Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A great way for both of your to lose weight!

Okay what does losing weight have to do with being romantic. Well you can make anything romantic and anything that improves the way you feel about yourself will help with the way you feel about romance. When both of you team up to make an effort to lose weight you become a team, just like you did when you decided to have a relationship. What I want you to do is become a support team for each other. Every time you feel like getting a little snack I want you to start making out with your partner instead, no not just a quick kiss. We need something to get your mind off the fact it thinks in needs a snack. Wrap your arms around your partner and really get into the kiss, hopefully the kiss will be sweet enough to cure that sweet tooth. If after the kiss you feel a little frisky then go make love it will burn calories and will make you feel great. There are several other ways the two of you can help each other out in the battle to lose weight. When you get up in the morning both of you stand together naked in front of a mirror and tell each other how great you look, this would fall under the positive reinforcement. You can also buy sexy things to wear as a reward for sticking to your weight loss efforts. Find exercises that you can do together and laugh. Most people don't know it but laughing burns more calories then you might think. By replacing your need to snack and looking at each other bodies more often you will start to get in better shape faster then you think.

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