Sunday, November 22, 2009

A little surprise that says I want you!

As we near the holidays there will be lots of opportunities that will give you a chance to tell your partner that you want them, when they can't respond. Call it teasing, or maybe foreplay but one thing it does do is let your partner know that you want them and they will have to wait. You can do this at any function that you both are attending, and great times are during family gathers that include Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. All you have to do is a quick grab, pinch or squeeze that cannot be detected by others at the function. Maybe you squeeze your partners butt as you waiting for the door to be answered. You out grab their crotch under the table at dinner. Anything that is suggestive will do. After you do what ever you decide to get your partners motor running you will see it in their eye. They might get mad at you at first but believe me as long as no one else sees it they will be anxious to get home. Words of warning be discreet and it has to be quick and to the point, don't be surprised if a retaliation grab might come later. Remember this is good fun and it will be something to talk about for years to come. This might give new meaning to the term "Happy Holidays"

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