Monday, May 30, 2011

Conversations Hit the Road.

          There is a brand new podcast out their that covers everything from the spiritual to the sexual.  That podcast is called Conversations Hit the Road.  You can find this wonderful podcast on itunes or you can find the home page by clicking here (Conversations Hit the Road).  Listen and start your own conversation with your partner and start learning to express you feelings.  

Friday, May 27, 2011

Lovers Communication.

Communication is extremely important in a loving relationship. Talking and listening to each other is critical when you're first dating and when you're living with each other. Without it couples can literally drift apart emotionally and then physically.
If you're just starting or trying to get into a new relationship, sometimes it's tricky to bring up sensitive topics especially about sex. But this is exactly the time you need to be thinking and talking about all aspects of your sex life -- all your likes, dislikes, desires and expectations. Learning about each other's sexual preferences and perspectives will make your relationship much more fulfilling. It also enables you to get a better idea if the relationship is one you want to develop further or not.
And if you are in a long term relationship, maintaining good communication is even more important. You may think you know your partner fairly well but we all change as we grow. The assumption that you know and understand each other may be holding you back from creating an even stronger connection with the person you love. Our interests and desires evolve as we learn and experience more about the world and ourselves. Your partner may have shed restrictive beliefs or inhibitions. They may even be more open to erotic adventures and sexual pleasures initially refused -- activities you may even fantasize about still.
Sometimes it's hard to find things to talk about or ways to bring up certain subjects. Relationship games for couples can help set the mood, the expectations and the guidelines for discussing intimate questions we want answers to. Relationship games for couples help introduce intimate questions into your conversation. Randomly selecting topics from a broad list makes it easier to include more intense subjects with less sensitive ones. Here are a few quick and easy games that you can play anytime:
  • Ask your partner to start by picking a letter A-Z. You then select a word or phrase starting with that letter. Your partner then asks you any question related to that word which you answer. Then switch. Go through the alphabet start to finish if you wish (each player does the same letter once).
  • Each person writes down a list of questions on business cards or slips of paper. Place them in a bowl and pick them out randomly. You could set a time each day to ask each other one say before going to bed or after making love. Add to the bowl of questions whenever you think of a new idea.
  • Each of you secretly write down a numbered list (2-12) of 11 relationship or sex oriented words. On each player's turn, roll two dice twice and use the numbers to select words from each list. You then make up a question that uses the two words for your partner to answer. The combinations can be very weird -- if necessary make two questions one for each word.
  • Pick a relationship or sex guide book and ask your partner to pick a number between 1 and the number of pages in the book. Quickly scan the page and find a section of interest that you can ask a question about. Read the section to your partner and then ask the question.
These couples games are well suited for long distance relationships when you can only communicate by email, text message or phone call. They are excellent for online dating too. If you are stuck for conversation ideas or want to know more about a potential partner, try these relationship games and get a better understanding of the person you may decide to meet in the flesh.
It's curious that many people find it easier to have sex than to talk about it. The emotional intimacy you create when you take the time to share thoughts and feelings while listening to your partner in return is priceless. Enjoy playing couples games together and keep your intimate connection strong.
For more ideas related to this couples game, see Intimate Questions Game.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do you know your girlfriends panties?

Panties are a type of underwear worn by girls or women in the area below the waist. They are usually light, a snug fit and decorated with prints, lace or other ornamental curios. Standard components include a waistband, a pair of leg openings and a crotch to cover the genital area. This part is usually supported by a gusset and lined for extra protection. Typically, they have no legs but, in some cases, can have very short ones. With only a few exceptions to the rule, one single unit is referred to in the plural and addressed as a "pair of panties," and is mainly worn for hygienic reasons or to look ultra-sexy and seductive. Their design can vary tremendously. Classic and high-cut briefs, hipsters, bikinis, thongs, Tangas, G-String or boy shorts are the most popular styles. The materials used to produce panties, also called knickers, pants or undies, ranges widely, and although cotton is preferred because of its absorbent qualities, other fabrics are equally in demand.
Panties are made from silk, cotton, satin, leather, PVC, nylon, mesh, lace, polyester, rawhide, lycra, but can be made from virtually any material, even edible ones. The newest cutting-edge panties are seamless. They lay flat against the body, are comfortable and impossible to detect; they are perfect to fool even the most trained eye.
Different people like different styles of panties. The style and material type preferred will depend on a persons body shape and personal preference. Choosing the perfect panties is usually a matter of trial and error.
Girlie Goodies is home to a large and varied range of sexy lingerie items for women. Girlie Goodies stocks G-Strings, Bras, Bustiers, Corsets, Babydolls and lots more. Girlie Goodies also stocks a large range of Plus Sizes. Spoil yourself or that special lady in your life and buy her some sexy lingerie from Girlie Goodies.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pictures tell the story.

Photography has been around for a long time, are you using it to record your relationship?  Have you ever thought that you can capture all the fun times and memories on that little disk that fits in your digital camera?  Well you should make it a habit to start snapping pictures everywhere you go, every event your attend, and every special moment that arrises.  Now you don't have to just try to remember them you have a hard copy of them for you to enjoy at any moment.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nothing more than feelings...

If you came from a family where you were not allowed to express your true feelings, you may not even be aware of the range of feelings that are normal and experienced every day. In communication with your family you may find yourself overusing the old stand by's of "Mad, Sad and Happy."
Communication based on mutual respect
Mutual respect means that children and parents allow each other to express their beliefs and feelings honestly and without fear of rejection. You may not agree with what is being shared, but you do agree they have the right to their feelings.
Use of "I" statements
When we start a conversation by saying "You always.." the other person automatically puts up defenses. Instead in using a statement on how the behavior makes you feel, you will not be laying blame and the child is more likely to listen. In most cases, it is not the behavior that is frustrating you but the possible consequences it will produce for you. A simple formula is stating;
1. When (behavior) 
2. I feel (feeling) 
3. because (state the consequence)

So instead of blaming a child, you might say, "When I see toys all over the living room, after I have asked you to pick them up, I feel like I am not being heard and it hurts my feelings.Because the toys are still here, we have two choices, either you pick them up or I will pick them up and put them away for a day."
Tune into non-verbal clues
Verbal language is communication of information. Nonverbal language is communication of relationships. Watch for clues on how your child is really feeling. Acknowledging these clues allows the child to express his feelings. For instance: "when you roll your eyes that way, I think you don't agree, is that right?" "Your frown tells me you are concerned about something. Want to talk about it?"
Words reflecting "upset" feelings
Children need to understand that there are many varying degrees of upset feelings. Some such examples are: abandoned, accused, angry, anxious, bored, defeated, difficult, disappointed, discouraged, disgusted, disrespected, doubt, embarrassed, frightened, frustrated, guilty, hate, hopeless, hurt inadequate, incapable, left out, miserable, put down, rejected, sad, stupid, unfair, unhappy, unloved, worried, worthless.
Words reflecting "happy" feelings
Just as there are varying degrees of upset feelings, there are just as many different words to describe happy emotions, such as accepted, amused, appreciated, better, capable, comfortable, confident, encouraged, enjoy, excited, glad, good grateful, great, happy, joyful, love, pleased, proud, relieved, respected, satisfied, silly.
Family: Feeling Words and Expressions 
© Judy H. Wright, Parent Educator and Author 
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Romantic Quote

When you lose sight of Romance the color goes out of your world.
-Rob Alex-

Monday, May 9, 2011

Foods that make your go AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

If you and your partner have been spending less time lovemaking lately, it's possible you've lost some sexual desire. Don't be too hard on yourself. Everyone is guilty of getting swept up in their own lives and putting lovemaking aside every so often. The important part is getting you and your partner back into the swing of things.
These natural aphrodisiacs will stimulate your senses and make you yearn for some bedroom time within hours.
If you're not familiar with what aphrodisiacs are, you're really missing out. A natural aphrodisiac is a food or substance that arouses and intensifies your sexual desire. They're found all around you in foods and scents. Here, I'll be listing a bunch of aphrodisiacs you can start benefiting from immediately. Get ready to get the urge!
1. Oysters
These are probably the most famous food aphrodisiac. Oysters are high in zinc, a necessary component for sperm production. They're also incredibly high in D-aspartic acid and N-mthyl-D-aspartate. Those are two ingredients that raise testosterone levels in men. This has a direct effect on the libido and stirs up a man's desire.
The texture of oysters also provides an aphrodisiac response for both men and women. The slurping of the salty brine as been reported by many to be an erotic foreplay to a night of passion. Sometimes eating these appetizers alone will direct your thoughts to a night of lovemaking. If you love the taste of oysters, it's an added bonus.
2. Yohimbe
Yohimbe is an evergreen tree, growing in Africa, Nigeria and the Jungles of the Congo. The bark of the tree is extracted and broken down into pill form to give the user the desired effect. This supplement is most well known for naturally increasing libido size and curing erectile dysfunction.
It works by increasing blood flow to the penis. Most health food stores in your area sell this stuff, so it's readily available. That said, you don't want to take Yohimbe if you have a heart condition. It does cause an increase in blood pressure and may have side effects including heart palpitations and anxiety. Just be safe and review all potential side effects before diving in.
I hope that little disclaimer didn't scare you off. The fact is, yohimbe is such an effective aphrodisiac that it's prescribed in concentrated form. The major drawback to consider though is that it's hard to gauge how much of the active ingredient you're receiving through each non-prescription dose of Yohimbe. Sometimes you'll get too light a dose and feel little effect and sometimes you'll get too high a dose and have insomnia or other "speedy" results.
Try it out and see for youself. Just speak with your doctor first to determine if Yohimbe is right for you.
3. Celery
Celery contains the male hormone androsterone. This is a bonus for both you AND your partner. Androsterone stimulates sexual arousal in women. The chemical is released after eating through perspiration and functions as a pheromone that increases sexual desire in women.
4. Chocolate
Chocolate releases serotonin in the brain. As you probably know, serotonin is responsible for feelings of relaxation and pleasure. Dark chocolate is preferable as it contains a higher level of the active ingredient, cocoa. Eat a delicious, gooey, chocolate desert the next time you and your partner are out to dinner. It's sure to inspire feelings of love and playfulness between the two of you.
5. Vanilla
Get in the mood with the natural flavor and scent of vanilla, a proven aphrodisiac. Vanilla can be used by women to get a man into a happy and sensual mood. The scent of vanilla is recognized by the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that controls memory and emotion. Once stimulated by vanilla, a man's emotions will be associated with feelings of security, nurturing and relaxation.
Although it may not be an aphrodisiac for women, vanilla is definitely a way to get your man into a more "cooperative" state of mind. Try out this aphrodisiac tonight and seduce your lover on the sly.
6. Chili Peppers
Guaranteed to spice up more than your taste buds, chili peppers will have you and your lover sizzling with passion before the night is through. Chili peppers work as an aphrodisiac by releasing endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are "feel good" chemicals that will have the two of you smiling and eyeing each other down with eager indulgence.
7. Ginger
Whether you're enjoying raw ginger or the cooked form in your favorite foods, this wonder spice acts as a stimulant to the circulatory system. As an added bonus, ginger settles the stomach so if digestive troubles have ever gotten in the way of your lovemaking before, this natural aphrodisiac should do the trick. Personally, I like to eat ginger with sushi or as ginger dressing in salad. However you incorporate it, ginger is a great way to conveniently cook up some loving.
8. Honey
Ever wonder where the expression "Honeymoon" comes from? In ancient Egypt, newly married couples would be encouraged to consummate their marriage after the ritual drinking of Mead. Mead is a fermented beverage from honey and water used in the nuptial ceremonies. "Moon" represents the idea that conception is most promising under the full moon. White Honey is an aphrodisiac and has been scientifically proven to create sexual energy and lustful desire between couples. Try adding some to a soothing cup of tea tonight before cozying up with your partner.
9. Pine Nuts
If you're not a huge fan of oysters but still want the sexual benefits of zinc, Pine Nuts are an easy alternative. They're available everywhere and are also loaded with zinc. Zinc of course has the sexual benefits of testosterone production and increased sperm count. It also stimulates the libido for heightened sensitivity to lovemaking as well as increased sexual urge. Additionally, pine nuts have very high levels of protein which stimulate hormone production. This leads to further desire for sexual fulfillment. You really can't lose with this terrific natural aphrodisiac.
10. Asparagus
This well known aphrodisiac is chock full of chemicals to trigger sexual response. Containing, phytohormones, asparagus stimulates sexual receptors in the brain and is particularly effective in women. It's an easy way to stay healthy while satisfying your sexual appetite.
This is just the beginning. If you REALLY want to become an expert between the sheets, you NEED to check out all the AMAZING tips for being a better lover, exclusively at

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bike together, I m mean really bike together.

Tandem bike clubs are more popular than you think.
Many couples don't exercise together because one partner is much more fit than the other. Riding a tandem bicycle is a great equalizer. The amount of work you do on a bicycle depends on how hard you push on the pedals. Pushing twice a hard on the pedals takes twice the work, so a world-class bicycle racer can ride with a novice and still get a good workout. Even a beginner will be able to keep up with the spinning pedals, no matter how fast they go. The less-fit partner just applies little or no pressure so he or she will not get tired. No matter how hard one partner tries to leave the other, you will always be together.
You can go faster together than the faster person can go alone. The more experienced rider sits in the front seat. If both are equally good riders, the taller one usually sits in front. The person who sits in the back copies the motions of the person in the front. At first it may seem strange not to have any control over steering, shifting or braking, but the you have the big advantage of being able to exercise only as hard as you like while enjoying the scenery.
Many cities have tandem bicycle clubs that organize rides and social events. They welcome newcomers and will give you lots of help when you're getting started.
Dr. Gabe Mirkin has been a radio talk show host for 25 years and practicing physician for more than 40 years; he is board certified in four specialties, including sports medicine. Read or listen to hundreds of his fitness and health reports at

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quote from Me!

"When love is all you have, you have a lot"
-Rob Alex-