Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clean up your partners car.

Want to get a great big kiss? Well how about surprising you partner by washing or cleaning out their car. Almost everyone needs this at some point and time. You know how the sacks of fast food find their way to the floor. Maybe it's pop bottles or cans that seem to appear after time. Think about the dust on the dash, unless you are pretty picky that adds up fast. They do have some services that will come out and detail a car at your work, which would be a great surprise for your partner. Just make sure before the detailer arrives that you partner knows someone is not just breaking into their car. That could get ugly.

After you get this completed either by yourself or with help from a detailer. Make sure to leave a little love note for your partner. Tell them that a clean car would be great to take you out to dinner in.

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