Saturday, July 18, 2009

Have some fun at the store.

We all hate going to the store. It is just one of those chores you have to do week in and week out. Maybe your partner goes for the two of you or maybe it is you that does the weekly task. Well you chore might not be as bad as you think.

Next time it's time to get the supplies, make a point for the two of you to go together. Make sure you have plenty of time and plenty of money. Shopping together usually cost more for some reason. Do some browsing, together find things that you would like to have or need at your home and make notes of it. This comes in handy for holidays such as Christmas, or even birthdays. The thing I really want you to do is to see how many silly things you can find in the store. Go up and down each aisle and look for those silly things. Things like pink salsa bowls or kitchen utensils that look like they should be in the adult toy store. Laugh, joke, and use your humor together. Make up uses for some of the most ridiculous things your find. Just make sure not to get kicked out of the store. This might become a ritual and make your shopping a little less painful.

Keep your hands off the melons, make sure to check out the condom aisle, find the largest pair of panties in the store, and spend some quality time laughing with your partner. You might enjoy going to the store after all this is said and done.

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