Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to act in public

We all understand the begining of a relationship is a wonderful time. You cannot seem to get enough of each other and every time you are together you want to touch and kiss. Well that is fine and dandy when you are in the comfort of your own home. When you venture out in public you need to have some control. People do not like to see adults groping each other at the mall. Parents especially don't want their young children watching to adults, for lack of a better term, getting it on. Use some control, hold hands, or put your arms around each other is fine. These hands should always remain in a respectable place, never down the back of her pants. Have a little control and when you get home you can lose this control.

I think it is very sweet to see an older couple holding hands in public, but the thought of them french kissing in public might make me puke. So think about how other people are viewing you during this important phase in your relationship. Don't use it all up right from the start, think of it as saving it for later. Ration this affection out. I would much rather have a stable passionate relationship for the rest of my life, then one that loses it's appeal because we have done all we can do.

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