Thursday, April 24, 2014

Isn't It Funny How We Fall In Love...

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nothing To Do...What?

Have you ever said you have nothing to do?  This might be the single most idiotic statement, ever.   I cannot think of a time in my life where I had absolutely nothing to do.  Even when you think you have nothing to do, you can still find something to do.  So the next time someone asks you if what you are doing and you say, "Nothing"  Take the time to scratch it off your list and do something!

  Live life to the fullest!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Texting "I Love You", Doesn't Have To Be Boring

Creative Ways to Say "I Love You" Via Text

Sometimes, the simplest things can be the hardest things to do. In fact, you could be looking at your phone right now, at his name on your list of contacts, wanting to send him a quick text of "I love you" but realizing that maybe, just maybe "I love you" sounds a little generic and you recall saying that a million times next week. The thing about romanticism is that it always has to feel new and inventive. While your beau will probably want to read your text thinking to himself, "Wow, this is so new and inventive", he will probably smile brighter because of the effort you seem to put behind it. While men don't always understand how much thought you put into something, they always appreciate your effort. Texting "I love you" would be no different, so try a little harder to be different. Below are a few ways how.
1. Use Quotes Said By Others as a Way to Express Your Longing
The trick with quotes is that they can be tough to compress into the space of a text message. So, when finding a great longing quote, look for shorter ones to make them both short in length but sweet in words. It can be difficult to keep his attention long enough to make him read a quote that lasts well past two text messages, so length is important when dealing with this idea.
2. Incorporate the Fact that You Miss Your Love Through a List of "I Miss You's"
The list of course cannot be texted all at one time, so try to text the list throughout the day, one "I miss you" at a time. This idea works especially well for a couple who has been separated for a long period of time because the things that you miss will be much more appreciated, much more studied, much more remembered, and much more loved. Some examples may be:

                I miss you swearing up and down that you aren't ticklish, but laughing every time I touch you there
                I miss you allowing to brush your hair sometimes, telling me it relaxes you
                I miss you cooking for me when I'm too tired to think
                I miss you laughing at jokes that aren't funny, but jokes that make me laugh too

End With: I miss you.
3. Songs Are the Soundtrack of Your Life, They're the Same Way With Love Too
Songs can be an easy way to connect and create words that you sometimes cannot say. By texting a favorite song or two, or a song that reminds you of him or her, can give them a chance to YouTube the song, listen to it, and realize why you fell in love with it. Try to do this every so often. The song can be one that expresses happiness, sadness, or one that reminds you of them. It could even be a song that the two of you enjoy together and can help them reminisce the moment that the two of you shared with that particular song.
Sending free text messages [] could be a cool way to say I love you, but not everyone have access to a cellular phone to send SMS, but you can find free tools online, like free sms Canada [].

Monday, April 21, 2014

Brining Sexy Back New and Improved

We should all feel like this....

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Making It Last For A Lifetime

"Having sex allows you to feel great for a few minutes but making-love lets you feel great for a lifetime."

Rob - Sexy Challenges

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

You Think Your Parents Are Crazy?


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Monday, April 14, 2014

Great Sex Makes You Smile More Often!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Want To Be More Romantic? Learn To Paint

Okay being an artist is super romantic.  Now think of being able to create romantic works of art and share it not only with your friends but with that special person that you want to be romantic with.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Essential Oils - Can Age and Sex Affect Our Sense of Smell?

Essential Oils - Can Age and Sex Affect Our Sense of Smell?

Absolutely! As we become older our sense of smell is not what it used to be. Research has shown that our sense of smell peeks between ages 20 and 40 with a marked decline after 60. Anosmia (the loss of smell) selectively occurs among the elderly first with bad odors whereas sensitivity to pleasant odors remains relatively normal even into advanced years. For many of the elderly who have lost their sense of smell, food is un-appealing and may contribute to depression.
What can cause anosmia in a relatively younger healthy person? Trauma of course, but anosmia can also occur from a life of abuse and exposure to toxins. It can also be a result of chronic sinus infections. There can be selective anosmia or smell blindness to some particular odors or total anosmia which is the complete loss of smell. Anosmia is always associated with psychological depression paralleling the dullness of taste and smell. Research also shows that exposure to certain medicinal and environmental agents can adversely affect the sense of smell-in fact they can impair the sense of smell all together.
What About Sex-Does That Make a Difference in Smelling?
Women are thought to have a greater sense of smell than men which is quite interesting since most 'noses' or professional perfumers are not women-they are men! Research has shown that female infants are more attentive to scented artifacts than male babies. It seems that even from birth, women have a greater olfactory sensitivity. One interesting piece of research I found was on the time of day. Women's smell acuity is usually sharpest in the morning hours, declining as the day progresses. In contrast, males smell ability is constant throughout the day and by afternoon equals that of women with both male and female peeking again around midnight.
Could these differences be attributed to the differences in brain structure between men and women? That is possible. We know that the male brain is larger, heavier and organized differently than that of women. Women are observed to be more emotionally sensitive and right-brain oriented than men. Consequently women respond, behave, think and feel differently from men and their olfaction preferences are different. The fragrance industry has learned that men prefer complex floral and spicy fragrances whereas women like simple, single-note fragrances. Males will pick a fragrance and stick with it whereas women change their preferences frequently and like clean fresh scents. Can you guess who it is that the perfume industry caters to?
Want to know more about essential oils and how they can help us stay healthy? Consider becoming a certified clinical aromatherapist. The Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy teaches classes throughout the United States on aromatherapy and energy healing.
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From Linda L. Smith, director of the Institute of Spiritual Ministry and Aromatherapy, Inc.
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Communication, Communication, Communication

We hear it so often that communication is the key to relationship bliss.  However there are many ways to communicate that we didn't have just a few years ago.  Texting, email, Skype and the list goes on and on.  However, we don't want to forget about actually talking.  Make sure to take the time to talk to your partner it will help in many ways.  

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Got A Crush, Then You Need This App

Your safe, secret and secure way of expressing love. Your lover will only know if he/she loves you too! One among coolest dating apps in facebook which respects your privacy. This app also lets you know which all friends of yours has got the most number of admirers.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Top 3 Common Problems In A Relationship!

Rock In A Hard place
Many couples usually find common relationship problems that usually begin to pinch their relationship with the passage of time. If you are feeling that your relationship might not be what if should be or what it looks like, you surely are not only one. A substantial number of couples deal with romantic relationship concerns, often feeling how issues are distinctive to their loving relationship. There are many reasons for problems in any relationship. Here are some issues that usually takes place in a romantic relationship;
Absence of Trust
Trust is base for every relation. If trust is lacking in a relation, than that relation surely has no future. Pointless to say, if your mate has cheated on you, you will all the time doubt them. One will normally think if he/she is in bed with one other boy/girl. Sooner or later, lack of faith in drives other partner crazy. If this issue is not resolved nicely, then separation comes to be next reasonable action for your partner. Despite fact that cheat cannot be fully avoidable, probability of separation could still be avoided.
Lack of Communication
Lack of Communication is basic cause of nearly all relationship difficulties. If someone don't pay attention to essential talks or discuss major topics with them, he will all the time find its partner cantankerous about him giving more time to other things. To avoid such situation, one should sit together with its partner and discuss in any case a few times a week. However, it is really important to make sure your mobile phone is on silent more or you are not in a hurry. Also, show by using body language that you are paying attention to her.
Conflict in Priorities
Change in priorities is a feature of life. Before getting into commitment with someone, everyone puts in a little extra effort to impress their mate and to get their approval. Once this consent is allowed, everything gets change. Therefore, in order to stay away from such worrying arguments, tell your mate about your main concerns and priorities and how one will be appearing to them. Try to keep a more balanced attitude than getting emotional. However, simultaneously do not totally stop trying to praise your partner.
However, if anyone is going through some difficulty with his/her partner, first step must definitely be acknowledging problem. The earlier you understand problem, faster you will be able to resolve problem. is an exclusive website to provide useful info in an easy to help you create a better, more happier and loving healthier relationship. They have an aim to provide you with solutions to make your relationship better more than ever before and getting back with your ex.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Sexual Power Of Your Chakras Can Get Blocked

When your chakra's are blocked it can really have an affect on your entire life.  One key area is on your sexual life and your ability to enjoy the passion and amazing energy that comes along with it. When you sense something is just not right you need to check in with your chakras.  Learning more about them will supercharge many aspects of your life.