Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Sounds of the Night.

Tonight looks like a warm summer night. What a great night to sit out on your porch or deck and listen to the sound of the night. You can get mesmerised by the sounds of the chirping and croaking of these little friends. They can serenade you to a zen like state, relaxing all your troubles away. Find some comfy chairs get a great glass of wine and enjoy the warm summer air and these great sounds. Unfortunately for us we have to put up with the occasional car that drives by. Bonus points for you if you live near a beach and can enjoy the sounds of the waves on these warm summer nights. I am sure anywhere you live you can be relaxed by the sounds of the night. If you live in a big city you might try downloading some of these relaxing sound and slip your headphones on as you stare at the sky. Let yourself get taken away from the hustle and bustle of the city, if only for a half hour or so.

Don't stop there also enjoy the smells of the night air and the great company you are with. Hold hands, talk, or just relax together. Let the night lead you on a journey of the senses and let all your cares fall to the way side for a bit. I bet you will sleep wonderful after these enjoyments.

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