Friday, April 30, 2010

Time to slip a note into a book.

Today your mission is to slip a note into a book your partner is reading. Get yourself a little post it note and carefully write a little sentiment on it. Something short and sweet like, "thinking about you", or "Wow, you are sexy when you are reading" Then find your lovers book and place it someplace ahead of where they are reading. Put it on a page that they won't get to right away and you might find yourself getting a kiss sometime later when you are not expecting it. This is one of those little things you can do to make everyday romantic.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is romance the last thing on your to do list.

When you plan out your day where does time for romance fall? If you are like most other people you put it at the end of the day. Think about this how many of you get everything done you want to everyday? I know that I get less done each day then I plan on at the start of the day. You know how it goes, thing take longer then you think or situations arise the pushes meetings or events back. The list of obstacles goes on and on and then never stop. Thusly most people that put romance at the end of their day, find themselves with little or not energy left for romance, love and sex. I have heard in many financial planning that you should pay yourself first when dealing with your money. Why not put our romance first or give it attention first. How you ask might we do this, not many of us can stop in the middle of the day to be romantic or sexual with our partner. We have jobs, kids, and a load of other items that would make this a little hard for the average couple. We have to set a time, after the kids are in bed, and before we get tired to let our love flow. This might seem a little crazy because most of us want to enjoy each other then fall asleep. Well with this way of approaching romance, then you have time for other things after you get romance into your relationship. Try it, and see how it works for you. Bump your romance time up in front of other things and see what happens you might just find that putting your romance first makes everything else a little better.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Romantic visions help to promote romance in your life.

We all want as much romance as we can handle in our life. How come we hide things away that remind us of romance. Romantic pictures on the wall are one way that you can remind yourself daily to do your part of romance. Hang sexy or romantic pictures in areas of your house that you will have to view often. This way every time you see these images it will spark you mind and bring romance to your thoughts. Most of us try to keep our romance a secret and by doing that we hide it away from ourself. Keeping it in the dark makes us forget about the romance that would make our life so much more enjoyable. Start today and hang romantic pictures in areas of your house that will remind you at the appropriate time that romance need to be your concern. In the hallway on the way to your bedroom, in the bathroom, or even put some pictures in the bedroom itself to work as a constant reminder.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sometimes you just have to do nothing at all!

Everyone has those days when you just don't feel great or you might be a little depressed. These are the days you don't want to do your normal routine. You don't want to work out, you don't want to mess with cleaning the kitchen you just want to wallow in your sorrows. Most people might think this is not a healthy activity. I feel like a little bit of this is good for you it keeps you grounded. Now if this is happening everyday you might need to seek some help. One day of this is not going to drive you over the edge. Take the time and do nothing at all, watch some bad television and just hang out together. Don't analyze what is going on just take time to reflect. Think of the good things in your life as you are dealing with the bad, the theory behind this is that once you start thinking of the good things the bad won't seem that bad. I remember a particular tough time in my life where I found myself in a lawyers office. I was depressed and sad about the things going on and I remember my lawyer telling me, "Everything is going to be all right" Then he went on to say "I lost my daughter last week in a car accident, now that is something to mourn for" That statement hit me like a ton of bricks and it really got me understanding how to put things in perspective. Don't make a habit of it but embrace the times you don't feel great and happy and then reflect on them and see that they are really most likely not as bad as they are making you feel.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Change your kissing position.

Well all know that changing sexual positions can improve your sex life. Have you thought that even changing angles and positions for kissing each other could do the same? Everyone I know kisses straight forward lip to lip and they don't think anything else about it. However if you change your angle or position from which you kiss it makes it much more different. The feel the approach gives kissing a much more exciting feel. Think about it kissing your partner on the neck or them leaning back into you to kiss your lips as you stand behind them. Enjoy how different their lips feel against yours in these different positions. Holding the person becomes a different experience also now you hands are not hanging out on their back you can explore the front of their body and see where your hands might lead you. In the Karma Sutra you see the drawings of people doing backbends and all sort of other positions to kiss and more. Try it out what can it hurt, just make sure you stretch before you try a pulled muscle really takes the wind out of your sail.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seafood is it the Chicken of the sea.

We all know that seafood is good for us. Plus with as abundant as the sea is we should not really deplete the oceans as we have the other areas of the world. However, us humans are pretty good at not knowing what we are doing until it is almost to late. My point her however is how romantic seafood is. Oysters have always been known for their romantic boosting abilities. There is just something about seafood that is sexy to me. Lobster, crabs, fish, shrimp, to me say great night out and a romantic stream flowing down my pallet. Maybe it is because I live no where near the ocean, in the middle of the United States of America. So, I wonder if people that live on the coast view their seafood as such a romantic dish as I do? I would love to hear your views. Send them to me at Here in the middle of the country chicken and beef are normal everyday meals to us so I wonder is seafood the chicken of the coast line or do they still hold seafood as a romantic special meal? Looking forward to hearing your feelings.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love takes many forms.

When we think about love we think of kissing and physical touching. The last things that pop into our mind is the deep deep love we feel for each other. The love that will make us do amazing things when our partner most needs us. I have heard the stories of people picking up cars when their loved one was in danger and I believe that the heart can do amazing things. We have also been told to think with our heart which didn't hold much meaning to me until I listened to a podcast that talked about it. When we are conceived our heart is the the first thing to form in our bodies! then the brain starts to form so in theory you should always follow your heart because it beget all the other parts of your body. Plus how many times have you rethought your path and wished you would have done something different or you should have followed your heart. Love means so many different things it would be impossible to list them all, things like making sure your partners stay healthy, that they get things they want, we want them to experience lives treasures and the list goes on and on, love is infinite so much so that we are just able to touch the tip of it in our existence. Don't try to put love into a measurable unit because it is impossible the best thing you can do is let the love flow like a river. It will twist and turn but it will get to where you need it to.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Experience a new town.

Want to go on a romantic adventure? Well if your funds are limited like most people today, why not just go someplace that you have never been. Pick a near by town you have never been to maybe they might be having a festival or a special event going on that you can check out. You don't have to have an agenda. Just go explore the town, walk around downtown and experience how the community works. Find the local hot spots and pick a local restaurant for lunch to get a better feel for the town. Take your time and spend a good portion of the day taking in the sights, finding parks or trails, take in all you can and bank it for future references. Who knows you might find a place that you would like to move to at a future time. Make sure to take your camera and document your findings, heck make a scrap book of your adventures.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday Surprise!

Today is my birthday and I love being the center of attention. From a romance position today I want the romance focused on me! Sounds a little selfish, but you only have one birthday a year and it is okay to wish for your desires. If it is your partner that is having the birthday you can use romance to make it their best birthday ever. There are lots of things you can do and if your short on cash romance can cost nothing but get better results then an expensive present. Make their birthday an all day romance event. Wake them up with sexy caresses, and if they are in the mood start with a little morning sex, offer to make them breakfast or take them out for breakfast to get their birthday morning started out right. If they have to go to work keep the fire burning by slipping notes in their pockets or sending them sexy text messages to let them know their birthday is going to be a hot time. You can then either make dinner, or go out, making sure to have some sort of cake. You can put a candle in a Twinkie if you like after all it's the thought that counts. Once home if you got them a present let them unwrap it. The it is time for them to unwrap their best present. Ladies find something sexy to wear, men slip into silky boxers and over to give them a massage. Tantalize but avoid the erogenous zones until later. Once you get them warmed up with the massage time to submit to their desires. Ask them what they want sexually and unless it is totally out of your comfort zone give it a try. All of these things will combine to form the best present they have ever had. Heck you can keep this up all night after all it is a celebration.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Talk sexy when you leave a voicemail for you sweetie.

When you call your partner and they don't answer do you just try to call them later? Well if you are then you are missing a chance to be a little flirty with them. Why not leave a sexy message or a seductive little blurb for them to enjoy later. Men deepen your voice and use words like Baby, Honey, or Sweet several times during the message. Slip in compliments, or feelings you have for your partner anything that will make them feel good. Ladies talk sexy and flirt a lot let you partner know how important they are to you. These little flirty sexy messages will go a long way with your partner. It might even brighten their day. You can even plan out a message and call when you know they will not be able to answer their phone. You can even steal their cell phone for a few minutes and call them up and leave a message while they can't find their phone.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shaving, yes it is important to romance.

Shaving or the lack of it can be a deal breaker when you are trying to be romantic. Men, no body wants to rub their cheek up against sandpaper as they are cuddling. There are always some exceptions but for the most part if you do not have a full fledged beard then you need to make your face as soft as possible for close situations. Make your partner want to touch the soft skin of your face. Ladies don't think you are getting off easy on this one. Your legs need the same amount of attention for the romance to flow. Stubble on either sex is a real turn off. So if you want hands all over your body make it more attractive. Give them smooth sexy skin to feel not prickly porcupine needles. Believe me in that if you take the time to shave the touch will feel so much better to you and your partner.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Let us help you!

We want to help you become more romantic! If you want to contact us to let us see how you are doing to ask us a question then do not hesitate. Send you emails to our sister blog at so that we can help you out. Check out our other site in the mean time THE COUPLES SPOT offers some great ways to deal with your long term relationships or marriage.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What to do with old underwear?

What do you do when your underwear gets old and it is time to get rid of it? Do you just pitch it in the trash and be done with it? Well I have a better suggestion and it doesn't matter wether you a man or woman, all you need is older underpants that you are ready to get rid of. What I want you to do is save these underpants until the next time you are getting to ready to make love then slip on the old underpants. What? that is not sexy wearing old underpants to seduce your partner in. Well, just wait a minute I haven't finished yet. Once you have them on a ready then tell you partner to... RIP THEM OFF OF YOU! Now that is sexy, ripping the panties or underwear right off your body. If you partner isn't the strongest person in the world place some strategic cuts in the old underwear to make them tear easily. Have fun and enjoy actually ripping your partners panties off their naked body. What you do after that is totally up to you.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

If you know what I mean....

If you remember the Drew Carey Show : Who's Line is it anyway then you know the game they played called "If you know what I mean" Where they used as many sexual innuendos as they could during a skit. Now I am not saying you try to use as many as you can. What I am suggesting is that you make up your own little saying that is just between the two of you that means you are interested in sex. Things like "I would really like the dust your seat, if you know what I mean" or "I would love you to fill me with excitement, if you know what I mean" Personalize your own saying and have fun with it. Change you saying from time to time to create a little more fun and excitement. Watch the clip above to get an idea of sayings you could use. Good luck and I hope this post puts a little bang in your relationship, if you know what I mean!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Encourage Education.

One sure way to show someone how much you care about them is to encourage their education. Find out what they have interest in and encourage them to learn more about it. It doesn't have to be a full fledged college class. Maybe a course on photography or a dance class what ever their interest you can find a course or class somewhere to suit their desires. Now you can't just be supportive when they start their learning process you have to stay interested in what they are learning. Let them tell you what they are learning and if you have interest in the subject you might learn some new things too. Listen intently and try to understand their passion in this subject and be their biggest supporter. Now if you have a desire to learn about something do it also and share with them. Learning will never dampen your relationship and you both will be better off having the most knowledge you can. Pure love will flow from your heart when you mind is happy so educate and stimulate.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Summer Lunches

Summer lunches seem to be a little more light then the ones we eat during the winter or colder months. Sliced turkey, chips and cottage cheese are my normal summer lunch. However to create a lunch that is acceptable and light you might start keeping more fresh fruit around. There is something about having a nice juicy piece of fruit available on a hot summer day that just explodes with romantic. Grapes or Oranges are some of the juiciest fruits you can find but there are so many others. By having these around and ready whenever the mood hits you, not only will you be getting healthier but you will also look like the romantic person you are. Another great way to make summer lunches more special is to eat outside. Make it a picnic or eat on the patio furniture and if you have to go to a restaurant then pick on that has seating outside. Not only will you be able to converse more easily but you will also benefit from the wonderful sunshine. These early days of summer are the best days to be outside and enjoy the sun, your partner, and the romance that summer brings.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Comfort is a key to romance

Romance comes in all shapes and sizes. While someone might thing that snuggling down on the couch is romantic another might think that is not romantic. The one thing that seems to be reacquiring in romance is comfort. When you feel comfortable you are able to open up more and receive the romance the other person is giving. Now comfort doesn't mean that you use a lot of pillows and soft cushions. Comfort is a sense of well being or safety and when you reach that point the romance will flow like a river. Keys to getting comfortable are things like honesty and integrity. Your partner needs to know how you are going to react to things. You can't be calm and collected during a big situation then blow your top when something little happens. Your partner has to understand what pushes your buttons. Once you reach a level that is reassuring to both of you the comfort will surround you and make you feel safe. That my friends is when your romance will erupt.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cheese a romantic snack?

We don't usually think of Cheese as a romantic snack. However when you put a little bit of crackers and wine with it you change the whole image. Now cheese becomes a treat of the wealthy and higher class. Even though all of these items might be from you local discount store. Once you take them out of the package no one knows. Next time the two of you sit down to watch a movie, instead of cooking a bag of microwave popcorn make a small cheese tray and open up a bottle of wine. It might seem upper class while watching a rented movie but heck it is romantic!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Yoga is sexy and good for you.

Yoga is fast making a return to the main stream as people are trying to find that connection with their inner self. With the economy in bad shape people are looking for anything to get them connected with a higher power. Yoga is a combination between exercise and muscle control and meditation. Exercising your mind and your body at the same time. Talk about a romantic thing to do together. Increasing your spirituality while you work your body is a win win situation. With yoga becoming more and more popular you can find videos, books and even podcast all over the place. Yoga has many different faces also so take some time that allows the two of you to find a form that fits the two of you. One of my favorite things to do is to breath together. Getting your breath in sync allows the two of you to reach a deeper connection. Plus yoga clothes are sexy, so control yourself until after you perform you meditation and exercise, then you can marvel at how wonderful your partner looks in the lotus position.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Give and Take!

Everyone knows that romance is a give and take situation. The problems come in when the balance begins to get lopsided. One partner is doing more giving and the other is doing more taking. We all want to enjoy the romantic efforts of our partner it feels great. However, there are wonderful feelings in doing things for them as well. Think about how you feel when your partner does something romantic for you? Shouldn't they get the same feeling returned to them? If this is not your train of thought then you need to start retraining yourself. Unmatched romance soon becomes a chore to the person being romantic. They will start to loose interest and start thinking things like "Why, should I do this it won't be appreciated?" Think about how your react to your partner do you expect them to be the one that buys flowers all the time, or sets up wonderful evenings for the two of you. If your not pulling your weight in your relationship then it is your partner that is suffering not you. Now if you love your partner and want them to be happy there is no time like the present to take action. Return all their romantic notions with ones of your own. Make it a challenge to yourself to return every serve they make and soon you might just find the wonderful joy you will have in yourself and how thankful you are that your partner loves you.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Buddy Challenges great relationship strarters

If you in the beginning phases of a relationship or if your 10 years into it we still have an exciting thing for you to do. Goto Amazon and pick up a copy of Buddy Challenges for you and your partner to complete. They are fun and exciting things to do when you are bored and at a stand still of finding something different to do. You can even incorporate other couples into the challenge and make it a fun evening out for the two of you and all your friends. A new challenge come out every two weeks and the fun just keeps rolling. We also have invented Sexy Challenges for if the two of you want to get a little more intimacy into your relationship. Check them out today for the kindle or any kindle reading device for your other electronic devices. (All the kindle applications are free and the challenges are cheap) Search for the following items on Amazon to find them.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Love like there is no tomorrow!

The one thing I hear so often from people that have lost their spouse or partner, is this, "If I would have known I would have done this differently" Don't let this fall into chance. If you love your partner like it might be your last day together then you won't have any regrets if something happens. Sure not all the time you feel like dancing and singing but you can still treat your partner with respect, care and concern. Don't put off things, get the words "I don't feel like it" out of your vocabulary and start enjoying the love you have today. Tomorrow is never promised and it can all be taken away so quickly. Don't put yourself in a place of regret, kiss each other passionately as you leave for work, laugh at things together, worry about each other, and touch often. I don't want to be morbid on my blog but we don't get second chances very often and I would hate to think in my mind if my lover passed, why we didn't do more things together, instead I would love to remember the great memories we built together.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Attending an event that will make your partner happy.

We all have things that we like to do and if you are in tune with your partner you pretty much know what they like to do. With only this knowledge you can score big point with them. Find out when a show, play, speaker, or event is going on that they would love to go to. Then simply get some tickets for that event. Don't cop out and only get one ticket get two and join them as they experience something they enjoy. You might just get a little more understanding as to why the like what they like. Sure we want to go to the events and shows we would enjoy, but don't close yourself off to the things your partner enjoys. If you happen to find something that you both can have a passion for then that is a wonderful thing. However, just being with them and watching their face as the witness something they enjoy, should be enough of a reason to go. Recently we picked up ticket to go see John Edwards and if you are not familiar with him, he can communicate with people that have passed away. My partner adores him, and last christmas I picked her up some tickets. Going to the show I didn't know what to expect but once there and seeing all the people that have faith in his talent, it made me think pretty hard. I enjoyed his show and besides his readings, he is a wonderful entertainer and personality. I would definately go to another one of his events. He didn't communicate with anyone passed for me or my wife. However, watching her listen intently as he read others was good enough form me. Plus the conversation on the way home was worth the price of the tickets. It got really deep and we talked from our souls. It just goes to show you that opening up to your partners likes is a great way to improve your relationship.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


If you haven't heard of the Sex Is Fun podcast you are missing the boat. The weekly show is a blast to listen to and the topic range from anything to everything about sex. The cast is pretty open and will try anything. That however is not my point here. They also promote games that their parent company produces. Now they have games that are a little risky for the average couple but if you want a game for that promotes a titillating evening for the two of you then their new game Unpredictable is for you. It is a card game that has suggestion on them that will make your love making experience the best it can be. The cards alone are enough to make you get excited with their use of wonderful friend cartoon images of sexual situations. The game is simple and doesn't require sitting up anything or any clean up but the fun awesome. You can pick up the game at Sex is Fun Website or by clicking on my Amazon sidebar and purchasing the game that will give us a little kick back to help keep our blog running.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Going the extra mile, might not get you a parade, but...

Has this ever happened to you. You are involved in a project or watching a show when you partner asks for your help or for you to do something for them. Your initial reaction is to say no I am busy but then it runs through your mind and you think about it the other way. Would they or would you want you to have them help you out if you needed it. That right there makes you get up to help them out. Do your realize what you have just done? You are now a wonderful person that puts your partner first. You should pat yourself on the back, heck maybe you should get an award or a parade in your honor. What usually happens, is that nothing usually happens you perform the task and return to the thing you were doing before. No parade, no trophy, nothing. Until your partner comes in and kisses you and says, "Thank You" now it is no parade but it still makes it all worth wild. If your partner appreciates you at all you will feel warm inside for doing them favors.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Skip the Facebook silly gifts and applications.

Chatting back and forth on facebook can be a real turn on. However sending your love every stupid thing and application on facebook is a bit creepy. Mafia Wars, Farmville and the likes of others should be kept to yourself unless you find out your partner is playing, too. Don't send them kisses applications, or gifts these are just silly things that make facebook a cluster. Facebook is a wonderful tool if you use it right and just send a short a sweet message is the way to go. Heck you can even chat while you are both on your respective pages. Don't however over load their page with invitations and things that just get the delete key. By sending all these cheap little things you lessen the experience and make your partner not even look at the stuff you really want them to see.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter here is my egg?

Easter marks the returning of Jesus in religion, where eggs and chocolate came in I am not for sure. Easter has become another holiday that is celebrated as a way of giving gifts. This however is not the case. Want to do something romantic for Easter then take your special person out for dinner. If you are religious then maybe you can revive your relationship a little by spending the day together. Holding hands and walking maybe even hunting Easter eggs with your children. I have no idea about how colored eggs got into the scene on Easter but use this symbolism and color your special someone a egg with a heart on it. Present it to them and tell them you would give them your heart over and over again.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Get her/him a gratitude rock!

If you have watch the movie THE SECRET then you already know what a gratitude rock is. If not it is a special rock that you give to someone to keep in their pocket. Whenever the touch it they are to think about the things in their life that they are very thankful for. The rock doesn't have to be anything special or you can take it home and shine it up, paint it before you give it to your special person. When you are ready to give it to your partner make a special presentation of the give to him/her. Wrap it up in a small jewelry box with soft tissue or cotton in the box to keep it from rattling. Once they open it make sure to explain it to them or you can even type up a little note and put it in the box for them to read. Once they have their gratitude rock you can rest assure that every time they touch it they will be thinking about you.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Can you walk the talk?

How often do the two of you just go out for a walk to talk. Getting out of your normal setting and speaking to each other as you stroll along is a great way to stay connected. Find a not so crowded place to walk in your neighborhood and get some exercise while you converse with the person you love. It seems a little easier to converse when you are out in the open as you are not facing each other and you already have your blood pumping from the exercise. Here is a great way to strike up a conversation if you don't have anything to speak about during the walk. Pick something out of the newspaper or find a article in a magazine and then discuss it during your walk. Think up ideas about the subject they can be serious or silly as long as they get the two of you thinking and/or laughing. Stimulating your minds is a great activity to do together now you are adding exercise into the mix so you can't go wrong. Think about it spending time with the person you love, exercising and diving deep into thought what else do you need?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Romance is for Sissies.

This past year I have been promoting romance as a means to improve your relationship. Well I now feel differently, romance is for sissies. Anyone that would be involved with trying to be super nice to their partner should be locked up. Why would you do great things for your partner and expect nothing in return? This sounds like something that some lunatic made up. I am hear to tell you today that if you don't know that it is April Fools day, you do now!!!! Romance is my life and love so take it to heart and happy April Fools day.