Friday, November 27, 2009

Be Romantic Stock up on Cold and Flu Supplies

The season is upon us that live in colder climates. Cold and Flu season can hit you and your partner hard at anytime. You can do your best to prevent it from sidelining the two of you but chances are at some point and time you will have to confront it. Nothing says that you care about someone more then when you are prepared for them being sick. The last thing you want to do is to have to run out to a busy store at this time of year and spend a half hour to an hour waiting in line, to get some cold and flu supplies. Go through your cabinets and look for outdated remedies, as well as stuff that is absent from your cabinet. Then make a store run to pick up your favorite remedies to restock your medicine cabinet. Then the first time your partner is under the weather, you can treat them quickly and snuggle with them instead of running all over town standing in busy stores. Doing this can also save you money to as it affords you the luxury of finding coupons or special deals on the products you use. When you run out at the last minute the last thing you are looking for is you coupons or any special deals, you just want to get what you need a get home. If you have any children in your house you should do the same thing for them, to be prepared. Sure we all want to think about candle lit dinners when we think of romance but romance starts with care and concern for someone special and comforting someone that is ill will make you look like a saint in their eyes.

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