Thursday, November 5, 2009

Join a League!

Relationships are funny things especially at the start. You have to feel your way around to see when and where to take big steps. Things like moving in together or purchasing large items are huge steps as far as relationships go. Maybe you aren't ready for that type of big step yet, what can you do to make a commetment but not dive head first into this realtionship. My suggestion is to join some sort of league. Be it bowling, gold, darts, softball, etc. there are endless possibilities. Now you might wonder why this is reat for you relationship, and the reason is that it shows you are looking at your relationship as a continueing thing. You are showing that you are looking towards the future with this person, without making a hard to reverse step. If things don't work out it is usually not that difficult to get out of one of these leagues. Another great benifit to joining leagues for a couple is you meet other out going couples that you might be able to become friends with. Couples that become friends are a great addition to your relationship as you will have others to enjoy things like cookouts, parties or eveneings out with. The friends you bring into your relationship at the start are either his or hers, but these new friends are "OUR" friends and are not partial to either of you. This can be a big help if you might have troubles down the line. Look through your local paper and the next time you see an advertisement asking for league members ask your partner if they would like to join, it might just be great for your relationship.

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