Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Classic Movie Moves!!!!

Hey next time you are at the movies take some time to make those classic moves your learned in junior high school. Do the stretch and put the arm around your date, or slowly move your hand onto his knee. If something happens that startles you in the movie, jump into your partners arms. Simply touch their skin rub it gently and stroke the inside of their forearm. Hold hands , share drinks and popcorn make it seem like one of your first dates. If you both feel a little adventurous, sit in the back and make out if no one else is in the theater. You can purposely pick a movie that is old or not a big draw to try and get the theater to yourself. Feed each other popcorn and talk through the movie. Make comments to each other during the show and laugh. Some people might shhhs you but that's okay just try to be a little more quite. Leave the movie hand in hand and when you get home stand outside your door and kiss. Even if it is both of your house it still feels like a good night kiss.

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