Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sometimes more it not necessarily better.

Don't you love the way a great perfume or cologne smells on your partner. Have you ever known anyone that uses way to much perfume or cologne? Well the opposite is true of these people, they don't smell good. I know for me when I get next to someone who has way to much perfume or cologne on it gives me a headache. I wonder how can they stand the smell. Let me start by saying perfume and or cologne is not a replacement for a shower! You should only have to use a small amount or either to get your desired effect. After all you want your special someone to be the only person to notice you aroma not your entire office. A good way to avoid putting to much on is to stay away from perfume or cologne that has a spray top. Get something that you have to dabble on. Put a small amount on areas like your chest, inside of your wrist, or neck for the gentlemen. Ladies us your little dabbles between your breasts, the inside or your wrists, or your neck also. Another important tip is to not put the cologne or perfume on you clothes, it works much better on your body and could stain your clothes.

Think of it this way, would you want your partner to get in close to have to smell your perfume or cologne. I have some friends that think the more perfume or cologne they wear the better. This are also the friends I know when they are around because I can smell them first before I see them. So go out and get a really good perfume or cologne and use it sparingly. If you purchase good quality items they will last for a long time if you don't take a bath in it.

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