Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sexy Phone Call

Something you can do to totally drive you partner wild is to give them a sexy call. I am not talking about calling them when they are away. I am talking about calling them when you both are home. Sometime when you are in opposite areas of the house dial up your sweety and tell them that if they meet you in the bedroom you have a surprise for them. Then rush to the bedroom strip naked and jump them when they enter the room. You could also use a text message to send them a list of what you want. The list could include things like, kiss my neck, take my underwear off using only your teeth, or just plain a simple, come f**k me. You might want to time them to see how fast they get to the other room. If you want spontaneity in your life this is one way to do it. Don't be shy and make sure not to do it during time when it would be impossible, such as during Thanksgiving Dinner.

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