Monday, August 31, 2009

Need Money for Date!

If your like most of the public you could use a little extra money for your dating. Weather it be with a new person or someone you have been in a relationship for a while. Study say that the most people spend about $150 on dates a month. Where can you come up with this extra cash to take your date out. The first thing that pops into mind is a part time job. See if you can find something that you only have to do once a week and designate this money for your dating life. You can make money online by setting up blogs or websites that use click advertisements to generate revenue. This is a slow process and may take a while before you start to see massive results. A thing that I like the best is pay yourself for the chores you do around the house. If you do a load of laundry pay yourself .50cents do the dishes another .50cents. Anytime you do a chore add some change to the kitty. You might just be surprised how much money you end up with. Think about all the change you blow on things like soda and candy. You won't even miss the extra money you put in your kitty. However, you will definitely appreciate it when you are sitting at dinner staring at the love of your life across the table.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Football season is here!

Okay it is now officially football season. High school teams have started to play and colleges, too. The NFL is about to kick off. As a couple if you both enjoy the football atmosphere then you need to find a game you can tailgate at. Tailgating is a great way to spend time with your friends and also your partner. Everyone is rooting for the same team and you can find some great eats and drinks. Most people don't consider this a great time for couples. It can be if you don't let the game and your friends get your carried away. Always remember to include your partner in the antics you are going to do while you tailgate. If you are going to play corn hole then ask your partner to play with you. Don't go run off with your buddies and forget who you came with. If your partner is new to your group of friends don't leave him/her alone to fend for themselves, stick with them and you will have a much better time. Once they get comfortable and meet some of the others you can bet they will look forward to tailgating as much as everyone else. Always remember that your relationship comes first, so think about your actions before you strip down and paint your whole body.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Make a kiss a delicacy

Okay ladies want to give your partner a little surprise? Well I would suggest that you go out a pick up several different flavors of lip gloss or chap stick. You know the kinds that make your lips look wet and delicious. Then several times during the day you chance to a different flavor and make it a point to kiss your partner like their is no tomorrow. See if your partner can guess the flavor, if they are really good at guessing mix it up a little. Do two different flavors one on the top lip and one on the bottom see if they can guess the flavor now.
Picture from DaMao's photostream from Flickr

Friday, August 28, 2009

Don't date above your means

Just some basic words of advice. Don't date above your means. We all want to impress our dates especially on the first few dates. We want them to think we are comfortable with our lifestyle. Sometimes it is easy to overdue it and go out to a super fancy restaurant or take a trip somewhere. These things are fun but if they don't fit in your budget, you will be paying for them for a long time. Be honest with your date and pick restaurants that are in your price range or find fun things to do that don't cost a lot. Believe me your date needs to know your status from the beginning. Don't make him/her believe that you have money to burn if you don't. That will only lead to tension later down the line. If you date really likes you and enjoys being with you then the amount of money you make won't make a difference. Never ever spend more on a date then you can afford, it only leads to troubles. Be creative and find things to do that are fun and cheap if you need to, I am sure your date will appreciate the effort that you put into your evening together.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sometimes Thongs are oh so wrong!

Please ladies and gentlemen if you want to wear a thong to impress your lover takes these safety precautions. Number one make sure you have it on the right way. Nothing chaffs more then the back side of a thong. Number two make sure you get the right size, a thong to big doesn't do anything for you and one to small could cut off circulation. Last and most important make sure only your lover gets to see your thong. Some of us are trying to eat and don't want to image this!!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Make your meal a Happy Meal.

Remember way back when and the excitement you had as a kid when you would get a happy meal. You didn't even touch your food until you got the prize out of the box. Why not do that every once in a while for your partner? Next time you go to a fast food place to pick up the food slip a little something in the bottom of the bag for your sweety. It doesn't have to be something large or expensive. Maybe a Magazine they like or their favorite candy bar. Something to show them you are thinking about them. If you do have the means maybe some tickets to a show or sporting event would be nice. You could even do a coupon for a evening out instead of fast food the next time. Be creative you can even get little stuffed animals to place in the bottom of the back just to make someone feel warm and fuzzy. A word of caution however, realize that the food from these places sometimes is greasy. Don't put tickets in the bottom of the bag without protection on them so the grease doesn't ruin them. A little zip lock bag will do nicely and keep your prize safe and sound.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thrill Seek togehter.

Most of the time you think about doing something crazy or adventurous you think of doing it alone. Why not include your partner in these thoughts. Climb a mountain, go whitewater rafting, or maybe skydiving is up your alley. Just make sure your partner is ready for the event. If you have to prod them into it you might not like the results. Some couples enjoy riding roller coasters together while others might like to surf. Find something that gets your blood pumping to do together (no sex doesn't count for this one, you can do that after you thrill seek) If you look around you might just find a new hobby for the two of you. Finding something you like to do together will only bring you closer and I don't think anyone is opposed to that.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Results from most romantic place on earth.

Here are your result for the most romantic place on earth.
Paris, France 30%
Hawaii 20%
Tahiti 20%
Caribbean Island 10%
Others 20%
Our viewers have spoken so now you know where to go!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spending the day Geocaching

Today was our very first day of geocaching. If you don't know what geocaching is your can check out the web site at . Basically it is a combination of hiking and hide and seek. Someone somewhere hides a box or container and you go looking for it using a GPS system. When you find the cache there are things inside others have left behind. You pick something out and leave something behind. Most have a log book also so that you can see who has been in the cashe. It is both fun and romantic, as we have done it today with the family and my wife and I are going to go sometimes when the kids are in school. I am amazed at the number of cashes out there. At least go look at the site it is a wonderful activity that includes all ages and fitness levels. We found 3 cashes just this morning and are going out again after lunch.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Read a book together.

We all know that reading is an enjoyable past time and can also be educational. Here is something you might not have tried before. Both of your read the same book? Sound crazy, maybe a little. Think of this if both of you are ready the same book it will give you something to talk about or even debate about. You can take turns reading the same book, because reading at the same time is difficult. Most likely one partner reads a little faster then the other. Another option is to buy one book and pick up a copy at the library also. You can read anything from fiction to a self help book the content doesn't matter as long as it appeals to both of you. Find a quite place to read and then after some time discuss what you have read with each other. Express your views on the book and what you find interesting about it then let your partner do the same.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Why is watching someone shave so damn sexy?

If you want to really turn your partner on, let them watch you shave. There is something about shaving that is really sexy. Be it a woman or a man they both get the same reaction. When a woman props her legs up to shave and that sexy muscle is showing I just want to melt. Same goes for when a man runs that razor across his face, women just want to touch the smooth parts he as just shaved. As a woman glides her razor across her sleek and sexy legs it is just damn sexy. With all this said make sure the next time you are shaving to leave the door open a little and see if your partner is peaking in to see the sexy show.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Date at the Zoo?

Looking for somewhere to take a date when you are first starting to date. Out to dinner is nice but a little to rigid, clubs are great if you don't want to hear what each other is saying. Here is a great idea that might just show a little of your sensitive side. Take your date to the zoo. The zoo has lots of things to look at and the atmosphere is relaxed. You can take your time and wander around giving both of your plenty of time to talk. You also get to see if your date is comfortable around children and crowds. The zoo is also a great help in starting conversations as their are several animals to talk about and give you opinion on. Find out what each others favorite animal is and if the date goes well you could send your date a little stuffed animal of their favorite for a little added romance. Pick a day when the kids are at school so the crowds might be a little smaller and plan on spending the day there, no rush just walking and talking and viewing. In my opinion this is one of the less stressful dates you can go on.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whats your self image?

One of the biggest reasons people tend to shy away from sexual activities, is their self image. They feel like they don't look the models they see on the men's fitness magazines or on the cover of Vogue. Because of this defeating self image, they make sure the lights are out when they undress and can't understand why their partner wants to watch them. These types of actions can really hurt a relationship. As the partner that wants to see your body feels like you don't want to show it to him/her. Believe me 99.9% of the people in these world do not have they body of a model.

Here is where we start improving your self image. Number one is you have to be comfortable with yourself. Understand that you have the body that was given to you and you have to deal with it. As long as you feel comfortable then no one else matters. Second start exercising, even it is only walking to work, it will make you feel better and help your overall health. Third, treat yourself like a god/goddess. Treat yourself to indulges that make you feel good. Finally, understand that when you partner says they think you are beautiful, they truly do see you as beautiful. Think about it this way if your in a committed relationship and your partner is telling you how beautiful you are, they are not just saying that to get in your pants.

Now I want you to throw your shoulders back and say to yourself, "I am Wonderful" and carry that feeling with you everywhere you go. The next time you and your lover are about to get it on let them see how beautiful you are and leave the light on. Watch their eyes and you will truly see how beautiful you are to them.
Special thanks to Slushpup for the picture from flickr

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get some new sheets

Yesterday we talked about what to do with your stuffed animals during sex. Today we are going to talk about sheets for your bed. Most people have a least a couple of different types of sheets for their bed. If you don't then you are missing a valuable romantic trick to use. Everyone knows that silk sheets are sexy but their are some many other feelings you can get from a fresh set of sheets. Warm flannel sheets work great in the winter time to help get the two of you snuggling. Soft cotton sheets are great for the hot summer nights. Not only can you change sheet by what they are made of you can find almost any color you want now a days. Find some sheets that are different get bold or exciting colors then match your bed with your feelings for that day. Bright cheery sheets might just make the two of your feel even better in the mornings.

Monday, August 17, 2009

What to do with your stuffed animals during sex..

Does you partner have stuffed animals that they keep on the bed. You might think this is a little childish, but hold on. Have you ever thought to use these animals as sexual aids? Don't get to disgusted, just yet. Have you ever been to the liberator shop and saw all the different pillows that they have to get your partner and you into different positions? Now are you starting to get the picture. Think of that great big lion they keep on your bed and how you could bend someone over that and have your way with them. The bigger the stuffed animal the better, but think about sticking the smaller ones under the small of the back or to use as props for other parts of your body. Changing the angle of penetration makes the act of sex seem very different and exciting. Not to mention most stuffed animals are soft and feel good on the skin. I have even seen some stuffed animals that have a compartment for hiding sex toys inside them so they are close and ready to use.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Making Sense of Scents

Do you have special scents that remind you of specific times or places in your life? I know several that stick out in my mind. The smell of the ocean, fresh pineapple in Hawaii, the perfume my wife wears, or the smell of our freshly changed sheets, all remind me of special times. Now how do you incorporate that feeling into being romantic. Simple, you just find out what smells are triggers for you partner and do a little searching on the Internet for candles with that scent and bingo, bango, bongo, your romantic. Imagine your partner coming home to a house that smells like the ocean on your last vacation. What about pumpkin pie smell in the fall or pine tree around Christmas time. If you click on the title of this post you will be directed to the Candle-Licious web site where they have several scents to choose from.

Don't go for the normal scents try to find something that is specific to your relationship. Maybe your partner likes the smell of leather well Candle-Licious has that scent in their catalog. Put some time into finding the right scent and set the mood for the two of you to remember things from your past.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Share a bite.

If you are truly in love with your partner, you can perform this trick and it will send shivers down your spine. Stick a piece of fruit in your mouth and approach your partner as if you are going to give him/her a kiss. Let him/her bite half of the item out of your mouth. You can use any type of food you wish. In my opinion, fruit is the best because of the juice that runs out during the bite giving a little hint of passion to the act. Don't over do it. You don't want to eat an entire meal this way. This act does however give your parnter some clue as to what you might want later.
Special Thanks to MizzEl*~Elly*'s photo from Flickr

Friday, August 14, 2009

Notice changes in your mate

One thing you need to put focus on is watching for changes in your partner. Have they been working out, did they get a new outfit, or change their hairstyle. Noticing these simple little changes tells your partner that you are paying attention to them. Try to keep track of things such as hair appointments, and workout times that your partner keeps. Compliment them on their changes or progress often. This helps them keep motivated to keep up the workouts or trying to impress you! As hard as it is sometimes be honest when they ask your opinion. However always be positive about something they are doing. Sometimes it takes a while for a new change to grow on you. Reserve your right to your opinion for a later date if you are unsure. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that when your partner changes something drastically it might just be because they want to catch your eye. With that said the next time your partner gets a drastically different hair style, new clothes, or starts working out (especially in front of you), they might just be looking to catch your eye. Maybe you need to step back and see if you are giving them the attention that they need. I love when my partner changes something about her it makes me take even more notice of how much I love her.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Set in a different chair tonight!

Most people in a relationship have a very normal routine. You most likely sit in the same place every time you eat dinner or watch television. Well tonight mix it up a little and surprise you partner by sitting in a different chair at both dinner and while you watch some television. Not only will this break the monotony of your normal routine, but it will make you look at your partner in a different view. You can always switch back to your normal sittings tomorrow but for tonight let it ride. You might even be able to make a game out of it do a form of musical chairs where everyone sits in their normal spot and then someone yells change and everyone finds a different chair. If you have children they will love it. This function might just get you thinking outside the box and get you to try other things you might not try otherwise.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Start Journaling.

I think a very romantic thing for a couple to do together is journal. Not together but as separate entities. Buy your love and yourself little cheap journals at your local discount store and begin writing down the everyday things in life that make you happy or sad depending on the day. Now here is the romantic part. Find a special time where the two of you can sit down together and write your daily feelings out. Then make it an event make some coffee or pour a class of wine and sit down together and journal. If you want to go paper less you could use your computer, just make sure to store you journal either on a service that keeps them for you our on some removable media so that they are not only on your computer. We all know to well what happens when your computer crashes. There are several types of journal you could keep if you don't just want to write down diary entries. You could keep a gratitude journal of all the things you are grateful for or you could keep a expense journal to keep track of your finances a little better.

If you want to journal together you can use it as a means of communication. People who have problems expressing their feeling sometimes have a better time writing them down. This works great if one partner is a talker and the other is more reserved. This allows the more reserved partner to get their feelings out without getting interrupted. You can keep a sex journal and list all the things the two of you have done that have worked or not. When you keep a journal together you both read the others entries and learn from them. This way you really know how your partner felt about what the two of you did together. Then you know if you should do it again or abandon that idea.

Journaling also helps keep everything in perspective. Sometimes when your feelings are running high we don't make the best decisions. If you write down these feelings then go back and read over them you might see that the way you were feeling was just silly and because your emotions were high you were not thinking clearly. So go out today and pick up some journals it can make your life a whole lot better.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How do you dress at home?

We all love to dress comfortable when we are at home. But is comfortable okay with your partner? Are old sweats with holes in them okay to spend the time with your partner in? This is a great debate question and I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle ground. We spend all week dressing up to go to work and yet the person we most want to impress we usually dress down for? Now I am not suggesting that you wear a three piece suit or a evening gown when you are running around the house. We need to find some happy medium. Go shopping and check out some of the nice looking work out gear or both men and women. You can find some really nice athletic gear that doesn't make you look like a slob. Brands such as Under Armor and Nike have some excellent choices that will keep you comfortable and looking like someone that would be great to snuggle down with. Some of the new materials are even great to feel so maybe if you find some of these items your partner might have a hard time keeping their hands off you. Don't throw away all your bumming clothes, keep them for days you don't feel well so that your partner knows you don't want to be bothered on these days.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Take in some sights.

When you are looking for something romantic to do and are short on funds you have to get a little creative. Something I find very romantic and extremely cheap is to just take a walking tour of a larger city. Most everyone lives within driving distance to a larger city if you don't live within one. Do a little research on some of the amazing architecture in this city and make a walking tour of these amazing buildings. You might just be amazed at how much great scenery is within the asphalt jungle of a larger city. In Chicago I know that you can view artwork just walking around downtown, not to mention Millennium Park that has several exciting attractions to watch and enjoy. Larger cities seem to try to entertain people more with their buildings and parks, so why not enjoy them. I don't think anyone would mind watching the sunset at Navy Pier or viewing some great artwork on a hand in hand walk. You just might find you will get addicted to sight seeing. Remember it doesn't cost to look and a picture is worth a thousand word, so those two things combined sound like a win win situation for your relationship.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

How deep is your Love?

Do you really know the person you love? I am sure you have a pretty good idea of who your partner is now, but do you know what they were like before you knew them. I am not talking about a week before you knew them. I am looking at the time when they were a child or a young adult. This is going to take some doing on your part. You will have to find some people that knew them when they were this other person, that you didn't know. You can find out things like what their favorite toy was or how they acted in high school. Where they in any clubs or activities they participated in that might be something the two of you could do together. Maybe they were on the cycling team and you could start riding bikes together. Things like that could make a big impact on your relationship. I could also give you some ideas for gifts or things to do to cheer up your partner in bad times. Knowing a little background can never hurt your relationship. Once you partner knows you took the time to find a little more out about them they will think a little higher of you. A really good place to find out things is during family gathering, where uncles and aunts as well as cousins will definitely be willing to let you know the history of your partner.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A gift for the Men.

Ladies here is a little guide to help you purchase a gift for your man. I understand that not every man is the same so you might have to tailor your gift to your specific man. Here in my opinion are you never miss gifts. Number one is electronics most men love to get a new gadget and their are plenty of them to choose from. Number two is Sports Tickets most men like some sort of sports so pick his favorite team and surprise him with great seats. Last and the never fail item is some great sex. Purchase some great lingerie and treat him like he is a king at least for a day. If he doesn't like that then he is nuts. Maybe you can do something he is been dieing for you to do for a while, that will make his night even more special. Any of the gifts mentioned above will work wonders on showing your man how much you care about him.

Mark those Anniversaries.

One thing that will definitely show how romantic you are is to make sure you celebrate anniversaries. If you are in a new relationship it may sound a little silly. Showing someone that the days you met or your remember your first date will definitely impress your partner. Big anniversaries like the ones associated with weddings are a no brainer, if you don't remember them then you have a problem and your partner will most likely let you know that. However if you can just get a little care on the anniversary of your first date, you will get mega brownie points. For those of you about to embark on your first date with someone and you even remotely hit it off, make notes of the date. Write down things like what they were wearing, songs that you heard, the place that you ate, then in a couple of years if you are still together that will be very impressive. Don't trust your memory, it can fail you when you need it.

One the other hand don't over due it. That will only make you look like a weirdo. If you give them a card for the first time you took a walk together you partner might be wondering why they are with you in the first place. For the major anniversaries go all out and if you are on a fixed budget then work around it. Where there is a will there is a way. Get cheap flowers at the discount store and put them in a special vase, cook them a special meal, or just go on a long hand in hand walk. Those are the things that are important in a relationship. Sure jewelry and sports tickets are nice but they are fleeting but gazing into someones eyes at a sunset last forever.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Keep the Peace!

I understand some of you are in a new relationship and that maybe you haven't had any disagreements, yet! Well they are coming let me tell you. If you think that you will not have an argument at any time then you live in la la land and need to get help. Actually disagreements or fights are good for a relationship, after they are over you realize that you can disagree and still love each other. This is where a lot of people get confused. They think that because their partner doesn't agree with them they are doomed. Think about it this way do you stop being friends with your best friend because they like a different sports team then you? or they don't order the same meal as you? Differences are great in a relationship so embrace them and know that is what helps you keep your identity in the relationship.

When you do have that big blow up you need to know when it is time to let it go. Things can get heavy and I have seen couples not speak to each other for days. This is the silliest thing I have ever seen. A relationship can overcome a lot but you have to know when it is time to give up on standing your ground. Think about is your view more important then your relationship. Realize it is okay to have different opinions. Compromise if neither one of you can be swayed, it's not hard people, you just have to give a little. If you partner is important to you that shouldn't be that hard to do.

Keeping the Peace is a challenge sometimes, I will not kid you. It is however worth the struggles and effort to not let little differences keep your relationship from being it's best. Know that it is okay to fight all couples do it from time to time but just know when it is time to lay down the guns and hug each other.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Create a mood

We are so focused on the outcome of our dates and time together that we very seldom try to enhance our evenings. We rush around so much that we forget the maybe a little more time setting a mood might help in our romantic life. I am sure everyone is thinking right now about putting some candles in the bedroom or lighting a fire in the fireplace. Those are great mood setters but they are the common ones. I am going to challenge you, as I so often do, to create some non-traditional moods. Don't sweat it, I am going to give you some examples for you to feed off of.

Intimacy is a great place to set a mood. I want you to start way earlier though, in your date or evening together. The example I am going to use is to set a Mexican mood. Start out by cooking or going to a place that serves Mexican food. At home get some salsa and chips and whip up a Mexican feast. You can find all kinds of Mexican dishes on any recipe web page. If you go out make sure it isn't Taco Bell, go to a nice Mexican restaurant where they play music and have the place decorated just right. Now once you get home you can continue the mood by getting Mexican oriented movies, some that pop into my mind are Funny Cheech and Chong movies, or the Brad Pitt move The Mexican. Now for the fun part make sure to find some sombreros and Mexican blankets to spread out in your bedroom. Completing the night of Mexican mood. Also you can find some traditional Mexican music to play while you get intimate. You might get bonus point if you can speak Spanish. Imagine yourself make love while wearing a sombrero and shouting things out in Spanish.

Here is a second option. If you partner is into science fiction movies. You could rent a full night of the Star Wars Saga or which ever movie he or she is into. Then when it came time for the intimacy you could dress as a character form the movie. I know lots of men that have the princess lea fantasy. Personalize it to your partners favorite character. You could even get the Star Wars theme song to play in the back ground for the main event. Imagine....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yes I am Horny

Okay you are in a relationship or if your not this information can be helpful later. We have heard it a hundred times about how important communication is in a relationship. Well they are usually talking about everyday life and things that upset you that your partner does. Well you need to let your partner know also about your sexual feelings. You know when you would really like to jump their bones, or shower with them, or anything that might strike your fancy. Now this doesn't mean they have to oblige you right away. Sex is a two way street and both partner need to be in the mood. However, you can let your partner know what turns you on or something you would like to try without fear of being called a pervert. Like I said earlier this is a two way street and if your partner is not letting you know about their feelings then you are getting short changed. Take a bold move and tell your lover you would like them to be more aggressive. There are going to be somethings that they are not comfortable with and you have to understand that, however you can compromise on about anything. In closing I just want to say it is okay to tell your partner you are horny or excited, just don't get upset if they are not in the mood to reciprocate your feelings at the current time. Remember also when they let their feeling be known that they are speaking form their desires.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Brown Bag it!

There is no doubt in this time that finances are tough. We all need to squeeze as much as we can out of our fund. One thing that can save you a lot of money is to brown bag it or take your lunch to work. You might be thinking at this point, "How is taking your lunch to work, romantic?" Well it's not but wouldn't you rather use that cash to take your partner to dinner or to buy them a great present? Let your partner know that you are trying to save up for a trip or something special for the two of you and I am sure they will help you pack your lunch a time or two. Depending on where you live not purchasing lunch out could save you as much as seven or eight dollars a day. Start adding that up and see how quickly you might get to the cruise. Another benefit is that you can eat a little more healthy and not as much. Not only are you saving for something special for you and your sweety but you are also improving your health and possibly losing some weight. Now when people make fun of you at work and ask if you mom packed your lunch, don't get mad, just think of them when you are enjoying your reward.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Smores Lovin'

Tonight no matter where you are get some supplies and make some smores. Get the chocolate, marshmallows, and gram crackers and make the tasty treat with you partner. Yes it is great if you are somewhere that you have a fire going to make the smores the correct way. If not then adlib use the microwave or toast them over you gas grill. Smores are gooey and a great way to start a conversation as you try not to make a mess of yourself. Take turns making the treat and decide who makes the best smores in your relationship. If you can find a way to make them outside over a fire, then you can spend the night looking up at the stars. Feed each other or lick the chocolate off each others fingers is a great way to start an intimate evening.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Single Flower

Okay so you are on your way to pick up your date. Take a moment to stop and pick up a single flower. Nothing fancy just a simple single flower. Nothing says I hope things go well then this little gesture. More flowers would say that you were expecting to much. Present it to your date upon arriving at their house, it is an ice breaker and simple put a nice feeling for the date to receive. It is Innocent and doesn't suggest that you expect more then companionship on this date. Plus in this day and age not to many men will take the time to do this, you be the exception. A carnation, or single rose is very elegant and easy to find. No excuses get that flower and hold it behind your back as you knock on the door. It might help the butterflies in your stomach.