Sunday, November 8, 2009

How about a bite!

Currently with the vampire craze that Twilight has created, vampires are again high on the romantic chart. Not saying that you should be biting your partner, but if they are fascinated with the vampires then a little nibbling might turn them on. Light biting on the neck or ear lobes have always been a romantic turn on for a lot of people. Maybe even putting on a black cape would create a romantic mood in your bedroom. Get tickets to the new Twilight movie getting ready to come and the give them to your partner in a little coffin box. You can take this vampire fetish to new heights. Maybe a little research on the movie would give you more insight to things that your partner might find romantic about it. Although this vampire fascination might not be your cup of tea, don't let it deter using it to improve the romance in your life.

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