Saturday, August 28, 2021

Get Your Butts to Utah


My Amazing Trip to Utah - Arches National Park

I recently took a spiritual trip to Utah and got to experience for myself the first time Arches National Park.  I cannot explain how amazing this adventure with nature was.  I spent a week hiking and being in awe of all the beautiful sights around and in Arches National Park.   From the mesmerizing arches, to the native American rock art to the fun and exciting breweries and amazing places to eat.  I left Utah panning to come back as soon as possible.  A great place to experience if you have never been and super relaxing even through I hiked at least 10 miles a day.  

Important things I learned while traveling to Utah.

1. Utah has a lot to over don't think you can do it all
2. Gas stations are not close together so don't wait to get gas.
3. Rest Areas in Utah might just be a port a potty in a parking lot
4. People that go to National Parks are super friendly. 
5. Utah is a very clean State
6. Moab, UT has a great hippie vide (That I love)
7. Arches are Energy Portals
8.   Don't rely on your GPS in Utah.
9.  The food here is amazing and super large portions. 
10.  Get to the Parks Early
11.  Take time to Star Gaze the lack of light pollution here makes for wonderful Star Gazing.  

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Relationship Goals


Relationship Goals

Relationship goals are important.  However, the goals have to be inline with both partners.  It is unrealistic to set goals for a couple with only one person in the pair making the goals.  Together is the only way a couple can create relationship goals.   So take some time and sit down together and plan out some goals for your relationship.  Understand that these goals will most likely change with time.  I suggest revisiting your goals yearly and be okay if they change or morph into something new, that is part of life and part of a great relationship.