. You can choose from many different occasions or situations. Make your special persons day by sending them a ecard to their personal email address. You might just brighten their day a little. I know when I receive and ecard like this if lets me know that someone is thinking about me and that makes me feel great. Send them a quick love note or a special occasion greeting such as birthday, arbor day, or even friendship day. Hallmark has a card for every thing you can think of so now you don't have any excuses, it doesn't cost anything, you can do it from home or work, and you can make some one's day. Ypou can also click on the title of this post to go to the hallmark store.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ready to move your relationship on to the next level.

Okay your relationship to this point has be great, you enjoy your partner, you have got to have sex. Now however you want to know a little more, you want to see if you can move your relationship to a more deeper level or area. Maybe your a little nervous about trying to move things into the next level but their is no better time then the present. Here is what you do very secretly go out to your local sex toy shop and purchase an item to be used on or by your partner. Get items like vibrators, or a G spot stimulator for a woman for a guy in your life purchase a masturbation sleeve or a cock ring. You can get a butt plug for either person. Now take your item home and wrap it up put a note inside that says simply "Want Play". Leave it for you lover to find sometime when you are not home. Now comes the hard part, do not say a word about the present let them bring it up and tell you their feelings about it. If a couple of weeks go by and they don't say a word about it then you can mention it and see their reaction.

By doing this you tell them you are interested in using these type of items with them and it give them a chance to tell you how they feel about these items. Maybe they were just waiting for someone to break the ice.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Readers Opinions on Number of Dates before Sex.

Our viewers have spoken up and 74 % of them suggest waiting for at least 2-10 dates before having sex with the person you are dating. It was an even split with 37% each saying 2-4 dates was enough and 5-10 dates should be required. 12% said you should try your date on the very first date and 12% suggested you should wait for marriage to start your party. I tend to agree with the 74% and believe that you can wait to long to where the date loses interest and on the first date is just silly. I personally don't believe anyone should wait all the way til marriage to have sex for the first time, and this is because some people are not sexually compatible and you don't want to enter a long term commitment and then realize that you sex life is going to suck. Let us know your feelings on these findings and you may give us your input also we love to hear it.

Don't pass up other peoples parties.

A good way to see how well you and your partner will interact with others is to venture out to a party you have been invited to. It is easy to skip these parties and I will be the first one to tell you being trapped at a boring party is not very much fun. First thing to do is give your and your partner a way out, tell the host or hostess you can only stay for an hour, then if the party is lame you are only there for an hour, on the other hand you can stay longer if you both are having a good time. Always respect your partner if they want to leave. Never ignore a request that your partner is not having a good time. Drinking is fine at these parties as long as one of you is sober enough to drive. As I mentioned earlier this will help tell you how well the two of you are as a couple it tests all the things you might have trouble with later on in your relationship. If you can make it through a friends party and still find the enjoy each others company more then the other people at the party you are well on your way to building a solid relationship. However if you find that you can't find happy ground at the party or your partner is snubbing you for the cute little lady in the corner you have now seen the red flag. Sure these parties might not be the most fun you have ever had but they will show you a thing or two about your partner.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tought times make romance even more important.

Right now most people are in the same boat. We are all having to really nit pick what we spend our money on. With this most of the romantic things we use to spend money on are falling to the way side until better times return. For the romantic at heart this is a real bummer, however if you are creative you can still bring the romance home in other forms. Maybe you can't afford a big fancy dinner out, but maybe you can make a nice meal at home for your partner and you to enjoy. A huge bunch of flowers might be just a little too much, but a nice single rose still says "I Love You" For every romantic thing you use to do you can find a less expensive version. Going out for drinks can be replaced with buying some booze for home and inviting friends over to play board games. Spending the night snuggling on the couch watching movies under a blanket with microwave popcorn can replace going to the megaplex and paying $10 a piece to see the same movie. I hope you see where I am headed with all this. You don't have to stop being romantic you just have to find less expensive ways to do the same things. However some to the best things are and will always be free. Long talks, hand in hand walks, and making love all night are still high on the romantic list and to my knowledge have never cost anything.