Sunday, July 5, 2009

Keep the Fireworks going!

Well the 4th of July has passed and so have the fireworks. You can however keep the fireworks bursting all year long. Now I am not talking about buying several thousand dollars worth of fireworks and lighting them off each night. I am talking about keeping that excitement going in your relationship. Think about how you watch in awe as each blast lights up the sky. Now make the everyday things you do look that special. Cook for you partner, let them sleep a little later, anything that will make them feel special and show you care about them will do. I enjoy fireworks but I would much rather have my partner give me a fantastic kiss before leaving for work, or hold my hand as we walk to the mall. These little fireworks are what makes your heart jump up and down. Now if you want to get literal you could turn all the lights off in the house and find firework displays on YouTube, not only would that be literal it would be romantic also.

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