Sunday, November 15, 2009

How often do you say "I Love You"

"I Love You" the three little words that say so much. The question lies in do you use it to little or too much? I hear both sides on this question and it seem like if one partner says they use it to much the other says that they use it to little. We have a sort of "I Love You" war going on here and both sides are not wrong or right. The trick is to find a balance a middle ground that can make both sides happy. Give a little, take a little is they way we find the exact formula. We need to use the I love you sparingly, it is not just for every reason in the world, if you partner takes out the trash or does their normal chores you don't have to shower them with kisses and I love you's . On the other side of the ball don't respond to a candle lit dinner that includes your favorite dishes with "Thanks, that was good" is not an appropriate response for what that partner has done for you. Think about the times you need to say "I Love You" and don't use it out. It is a special statement that carries so much weight but used wrongly it just seems diluted.

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