Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Get your lists ready.

A good thing to do for each other at this time of year is to make a christmas list for each other. I am not talking about a list of specific things that you want but a list of several things you would like to do in your future. Things you would like to do around the holidays or traditions you would like to start. Maybe you would love to take a trip on day on Christmas to the Mexico or maybe you would love to start collecting special holiday ornaments. Jot down all the little things you think would make the holidays special, maybe watching a specific movie each year around the holidays or making a certain kind of cookie only at this time of year. Make sure you can carry any traditions into the future for when you have children or your partner becomes your spouse. This is a way to kinda play house if your not already married or in a serious relationship. It might feel funny but you might be amazed somewhere down the road when you partner remembers something you said on that day and presents you with tickets to your dream destination or brings home a special ornament for you Christmas tree you have only dreamt about. Dreaming is a large part of your relationship as long as you do it together.

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