Sunday, July 12, 2009

Heat up your next meal

Spicy food are said to be not only good for your pallet but also great for your love life. I have posted a link in the title of this post on how not only spicy food can improve your love life but it can also help fight diseases such as cancer. Some research shows that people that live in countries that tend to use a lot of spices in their food have less blood clotting then others. Some spicy foods have inflammatory properties that make them help out in areas such as arthritis or with headaches. Again check out the link in the title post for more information on how spicy foods can help your health. With all that said think about what it can do for you love live. If eating spicy food can get rid of headaches you might start seeing a little more action in the bedroom. So next time you go to your favorite Mexican restaurant don't be afraid to try the spicy sauces and meals, you might be doing yourself a favor.

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