Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Romancing With Stones

How amazing would your sexy toys and devices be if they were made out of crystals?   Crystals have a magical healing power and an energy around them that helps promote amazing things in our universe.  Why wouldn't you want that to be around your sex life.  Not to mention if your toys and devices (like the Yoni Egg above) are made from natural materials they will be much better for you than what most sex toys that are made of the cheapest plastics.  I suggest you spend a little more and get something that will not only make you feel good but also help you connect with the earth.  

Want to find out more about Yoni Eggs like the one above?

Yoni Egg aka Jade Egg is a natural vaginal tool used by women to increase the effectiveness of kegel exercises and to improve sexual, hormonal and general reproductive health. Using the Yoni Egg will increase blood circulation in the female’s reproductive system. Overall it increases the
health of the uterus,ovaries, cervix, pelvic floor, and tighten, tone and strengthen the vaginal walls. The Yoni and Jade Eggs are the only 100% natural
vaginal tools on the market.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Sexy Smells of The Holidays!

There are so many amazing smells around the holidays that we don't smell the rest of the year.  These smells can become very sexy to our senses because of their absence all year long.  Scents such as pumpkin pie, vanilla, sugar cookies, pine and cinnamon are ones that spring to mind.  Not only do they remind me of the holidays but they also carry a sexy mindset with them.  So think about this as you are preparing things for your wonderful partner this season, what will tantalize both their seances and romance.  

RAW Aphrodisiac Tincture

Our RAW Aphrodisiac Tincture was developed specifically for the RAW Forest Foods customer. It provides a comprehensive, holistic approach to increasing libido and desire, providing that extra spark just when you need it. A truly unique product that our customers love.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Romantic Gifts For the Holiday Season

Okay Laides and Gentlemen we are Starting to Make our Picks for the Best Holiday gifts.  

This one is for the lover in your life.  

Monday, November 17, 2014

Every Girls Crazy About A Sharped Dressed Man

While the band ZZ Top had its own unique style one of their biggest hits was about how the style of a man can effect his love life.  What is your style?  Do you feel like dressing a certain way gains you in any way?

Sharp Dressers Take Note:

Is a well-dressed man a better husband? Oliver Palnau says yes. 

“Men don’t have time to walk through the mall and visit 37 stores before finding the right shade of blue for a shirt. They could be planning extraordinary adventures for their wives with the time I save them on fashion choices.” Says Oliver Palnau.

Oliver Palnau exists to be the coefficient of professional style. Every piece can be paired with another and match perfectly. Saving hours of lifetime and saving you money and energy.
Well-dressed men feel better. They become respectful gentlemen without compromising their urge to enjoy life and party till sunrise. 

"My designs are for the ambitious adventurer, what more can you want than that.” Says Oliver Palnau.

Our collection is available at www.oliverpalnau.com

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Time To Care A Little More

Okay people it is time for an app that is helpful to our world!  i-care is that app.  Now you can help those in your community with real issues and not sill posts on social media.  Now we can make a difference in our world!!!

Now A word From The Creators of i-care!

I have just launched a mobile app named i-care. It is a community app helping those around you in times of need and also calling upon the community spirit to help you when you also need it. It helps with missing people, pets and items and remains anonymous.

It is truly a beneficial app to have on your phone and it's FREE!


I care....do you?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hot New Video Game Needs Help

Thank god gamer girls don't act like gamer guys!

Help Us Promote This Game!!!

Hi! We are an indie game developers, and now we trying to get to steam store with our game Anoxemia, but to do so we need people to vote for our game!  http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=339813929this is our page on steamgreenlight! Please help us, we really need your help!

Watch The Intro, Looks Interesting, Huh!