Sunday, July 19, 2009

Help Someone Out!

One thing that will show your partner what a great person you are is to help someone else out. Next time you see someone loading up their groceries lend a helping hand. Make sure to ask if it's okay first, you don't want to be a creepy person. Then help load up their groceries. You could also stop and help someone out with car problems or with a flat tire. It can be as simple as helping a child put their chain back on their bike or helping out a friend with a cook out. Just look for anything that would help someone out. Don't expect anything in return, the simple feeling you get should be enough. I use to drive around in my father's truck that had a snow plow on the front and help scoop out peoples drive ways. They always offered me money but I never accepted any the feeling was enough. Once your partner sees that you are truly doing this to simply help other out they will see you in a different light.

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