Monday, November 9, 2009

Don't let your fingernails ruin a good thing.

We all know that our hygiene is very important to our romantic life. Few of us really take a look at our fingernails in this process. We don't think about things like holding hands or gently scratching someones back until it is to late. Those unkept nails can do damage to your date or partner if they have rough edges on them. It might feel like you are cutting them with a knife if left an attended. I know manicures are expensive and for the guys not the most masculine of things to do but they are well worth the money. If your budget is tight then take care of them yourself but make sure to test them on yourself before you use them on someone else. Run you nails down your arm to make sure you have left know snags or jagged edges. We might think this isn't that big of deal but if you get to have any sexual relations then those jagged edges can leave your partner in a very painful state. Our hands usually help initiate our sexual acts and leaving cuts on your partners privates isn't the way to start a great night of love making. Now maybe you are not in a relationship or dating anyone right now, but your nails might be sending the wrong message as people notice the littlest of things when sizing people up for potential mates. Your unkept fingernails might say to someone that this person isn't into keeping up on their appearance so what will the be like once we get into a relationship. Don't let your fingernails harm or ruin a good relationship keep care of them on a regular basis.

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