Monday, July 13, 2009

Never under estimate the power of touch.

Never under estimate the power of touch. A simple touch can bring about several feelings. The way you touch can effect the way a person reacts. Light stroking touchings can add intimacy to your relationship. Stroke the inner forearm of your partner and watch how they react. In me it gives me a sense of calm and relaxation. A touch can also give support, such as a putting her hand at the base of your partners back. This tells them that you are there standing behind them if they need you. A touch as in a massage can bring about feelings of relaxation or relief from the daily grind of life. One of my favorite touches happens when my wife and I rub feet together during the night. It says to me that we are connected and even though we are asleep we are close. So next time your with your partner don't miss a chance to touch them. Put your hand on theirs or hold hands even if you are just sitting in the living room.

When two partners touch you create a bond or circuit if you will. It connects you and makes all energy flow through both partners. If you partner has had a bad day, get your hands on them and soak out some of that bad energy from them. In reverse if you have had a great day give them some of your super charged energy. Relationships are about sharing and if you can share through touch you are well ahead of the game.

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