Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Take in a little league game together?

A great test of a relationship is to get each other to a little league game together. Especially if you don't have children. You can find a game easily in your town, pick a field where the little kids play and just go soak up the atmosphere. Not having a specific child to watch, you can absorb all the children with an open mind. Discuss each child and how they act on the field and connect it to yourself. Pick out which kid you feel best represented you at that age. Have you partner do the same. Discuss how you would handle situations as they arise during the coarse of the game. Make notes of parents you think are not setting good role models and ones that are. This way when and if you ever have children together you can use this date as a point of reference on how you might act. Watch and see which children are paying attention and which ones are picking daisies. Hopefully you will see that the main point of any event or contest for the children at this age is to have fun. I coached little league for over ten years now and when the kids ask me if we are winning or losing I always ask them "Are you having fun?" and when they say yes I say "Then we are winning"

One small note on this subject, you might want to make sure you sit far enough away from parents if you are discussing their children's behaviour so that they cannot hear you. Parents can be pretty protective of their kids. So if a kid is acting bad don't pour gas on the fire, they most likely learned it from their parents.

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