Saturday, July 25, 2009

Looking for a Romantic Gift?

So you are looking for a romantic gift, one that says I really care about you but doesn't cost a lot of money. Well how about a nice pen set? You know they kind you don't just buy yourself. A really nice set that would look great on a desk. This way every time they use your pen they will think about you. What a lovely idea. This way even if they are doing bills or other things that are not so desirable they will still get the pleasure of thinking of you. Some places you can even get the engraved with a special message for you love. Things like "The pen is mightier then the sword" or "I love note written from you" Even just their name would be a nice touch. You can pick up said pens at most local stores or even order them online. I have included a link to a extreme pen store in the title of this post. You however do not need to spend $300 on a pen for your love a fraction of that price will get you the same effect.

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