Thursday, July 23, 2009

Picnic with out the food

Picnics are great however you look a little dorky out in the middle of the park spreading out an entire meal for two. So next time you get some free time go to your local park and just spread out a blanket and lay down on it a enjoy each others company. Take a nap together or just talk about your future. Find a nice comfortable spot and enjoy a great summer day. You can also do this in the fall as the leaves are turning colors. Which makes a backdrop for some wonderful memories, and some of the days are still warm enough to go with out sweatshirts. Lay down next to each other and watch the clouds pass, or just watch the kids play. Bring some drinks and enjoy the moment.

In our fast pace life we lead today, I think this activity would be great to slow things down a bit. Get your mind off your problems or work and focus on your relationship. The enjoyment of being with that special person in your life can do wonders for you mind and your health. Don't bring a clock, just stay their until you feel relaxed and ready to walk hand in hand with your partner. Never go into this saying okay we have a half hour to relax, that only bring stress to the moment as you are constantly looking at the time. Make a day of it if you can just enjoy each other and a beautiful day.

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