Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Have your own little Thanksgiving for the two of you.

If your like us, you spend your Thanksgiving going from one partners parents to the next. Eating and roaming the country side. While I am not in the least bit saying you should skip these family gatherings, I am suggesting you make your own little Thanksgiving dinner on the night before or after. Pick on of the nights and make a little dinner for the two of you, heck you can even use left overs if you brought some home. You could also make a specific dish for the two of you to enjoy this time of year. Sit around and tell each other why you are thankful for their being in your life and don't just say the big things, use the little ones to show how much you value them. Things like "I am so thankful when you get up a little earlier to let me sleep in" or "I am thankful that you pushed me to apply for my new job" Spread them out through out the whole day and retrace the entire year. Sure being thankful shouldn't happen just once a year but when the word is in the title of the day you can't help but make it a focal point.

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