Friday, July 17, 2009

Tonights distractions go out the window!

Tonight is a night that you need to put all focus on your relationship. Express this feeling to your partner. Make an agreement that tonight whatever you are going to do will have no distractions. Forget the cell phones, no television, no sports, no computer and no interruptions. This is a night that is quietly set aside for the two of you. Have you ever been to dinner when you partners phone rings and they talk for a few minutes, if you like me you feel a little shorted on your time together. I don't care if you are newly dating or have been married for several years. You still owe your partner respect while you are focusing on your relationship. You can leave numbers to the places you will be attending in case of emergency's, but other then that your undivided attention should be focused on each other. Don't sit at the restaurant and watch sports on the television either, I have a bad habit of doing this one. Football season is the worst for me, but I try to sit myself facing away from any television so I am not tempted.

Another point to make on this distractions point is don't go to place that doesn't allow you the noise level to chat. Forget the new club with it's loud music, or the professional basketball game or any place you cannot talk to each other easily. Quite places such as parks, museums, or beaches are great for walking and talking. Don't forget to hold hands also. Remember this is to be a date and all distractions need to be thrown out the window. Well don't literally throw them out the window, cell phones are expensive.

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