Monday, July 20, 2009

Give in a little.

We all love to get our way, however sometimes it is more romantic to give in a little. Now I am not talking about letting someone run over you. I am talking about a simple surrender to make your partner feel special. Maybe it is letting them have the pick of which movie you watch tonight, even though you know the one they will pick will just make you vomit. Maybe you can't decide on which restaurant to eat at. You can suck it up and go with their choice. Giving in a little is great for you relationship, it shows you are committed to working thinks out. You can use this in many ways and you can use it in the bedroom also. Maybe your partner wants you to try a different position, what the heck let it go and give it a try. If it doesn't work at least you can get it out of their mind. Relationships are tricky and sometimes you can't get everything you want. So give in a little and hopefully your partner will return the favor and give in to you, at times.

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