Friday, July 31, 2009

Minature Golf / Large wager

Okay are you sitting around thinking of something you can do that is romantic and yet outside and fun. Well you might not believe it but you can make miniature golf romantic by adding some wagers on the game. Pick a coarse that is close and then figure out what type of wagers you will be putting on each hole. They can be dinner out, massages, chores, or even sexual trades. Then get your putters out and have some fun trying to beat your partner. If one of you is a better player then try to balance the game out with some form of handicap. Such as the better player switches hands that they play with, or the not as good player gets to take an extra stroke each hole. The friendly competition between the two of you is good for your relationship. Unless one or both of you is a very bad loser, then maybe this isn't what you need.

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