Friday, July 24, 2009

Flavored Toothpaste give your mouth and hers a new sensation.

Want to keep your partner guessing? Well if you haven't noticed, toothpaste now comes in several different flavors. Everything from peach to your basic mint. The great part is they are not that expensive either, they cost about the same as your normal toothpaste. I suggest getting several different flavors so that each time you kiss your partner they get a new sensation. I particular enjoy the cinnamon flavor. This could also promote healthier teeth, I mean if your going to brush more to give your lover a different flavor. Maybe the dentist should use this tactic on their patience.

This is one thing you can do to spice up your kissing. We have many different ways to spice up our sex life, or how we spend our time. Kissing has always just been kissing, sure there are several ways to kiss but never any kissing aids. Not any longer though. Kissing now has a partner and it's name is flavored toothpaste. Get down to your local store a pick up a couple of different flavors today, and get your partner guessing what flavor you kiss will be next.

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