Friday, November 6, 2009

The Health Benefits of Romance

When romance is a part of your daily life, it has a calming effect that help benefit your overall health, not to mention your relationship. Health and relationships seem to go hand in hand. When things are going well in your relationship it seems to help your overall health. The reasons for this can be different in each and every relationship, but there do seem to be some similarities. For starters you eliminate some of the big stress causers in you life. Being at odds with your partner over relationship concerns can really make you physically ill. Ask someone that is having relationship problems and you will hear things like "My stomach just aches", "I have such a headache" or even "My heart is breaking" When your life is in shambles you health usually follows suit, because you are not at your best to fight off the sickness. Most people without romance in their lives tend not to work out as much or worry about what they are eating. Heck you lucky if they eat at all, when things are at their worst. When the romance fails we tend to take a lesser stance on taking care of ourselves. Keeping your romance strong can reverse all the things we have talked about earlier, because we are doing it for the relationship as well as ourselves. We want to take care of ourselves because we feel good in the relationship we are in and we don't want to lose that. Not that you can control the level of romance in your relationship but you can put your best forward. Usually if you put the work into the relationship you will get the romance out of it.

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