Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Blueberries for Stamina

Blueberries Might be the Answer to the Sexy Questions

How to Increase My Stamina in Sex - Fail Proof Ways to Last Up to 10 Times Longer in Sex

Many men are on the quest of learning how to increase their stamina during sex. I wonder if a lot of them have already found the simple ways in order to achieve what they want. The average time for men to get sexually aroused until reaching their orgasm is only a couple of minutes. This specific length of time makes the sexual experience very frustrating and disappointing for most of the men. It upsets for them to know that they cannot last long enough to satisfy their partners and they are not certain about what they can do in order to change the situation. Therefore, it is important that you look at the tips below before you proceed to other more aggressive solutions to your problem.
In this way, you will be able to increase your stamina during sex and you will be able to achieve the best sexual intercourse in your life. Your partner will be able to reach her orgasm as well and this will make the both of you satisfied in your sexual life.
First, you need to eat healthy. Consume the foods that will increase your stamina so that you can last longer in bed. You can eat blueberries because these contain vitamins and minerals that will help enhance your sexual stamina. Aside from blueberries, you should also eat a lot of other fruits and vegetables because they are likely to give you the strength you need not only in bed but in all your activities. If you eat healthy foods and the healthier you get, it will improve your sexual performance.
The next thing you should do is practice the correct breathing. This is another way of increasing your stamina during your sexual activity. During sex, we all know that your body becomes tensed and your breathing becomes ragged. This will cause a heavy feeling that you might just want to get it over with and will result to a performance that you never really intended to do. Therefore, it is important that you breathe in and out deeply, smoothly and slowly so that your entire body will relax. Always make sure that your breathing is natural and steady because if you force it, it will not help you.
Another way for you to last longer in bed is to use a very natural position that is both comfortable and stimulating. You should discover what sexual position you are best comfortable so that you can last longer. This will also help her to achieve orgasm. Inserting your penis into the deepest part of her vagina will always make things more stimulating but will have different effect on your arousal. You should know that it feels good because it will also feel good to your partner.
Now pay close attention here,
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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3579866

Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Easy Halloween Costume

Your Halloween Costume just got easier the only issue is choosing which Big Bang Cast member to dress like.  Off all the cast it would seem to me that Howard would be the most difficult not everyone can spend an entire night in that tight of pants.  

Just be careful your friends don't pick the same character. 

This might bring about a different kind of Big Bang. 

Within this accessible and approachable guide, you’ll find exciting and steamy sex positions like Bottoms Up, The Joyride, The Lotus, Spread Eagle, as well as more than twenty less-frequent, but more adventurous sexual topics and positions. You’ll also discover sections about foreplay, toys, setting the mood, exercises to improve your performance and flexibility, why size only matters when it’s wrong, and many other burning topics that are often overlooked. 

Get ready to take your sex life to a whole-new level with The Big Black Book of Sex Positions.

Friday, October 26, 2018

The Small Print Tells the Story

Sometimes you just have to read the small print to get the entire picture.  

Case in point this shirt tells the entire story but if you stop after the first line you get an entirely different picture!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Do You Wanna Win of Be An Idiot?

Playing Trivial Pursuit with Idiots

One thing you must do whenever you play Trivial Pursuit is to play with people that challenge you.  Sure if your hell bent on winning at the game picking idiots to play with might be the way to go.  However studies show that when you play Trivial Pursuit with Idiots it actually decreases your intelligence, at least that is what we have heard.  So choose you opposites wisely and it you are the one not answering any questions you might have been chosen to make sure someone else wins you Idiot!  

Monday, October 22, 2018

Trouble on the High Seas - Mission Date Night Adventure

The Mission Date Night Adventures series is a fun and exciting way for couples to spend quality time together. Unlike most normal date nights, Mission Date Night Adventures give you many different tasks to complete during your evening out. You get to combine your date night experience with playing the role of spy while taking on a mission.

Each Mission is constructed to throw you into the role of secret agents working together to foil the plot of an evil villain, and along the way you will create a date night that you will not forget.

The first adventure released, Trouble On The High Seas, will have you working against Dr. Stagnant and his nautical efforts to keep relationships boring and dull. With your help the Federation of Relationship Bliss (FRB) can show couples all over the world just how fun and exciting date nights can be. Setting sail in this adventure is just the tip of the iceberg. Complete the assignments from the FRB, and you will be rewarded with an exercise to build your relationship as well as an intimate exercise to connect the two of you like never before.

This mission, should you choose to accept it, will help keep your relationship from just floating along. It will put you in the driver's seat of a relationship speed boat hurling through the sea of date night excitement.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Slushy Tequila Sunrise

Our Drink of the Month

Slushy Tequila Sunrise

Making amazing drinks sets you apart to all your friends.

The ancient Kama Sutra text focuses on four main goals in life. Eroticism and pleasure are only one of those four. Few people know this. Sexy Challenges has incorporated these four main goals into a unique and beautiful scenario meant for lovers in Pillow Sutra. Share a pleasure-filled experience while deepening the bond between you and reaching towards the ultimate goals of the Kama Sutra together. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Answers To Make You Sexier

Okay guys here are some simple ways to help improve your sexiness, trust me but these tips are actually good ones.  No tricks no gimmicks simple instructions to get you on your way.

Improve your Relationship Today By Speaking Kind Words - This book will Help get you started. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Use The Chaos Magick Out There

Chaos Magick

There is magick in everything we do and yet most of this magick in everything we do.  Magick is a form of energy and Chaos Magick represents the fact that magick travels where it needs to go because the magick is intelligent and goes where it is needed if not directed.  Yes you can direct the magick you create!  You might ask how you create magick?  Well our sexual activities based around love is one way, which is the Sexy Challenge way.  You can also create magick when you create wonderful works of art, amazing music, or do wonderful things for the people around you.  So magick isn't as mysterious as you might think it is doing something wonderful and sharing it with the world.  Now when you focus, meditate, or speak where you want the magick to go before you make love or create the magick.

So why are you not directing the magick you are creating, if not you can leave it to chaos so that other people like myself can collect it and use it in other amazing ways.  

Learn more about magick here! 

While some say that love makes the world go 'round, the world is actually made up of energy. Hey! Wait! Isn't love really energy, too? Yep. Grab your romantic partner and get ready to go on a journey that will help you better understand three key energies in your life because when you do you will love the moon, the earth and yourself more than you ever have before. You'll discover how to connect to them, get them to work for you, and in turn grow a beautiful relationship with them. Moon Energy, Earth Energy, and Sexual Energy are powerful resources for you to become fully conscious of and tap into. When you allow the three to interweave together in your world you will likely be blown away by the synchronicity and serendipity that begins to show up in everyday life. Confidence, deep spiritual connection, and amazing success will be at your fingertips. Filled with great wisdom and a ton of exercises, ceremony and ritual, The Full Moon Approaches: Merging Moon Energy, Earth Energy & Sexual Energy is sure to cast a magical spell upon you, your relationship and your life.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Secret Sensuals

Sexy Lace Lingerie, Teddy Bodysuits, Erotic Sleepwear & Erotic Costumes.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Ready to have a Baby?

Are You And Your Partner Trying To Conceive?
Predict your fertile days and increase your chances of getting pregnant with this 160-piece ovulation and pregnancy predictor kit!
The kit includes everything you need to test your urine at home in order to predict your ovulation days and detect a pregnancy:
60 ovulation test strips
20 pregnancy test strips
80 disposable cups (our gift to you!)
Our FDA approved pregnancy and ovulation tests are quick, 99% accurate and absolutely reliable!
Here’s Everything You Need To Know!
Our ovulation test strips detect the luteinizing hormone (LH), which increases dramatically in the middle of the menstrual cycle. The LH increase triggers ovulation, which is when the egg is released periodically from normal fertile women.
The pregnancy test strips detect the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which appears in urine very early in pregnancy. The level of HCG starts to increase from its basal level of less than 5 mIU/mL directly after implantation, and doubles about each 48 hours during the first weeks of pregnancy. Our pregnancy test can detect levels as low as 25 mIU/ml.
Do The Test At Home Alone!
You don’t need to visit your gynecologist to do this ovulation test. The ovulation test kit allows you to do it yourself at home, simply by following these steps:
1) Urinate in a disposable cup.
2) Immerse the strip into the urine for seconds until dye rises into the result window.
3) Check the results: 2 lines means pregnant and 1 line means not pregnant.
That was easy, wasn’t it? The results take between 1-3 minutes to appear.
So What Are You Waiting For?
Place an order and make it easier for you and your partner to get pregnant! If you’re unhappy with your purchase, contact us and we’ll make it right!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Barbarella - Sexy Space Woman

The Sexiest Science Fiction Movie Ever!

Barbarella is a 1968 science fiction film directed by Roger Vadim, based on the comic series of the same name by Jean-Claude Forest. The film stars Jane Fonda as Barbarella, a space-traveler and representative of the United Earth government sent to find scientist Durand Durand, who has created a weapon that could destroy humanity.
As a director who expressed an interest in comics and science fiction, Vadim was hired to direct Barbarella after producer Dino De Laurentiis purchased the film rights to the comic series. Vadim attempted to cast several actors in the title role (including Virna LisiBrigitte Bardot, and Sophia Loren) before choosing his then-wife, Fonda. A friend of Vadim's, Terry Southern, wrote the initial screenplay, which changed considerably during filming and led to seven other writers credited in the final release, including Vadim and Forest. The film began shooting immediately following the completion of another De Laurentiis comic adaptation, Danger: Diabolik, with both films sharing several cast and crew members.
The film was particularly popular in the United Kingdom, where it was the year's second-highest-grossing film. Contemporary film critics praised Barbarella's visuals and cinematography, but found its storyline weak after the first few scenes. Although several attempts at sequels, remakes, and other adaptations have been planned, none have entered production.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

This Weekend at the Club

The Best New Dancers At the Club

You know even these people even make me look like a good dancer.  

So let's go get our groove on.

All Day Arousal will start building your anticipation from the earliest part of your day.  That arousal will continue through out the day building to a frenzy for later in the evening.  This is a wonderful way to create that excitement in your relationship if you have lost it or not.  

Monday, October 8, 2018

Energy For You!

Abundance Darling is a mother daughter duo trying to make Reiki and Tarot services accessible to everyone. We know how costly readings and spiritual services can be and want to make sure spiritual guidance is available to all at an affordable rate. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing art form to promote emotional and physical well being. Our Kawaii Tarot readings are made to inspire and guide you positivily on your path. Energy clearings also available if you have been feeling bogged down lately.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Cracking The Code To Marital Bliss

A real couple reveals the Secrets to solving all your marriage problems by teaching you how to fall back in love with each other.

This book is about experiencing life, love, and sexuality at a level of intensity and fulfillment most never thought possible. No matter your age, sex, religion, income level, education, occupation or walk of life, YOU can have a relationship that is passionate, exciting, fulfilling and rewarding. All it takes is a shift in your thinking and the application of just a few profound principles. 

Cracking the CODE is about getting the most out of yourself, your relationship, and your life. Do you want more quality time with each other? Do you want to increase the passion? Do you long for meaningful conversation? Do you want to collaborate on your life together? Do you want your needs met at a higher level? Do you want to take cheating and divorce completely off the table? Do you just want to feel alive again? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, this is the book you’ve been looking for.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

7 Types of Orgasms Women Can Have

Female Orgasms - The 7 Most Common Types Of Climax A Woman Can Have

Most men only give their women clitoral orgasms and many women (30%) have never had an orgasm of any kind.
However, the truth is that women can have many types of orgasm and have a tremendous potential for experiencing wild SEXUAL PLEASURE, but they need a REAL MAN to help them to unleash all of that sexuality.
A real man gives his woman these types of orgasm...
Female Orgasms - Here Are The 7 Most Common Types Of Climax A Woman Can Have
1. Clitoral Orgasm
The clitoral orgasm is the one that most women have had.
To give your woman a clitoral orgasm you must stimulate her clitoris. This is usually done with your fingers or via oral sex, but can also be done with a sex toy or the head of your 'little chap'.
2. Vaginal Orgasm
The vaginal orgasm is the MOST IMPORTANT on this list for two reasons.
Firstly, it is way more powerful and SEXUALLY PLEASURABLE for women than the regular clitoral orgasm.
Secondly, it is the key to your woman experiencing squirting and multiple orgasms too.
Quite simply -- when you give your woman regular vaginal orgasms, your sex-life will improve dramatically.
You can give your woman this type of orgasm by stimulating her G-Spot or Deep Spot. This can be done using your fingers, during intercourse or with a sex toy.
3. Squirting Orgasm
"YES", women can squirt/ejaculate.
When a woman has a squirting orgasm it is not urine.
The best way to give your woman her first and extremely exciting squirting orgasm is to stimulate her G-Spot. So really you end up giving her a Squirting, G-Spot Vaginal Orgasm!
Try saying that after a few beers.
4. Anal Orgasm
The anal orgasm is perhaps the most powerful for a woman to experience.
This is best done by massaging her G-Spot whilst your finger is in her anus. This is possible because the lining that separates her vagina and anus is very thin.
5. Multiple Orgasms
If your woman has more than one orgasm in a sex session -- she's having multiple orgasms.
This is hard to do if you only give your woman clitoral orgasms because the clitoris usually becomes too sensitive to touch after a woman has come.
However, it's easy to do with vaginal orgasms because the vagina suffers no such hyper-sensitivity.
See what I mean about vaginal orgasms being so important?
6. Nipple Orgasm
Some women have very sensitive nipples and can be brought off by nipple stimulation alone. Such women may enjoy having their nipples kissed, licked, sucked, blown on and even bitten.
7. Mental Orgasm ('Mindgasm')
The 'Mindgasm' is extremely exciting and involves no physical stimulation. Instead, you bring your woman off using only your voice.
In other words -- you have to be good at Dirty Talk.
Again, I've found the 'Mindgasm' to be much easier to do once you have unleashed a woman's wildly sexual side by giving her regular vaginal orgasms.
Find out exactly how to give your woman a powerful G-Spot Vaginal Orgasm by clicking HERE [http://outrageous-orgasms.com/g-spot-orgasm.htm]

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6844247

Within this accessible and approachable guide, you’ll find exciting and steamy sex positions like Bottoms Up, The Joyride, The Lotus, Spread Eagle, as well as more than twenty less-frequent, but more adventurous sexual topics and positions. You’ll also discover sections about foreplay, toys, setting the mood, exercises to improve your performance and flexibility, why size only matters when it’s wrong, and many other burning topics that are often overlooked. 

Get ready to take your sex life to a whole-new level with The Big Black Book of Sex Positions.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Burn Baby Burn

My new favorite scientist.  

I love the reckless abandon this gentleman uses to prove his points. Hope he has amazing insurance.  

Check out more at ElectroBoom.com

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